"Ugh this baby just

makes me want to melt inside

My heart I cannot"
"sending everything

I got your way I'm here for

you Del You know that"
"Lol seeing other

girls happy makes me happy

is that weird or what"
bitch is big yuck
"My tummy hurts I

wonder if ANYBODY

could kiss it better"
"Wearing a bra with

a halter top lol can u

even imagine"
ElizabethSM 1444days JB 54154days
"Getting my tattoo

tomorrow I'm so nervous

I hate pain so much"
"Tomlinson Can you

tease us a little with the

name of the album"
"I'm hitting the gym

tomorrow skinny Kira

is coming real soon"
"Only my true friends

know what I mean when I say

I'm getting a snack"
"I'm so sorry I

didn't get to tell you that

you're in the future"
Andreina Rina
"Girls love coming on

here and talking about how

someone hit on them"
a-goodie. Atira imma b-b-b imma bag of fun
"My summer is just

beginning and when I leave

don't beg me to link"
Harker Jollay
"when you're struggling

blast some christian music and

just let it all out"
baby nyquil
"so basically my

body is now trying to

kill itself lovely"
Alexander Bennett
"You don't really wash

your hands you just stand there and

watch them wash them selfs"
"Can someone just get

drunk and high with me Is that

too much to ask for"
"Some people live to

be upset and in a bad

mood I can't relate"
"If you wanna be

in black and white black and whites

gotta be in you"
"Praying that this one

thing happens so my future

will be all sorted"
Unsaid Words
"Why do I always

have a crush on the weirdest

yet cutest people"
"Years ago I had

my life planned out and it just

did a huge u turn"
"anyone have a

planet fitness membership

wanna go work out"
"she's dragging me to

the beach i don't want to go

i can't deal with this"
"Unless you change how

you are you will always have

what you've got Jim Rohn"
"Girl I Be Telling

People This ALL DAY You Don't

Want These Problem Sis"
"I am unable

to tell what temperature the

house is at this time"
Slim Hussle
"Date privately Be

happy privately Take your

losses privately"
"My whole life people

come go It be the people

you care for the most"
"you should probably

take your heels off 'cause you been

running through my mind"
"I would be lying

if i said that i could live

this life without you"
"George better ask his

parents Kids shouldn't be up

late on a school night"
"Talking my shit all

day today Sad bitch phase left

after i smoked some"
"Wishing that there would

be somebody who could treat

me like their princess"
"This is the single

greatest meme to come from the

NBA season"
Liam's Mommee
"Somebody can't send

me an invitation to

go to Canada"
"Demand that man to

get you a glass of wine when

you get home woman"
"Going to style my

hair after a week not sure

for what but hey Lol"
"Brown immigrants are

destroying this country Oh

wait that's a white guy"
correct music opinions
"can someone explain

to me why anyone likes

joanna newsom"
"ian gone lie man

the explosion messed me up

rest in peace young king"
"I was today years

old when I found out the black

skirts is just one guy"
"Kelley is making

a giveaway make sure to

join in I'm not joined"
"I just figured out

who my therapist looks like

she looks like gamers"
"Need some photos so

I can get these Drake lyrics

off on a caption"
"I remember when

we Praise team guys took the shine

off the school choir"
Jayson Buford
"Maybin is hitting

and is a better fielder

than Clint Just saying"
"Yeah this moon really

out here clarifying a

lot of shit for me"
- $ADxVisions
"Honestly I would

go to the barber shop just

to get a facial"
"Whoever did a

hit run on my auntie I

hope you rot in hell"
"I already know

Leave Me Alone is gonna

be my life anthem"
"The movie US freaked

me out damn but i need an

explanation thou"
"Insanity is

your thoughts to paint Yahweh as

in imperfection"
"My little brother

is coming up here next week

im so excited"
Romy Iris Conroy
"Me asa parent

Please for the love of god no

one impregnate me"
"Bench players always

talking like salty exes

be careful Freddy"
"War is peace Freedom

is slavery Ignorance

is strength George Orwell"
"Keep speaking up for

what I support other than

dogs and cats and birds"
"Have to figure out

a way to get my hands on

that social of hers"
Erik J. Olson
"What's happening Tell

me a bit about yourself

what are you into"
"Chip really just said

the Braves can't McNeil out I

mean seriously"
"Every time he

ran up he had some fire

on his little feet"
"If you judge people

you have no time to love them

Mother Teresa"
"Twitter should've had

a memory feature like

snapchat memories"
"Cancer This Month Work

Bubble baths Ravioli

Dragons Impressions"
Sean Collier
"She literally

just put her jacket on She

knew it was coming"
"I am Madison

God of the day you have to

come home Alright well"
"It's me Ahmed my

account has been frozen so

this is a new one"
"Suggest movies here

please anything In search of

something intriguing"
"Just wanna be back

in California in my

bed sleeping naked"
"Me every time

takes me forever to get

ready sorry babe"
"There are so many

plans we could make however

you prefer to play"
The Merovingian
"Dan Brown's Deception

Point was actually a

good book Decent plot"
"Depression hit like

a truck out of the blue so

I'm out for the night"
"Warm nestle water

tastes like shit The taste depends

on the temperature"
"Ion gin lie must

be everyday of my life

I get called crazy"
"i kept going back

forth taking counters both of

them help me take some"
"I want a very

easy going fun laid back

dude to suck off with"
Ms. Fitzpatrick
"Such an awesome group

of kids So proud of them Great

weekend So much fun"
"does someone wanna

drug me and maybe fuck my

unconscious body"
"It's going to be

annoying finding weave to

match my hair color"
Arie Chrissa
"Let's see how many

angry white boys using black

slang hit my mentions"
"My auntie is too

funny y'all disgusting sit

y'all butts I cant breathe"
"She was supposed to

room with me but paid for her

own instead Thank god"
"I really thought it

was closing time but I still

have an hour left"
"honestly bro some

people don't deserve this heart

of mine and that's facts"
"Okay you've got my

attention random movie

I've never heard of"
"Even if there's more

to the story violence

is not the answer"
"don't expect much from

anyone if they down with

you then they'll show it"
femme fatale
"Once y'all stop caring

about this shit your life will

be so much better"
"I always post that

picture of us lol that's my

favorite picture"
"Should I study for

Small Claims after I shower

or watch a movie"
emily schmemily
"John Carter is like

Jupiter Ascending but

made by straight people"
"Some people need to

take a deep breath drink a beer

and calm the f down"
ZumoMin PJMs
"Every time I

see a cute photo of him

I want to tag you"
"I wish someone else

was da first gen child I ain't

sign up for dis shit"
Sons of the Midwest
"Gas prices are way

too high grab yourself some coke

and run everywhere"
Problem Child
"This dude be smelling

so foul at work How do you

smell like rotten food"
"so many things are

slowly falling into place

and i'm so happy"
Jordan Cartier
"Are we not gonna

talk about how the dogs name

is Chili Pepper"
"I would never wear

long sleeves ever again not

even in winter"


"i've said it before

and i'll say it again i

miss my old twitter"
"Sending friends to meet

my other friends over seas

is what life's about"
"Two silver bullet

isn't needed Only one

is enough Vermouth"
"Stop letting your past

situations with people

define your future"
"If I didn't trim

my beard I'd be looking like

a black bin laden"
"I actually

love waking early now I

get so much shit done"
"surely it can't be

me that thinks molly Mae sounds

exactly like you"
"this championship

gave him the most iconic

J**** C******
"My friend played country

music and all I could think

about was incest"
"getting high at the

condo you know that's when it

all comes together"
"I wanna a full

table before I offer

you a seat at it"
"i hate statistics

what the fuck is goodness of

fit bitch i'll kill you"
"I am excited

for tonight's episode Who

else is excited"
"i love you ella

it's okay don't mind them we

can't please everyone"
"i love people that

like zodiac stuff because

they all love cancers"
"Staying up until

midnight so you can see the

pay hit your account"
bun (semi i/a)
"what about both of

them together guiding but

also hand holding"
"ate you going to

rescind everyone that said

something offensive"
"miss you already

Chrissy and I didn't get

any together"
Antler Hat
"i was conceived in

a dumpster by the local

arby's restaurant"
"The white people next

to me are talking about

how they eat their scabs"
recreational divinity and you
"crying is the most

human thing and you should do

it every day"
Flamingo the Gawd
"collins I'm still team

Mayor Pete but I bangs with

"My daughter hasn't

stopped talking about going

to see her dad yet"
"Im including a

tiny piece of clear quarts in

my bath soaks for fun"
"if I straighten my

hair I need someone to take

me out to dinner"
Lucci the Loser
"Where's Waldo is one

of the most under rated

songs ever by Chief"
"that sad moment when

have a nice summer changed to

have a nice future"
"Does anyone else

try to count down the seconds

left of your red light"
2017 fuccjesus
"I don't get people

who don't eat they pizza crust

do u not like bread"
Bailey Kaczmarczyk
"nah it's all about

danny devito playing

phil in Hercules"
Loren Elizabeth
"I deleted all

the texts on my phone and I'm

a new person now"
"I've decided to

sell my hoover well it was

just collecting dust"
"You literally

have me tearing up right now

I love you so much"
"This patient said I

do my job so well she thought

I was the doctor"
"I hate when people

don't give u the hand when you

let them pass go through"
Kiara Sessyoin
"Happy birthday Let

us spend this day especially

slowly and calmly"
Vlvet Thnder
"I'm tired as hell

I'm doing my child eye drops

and going to BED"
"And our mayor

is so baffled by the rise

in homelessness here"
"Yeah cause it's mostly

my Virgo ass not texting

other people back"
Kellon Williams
"Blessings on blessings

etc Feeling like

the best year ever"
"pizza think thy slick

i'll be up there to collect

my check tomorrow"
"Why the video

of the dog on the truck have

me screaming at work"
"okay i miss my

momma always snapping on

my crybaby ass"
"Surely goodness and

mercy shall follow me all

the days of my life"
"real life problems and

they want me to focus on

music that shit hard"
"i started going

to the gym today and i

feel so EMPOWERED"
"Everything that comes

my way drives me more towards

my bigger picture"
"When you realise

your Saturday coupon is

well and truly humped"
yurtie ahern
"Some woman just hit

me with the door and acted

like it was my fault"
Jamie Evans
"Absolute scheme rat

she's got a a dish like a

bag of smashed crabs yuck"
"petition to bring

back scary movie with the

original cast"
"Yes I'm smiling but

sometimes it's just me trying

to be strong to life"
"I'm ready for the

USA tour please Queen I

need those bad bitch vibes"
"You beat everyone

illegally Good lord shut

up already Ross"
"Religion is so

evil Also this guy is

gay I just know it"
"how many times can

i cum today before my

dick just stops working"
Creole Seasoning
"Maybe It's not a

question love They are among

other things Trust me"
"anyone know if

GUN from No Mercy debuted

I want to stan hard"
"I'm not a fashion

expert But I think it works

He's just nitpicking"
"It's possible they

discovered he's odder than

they have a taste for"
"I enjoyed h q

other week with you as guest

Great sense of humor"
Hot girl $$
"Who else be getting

mad out of no where for no

apparent reason"
"i'm losing it im

losing it im losing it

in a bad bad sense"
"Another day where

I am still thinking about

the Axe Giveaway"
"Seems disgusting Henn

is nasty and I cant stand

the taste of champagne"
"Goddamn my Facebook

is just so prime like it's just

great content non stop"
"Happy First Birthday

Tilly Tell your keepers you

want lots of good treats"
Shawn Bishop
"a wise person once

said you only see what I

allow you to see"
"euphoria makes

me so sad and mad like we

could've had it all"
"I told daddy bring

me my slides out the house when

he come pick me up"
"Absolute state of

Tory party membership

Johnson and Raab top"
"I really wanna

know if I could pull off a

different color"
cocoa butter baby
"Ok but hear me

out day mode for the daytime

and night mode for night"
"i look asian in

my hospital badge pic but

am i surprised no"
"i'm a lover not

a fighter but i'll never

let u flex on me"
"Fuck off maura the

only thing you'd take on the

chin is flying spunk"
K1-B0 (Keebo Kiibo Ki-Bo Kibo)
"Do not worry My

hair may look sharp but it is

completely harmless"
"Upside down world Rape

bad Sex work good Real world All

disordered sex bad"
"go to napa and

get original parts my

dad must think i'm rich"

is this world of Customer

Service coming too"
"Kim k's babies are

the cutest out of all the

Kardashian babies"
"Is there anyway

we can see you when you are

here in Israel"
"I didn't even

know people had this ugly

ass mentality"
Lashawnda Hewitt
"I really need to

remember to get this hot

sauce out of my purse"
"How dare you imply

it's ONLY the target self

checkout camera"
"Gates nba from

Louisiana Dame from

the D im straight lol"
"I see you trying

to heal I'm rooting for you

keep it up don't quit"
whims @ dragalia lost husbandos
"well I was planning

to watch Us tonight but Bull

Moose dun let me down"
"I was waiting for

and now we do it again

in French from Trudeau"
"I never needed

nobody to fuck with me

I'm my own best friend"
The Hendo
"Stick to cross dressing

coz you ain't even raising

my eyebrow you freak"
"Ya'll never invite

me over I promise I

won't eat ALL the cheese"
basic cable shorty
"I'm sorry but I'm

really cracking up why would

he think that's funny"
Quin Foster
"Feeling loose might take

the white bronco out on the

interstate later"
"People really need

to learn how to let others

move on in their lives"
uhhhhhhh veronica
"I already know

today is going to be

bad for me ugh bye"
"it's okay to love

others but you always have

to love yourself more"
"When your mrs gets

out of the shower then shouts

you to come upstairs"
"Literally the

worst Monday ever I need

to sleep for a week"
"It's easier to

walk away than to look for

what would make you stay"
"Name a song better

than Smooth by Rob Thomas and

Santana You can't"
"The word consent means

nothing anymore and that

should scare all of us"
J E $ $ I C A
"Me and my baby

are going to open a

savings together"
"So when y'all catfish

someone right how y'all figure

it's going to end"
"Please cross your fingers

and send good vibes and pray that

I somehow meet her"
"Ugh today was my

first day away from Carson

and I want to cry"
"I've been writing a

paper all day it's JUNE this

should be illegal"
One Sentence Startup Pitches Bot
"A military

industrial complex for

all the good angles"
Anna Camille
"Wild weekend but all

that matters is that we have

each other love you"
"The American

Flag should never be used in

protest or disgraced"
"Bangladesh team showed

how to chase big Total We

need to learn from them"
See You Space Cowpoke...
"Hello My name is

Elle You killed my name Prepare

to be a good day"
"I hate missing you

this much cause I know I will

never be with you"
"It does not matter

how slowly you go as long

as you do not stop"

done with life can I crawl back

into the womb please"
"Okay Mommy She

bent over as there was a

wet spot clear as day"
The Blasted Cat
"another taken

in by the nonsense being

spouted by Remain"
"I can already

tell this summer is about

to be a good one"
"I thought people grow

over time but seems like shit

just remains the same"
free lil-ike...
"I'm watching the last

episode of when they see

us and This shit hurt"
"Brian got mad cause

I told him his head is shaped

like invader zim"
"I am German God

of my friends who have the right

thing to remember"
Guil Rosmer
"Hello My name is

Why You killed my phone Prepare

to pay for this one"
"How absolutely

horrific I am in tears

after reading this"
"Just imagine if

we would go to war over

famine versus oil"
"i still can believe

i saw porter last night it

was a dream came true"
"You find yourself in

an ancient cavern Roll an

intelligence check"
Lil Keed Fan Account
"Why LeBron looking

like a villain that's about

to go fight Luke Cage"
i love you 3000
"in the Hunger Games'

prequel we will find out that

Buttercup was gay"
"I'm fairly certain

this covers most if not all

of humanity"
Kierstin Swisher
"We aren't the same

I went from rags to riches

nothing was handed"
"Anybody job

hiring it's to hot to be

outside at six flags"
"patiently waiting

for you to want to do it

all over again"
"vanessa hung up

on me while i was telling

a story how rude"
Laughing Nimbus


"I was planning to

use beach but this is kind of

a pain in the ass"
"Due to personal

reasons I'll be marrying

the money instead"
"Quit keep telling the

timeline your plans Nobody

cares I promise you"
Sammy Winchester
"I told that person

how things really are She's the

one bullying us"
Emira|| Stan Thrawn
"I just finished the

story on battlefront and

it's sad bitch hours"
Hemant Mehta
"If only there were

an article in which I

explained all of that"
allison baughman
"Honestly how has

the city of New York not

banned selfie sticks yet"
"Who the actual

fuck puts ice cream on a god

damn sweet potato"
"having guys feelings

of something bad sucks cause you

don't know what to trust"
Shitty Rock Lyrics
"Wow sketchy dog sing

empty soul Why don't you strut

and sing La la la"
"I hate when people

just talk shit out the side if

they neck just because"
"i had sisters i

gotta daughter i ain't scared

to take down no hair"
"Anytime mate I've

now got an automatic

re order for you"
"I'm so angry I


"everyone get out

of my way i want to sit

here and feed my birds"
"This weekend was so

damn boring I was ready

to get back to work"
"Yes It's been mostly

humans barking at me here

Not nearly as cute"
Big Country
"Got way too many

plans for myself to have a

kid Love my freedom"
"don't get a fucking

ego now or I'll pound it

out of you next time"
Oliver Webb
"menke Dear Mr Menke

please can we find a game in

fat pussy mafia
"meeting my dealer

and I got my hand stuck in

my pocket why me"
"This heat is really

making me sick and I have

the headache from hell"
"Bitches will call you

miserable but copy

your EVERY move"
"Leaving my job on

Saturday and starting my

new one on Monday"
100T GorillaKyle
"Mom told me IQ

was like bowling the lower

the score the better"
"After today my

weekend starts and I could not

be more thankful lol"
"No one Me Having

stress dreams about finding a

Halloween costume"
"Saying i love you

without explicitly say

i love you a thread"
"Wish someone could make

sides for my catfish nuggets

because I'm lazy"
"I'm so sorry for

your loss Comforting thoughts and

friendly hugs to you"
"Im learning about

rocks this summer what are you

doing with your life"
"Congrats dude Did they

figure out a way for you

to ring the bell o"
Tesiamisses w1
"I dropped my hydro

today is already bad

I cant do this week"
Bria Harris BBA
"This fool really ran

a red light on Bancroft where

there are cameras"
Charles Momochi
"I love when people

get surprised when they see me

speaking in Spanish"
"People really sleep

on bigger ladies but that's

neither here or there"
"luke hemmings i swear

to god if you don't fucking

follow me i'll cry"
"Honesty never

thought this website would make my

life better till now"
"Who the fuck telling

y'all women to cut ya damn

hair off and dye it"
"A world so hateful

that someone would die rather

than be who they are"
"Anything toxic

gotta go life to short to

be mad everyday"
"Why do so many

people here hate me what have

I really done wrong"
Dennis of Texas
"Not surprised He seems

so shady as a person

and a congressman"
WestCoast Keish
"Doing a little

each day is far better than

sprinting to burnout"
"Me when my boyfriend

does something impossibly

cute and sweet for me"
"Get some more treason

weasel barrels ready We

got some live ones on"
"This was after a

loss even Is this your soon

to be manager"
Chris Cornell Bot
"Sitting here like wet

ashes with x's in my

eyes and drawing flies"
"sometimes I feel I

don't really know that person

that well after all"
"I'm too tired to

keep working should I just nap

in the bathroom stall"
"definitely makes

music for people with good

music taste that's tea"
"lala is that witch

auntie ur mum told u to

never eat food from"
"I just love dancing

so much there's nothing that makes

me happier like"
"I've never kissed yo

assed about nothing you know

that on our kid"
"funny how it can

take only ONE person to

trigger everything"
"Hi I would very

much appreciate a do

over on today"
Melody Calvert
"Dropping new music

this Friday my ass tell him

come on with it sis"
Mother of Dragons
"Literally no

one Me you're right I should have

another taco"
Collin Lingo
"Prediction By day

five we will have resorted

to sleepover pranks"


Kent Da Baby
"I'm not fucking with

nobody that can't see a

issue in they ways"
"Now the energy

kinda different when i

spot you in person"
"i hope Lacey von

Erich is doing good on

this fine afternoon"
"This weekend was the

struggle I'm get TOASTED This

coming up weekend"
Devin Nunes' Canadian Alter Ego
"Sorry you went through

that Consider suing the

police department"
"William Barr the law

will catch up with you Trump and

The Trump mafia"
"Other beautiful

places exist that aren't

always shown online"
"I had a breakdown

earlier but it felt more

like a thankful praise"
"why does every

friend group of misfits have a

short girl named Gabby"
"I'm not even mad

for annoying people with

my hyena laugh"
Hunter Sweetser
"I have never been

called out like this and I don't

know how to take it"
"Fuck you trump Maybe

one day you will suffer the

same fate as Lincoln"
liana isadora
"Why is everyone

so harsh to Lucie Girl can't

catch a bloody break"
"I tried carrying

the weight of the world But I

only have two hands"
tony wack walker
"Potential future

PM singing IRA songs

Whats all that about"
"I wonder if you

ever talk about missing

me to anyone"
McJulie is (not) a witch
"McConnell is a

corrupt nasty piece of work

down to his marrow"
Michael Mora is...
"Maher never misses

an opportunity to

say the dumbest shit"
"Done with Melody

now Time for June to show his

apathetic ass"
"Y'all voted I will

be streaming at noon today

hope to see y'all there"
irl jeff the killer ()
"i've been collecting

pieces of ur hair i feel

like jeffrey dahmer"
Victoria Rose freelancer looking for job btw
"okay I think I'm

done being angry at things

for the morning v"
"Gonna have a small

lay of Bangladesh im not

watching im just bored"
"My header annoys

me because white toes would've

looked so much better"
"For those who wonder

why the press is not harsher

on Trump this is why"
DBN charlotte mccrone
"Why don always do

what I do and is always

wrong hate fucking life"
"hello beautiful

big fan hope u can follow

me back beautiful"
"I have never watched

big brother in my life but

now I might have to"
"There will always be

someone who can't see your worth

Don't let it be you"
"Taylor's new music

video genuinely

made me so happy"
"Fans like Shannon Sharpe

are why I'm embarrassed to

be a Lakers fan"
"Don't ever forget

me Don't hate me Promise me

you'll understand me"
Brian Butler
"I regret telling

people stuff because now I

can't trust nobody"
"Guess who almost lost

her bag while on a fucking

vacation jesus"
"None of you bitches

are better than anyone

please humble yourselves"
"It does not matter

how slowly you go as long

as you do not stop"
Ben&Ben Lyric Bot
"I couldn't really

justify how you even

thought it could be right"
Destinys child
"I need winter to

turn it up a notch There's bare

garments to be worn"
"Dessert stomach Love

it I think I have one or

two of those myself"
"I cannot But she

was cute enough that I hope

nobody noticed"
"all i did today

was working on leveling

up on my wind team"
Aidan McGreenie Loves Short Hair Zelda
"Literally just

compared them in a reply

to someone else's"
somebodys daughter
"Everybody in

my life currently is a

blessing of some sort"
"baby I've been a

little fed up wish you would

just focus on me"
"Fake fuck w

me back then but it's really

hard to fake it now"
"whores gonna whore And

lie Some are just not at all

subtle about it"
"Hope it's not raining

later I have a date with

my babies later"
"Im going to spoil

the heck out of my dog when

i get my own place"
"nothing wakes me up

better than traffic court on

a monday morning"
"They never want to

discuss what triggered you just

how you reacted"
"everyone around

me is just so good like damn

and then there's me lol"
"Breaking News Suspect

arrested says his name is

The CAT in the HAT"
"I'd drag every

laker fan on this app if

that happens on god"
"face reality

get away from whatever

you know isn't right"
"Haters keep thinking

the trade execution date

is in set just wait"
Kim Bongiorno
"This is magic right

The person with the knife is

a magician RIGHT"
"Legalism says

Look at what I did Grace says

Look at what God did"
"MTV Scream is

really underrated the

world will never know"
Ashley Nicole
"You know what Father's

Day showed me a lot of y'all

look like y'all daddy"
"Nintendo sent a

cease desist letter to a

cavern shaped like home"
Faizal Perager
"Enjoying my day

off but it's back to the grind

and graft tomorrow"
mario ranson
"What a great Father's

Day birthday gift and thank you

both for your service"
"What Anthony took

from me i would never be

able to get back"
ya boi ghost
"call my brother a

girl one more time and you'll be

eating your own ass"
"I'm not shooting my

shot people Those days were long

gone I have no need"
"where did they even

release the album details

and at what weird time"
"This is exactly

how lil Mina is gonna

act because of you"
"When just the person's

name makes you feel brighter That's

special Don't loose it"
"slowly becoming

more aware of what's really

worth my energy"
Kaitlyn Marie
"I honestly don't

know what to do anymore

I can't handle it"
Eleanor Blackley
"Will pay good money

for someone to come tidy

my pit of a room"
"The longer you live

in the past the less future

you have to enjoy"
"Funny what people

let the world see versus what's

really going on"
Regina Salazar
"Does it really work

cause shoot I'll get them since I

have really bad cramps"
"Priming is done in

the nursery so we can

start painting tonight"
"i didn't mean that

it was just a joke which you

took quite serious"
"i have a tattoo

of little mermaid does that

make me a mermaid"
"I haven't seen the

music video yet but

I'm already dead"
"Im not gonna eat

for while lets see what happens

but i will still drink"
"global warming is

the biggest scam of all time

One big money grab"
"Ave Maria

the song in Latin is so

beautiful I can't"
"so many fashions

for people with small boobs big

boobs are a mistake"
Krysten Stephens
"Anyone want a

rabbit For real about to

feed mine to my dogs"
"reading my Monday

morning bowel movement for

omens and portents"
"the only heaven

i will be sent to is when

i'm alone with you"
Im a poet ya bish.
"It's something about

buying my loved ones gifts that

I really enjoy"
"Ya'll I'm just going

to say it Sometimes being

gay is fucking SHIT"
"I don't understand

why some are so dumb to stop

on the railroad tracks"
Kristie Hindley
"Why do these women

not get tried by the state for

their criminal act"
"they have stolen the

heart from inside you but this

does not define you"
"Dancing is not just

a hobby it's my escape

from reality"
Ashutosh Ranjan
"Ever did just faked

talking on a phone call to

get out from somewhere"
"Imagine you out

doing your dirt and cheaters

pull up on yo ass"
"tried slapping myself

and it didn't work someone

please do it to me"
Jake Milne
"Any pubs showing

this tonight The anarchist

in me wants to watch"
"Er well I suppose

he did sigh All right I'll do

something about it"
"This holiday needs

to hurry I don't know how

much more I can take"
"Who will you invite

to the picnic who a self

realized cynic"
"Funny what people

let the world see versus what's

really going on"
Raku-maniac Chris
"Today still feels like

Sunday to me because I

had so little sleep"
"having a big heart

will always be the worst and

best part about me"
Bourgeoisie Freckles
"These people are pissed

All of their privilege is

about to pop out"
"ben says the sweetest

things in the stupidest of

ways and i love that"
Britney luvs Ashton
"I'm going to meet

Ashton in a few weeks It's

going to happen"
"all father's day did

was remind me that some of

my friends have hot dads"
"gotta shut up don't

over think and just do what

is need to be done"
"When your photos knock

the wind out of you Through it

all he always smiled"
Kai Wesley Oliver
"Wait a damn minute

I got a trampoline This

gonna be the mood"
"People do not care

when you are alone they care

when they are Joker"
James Simoncavage
"Good morning my good

friend Little Cat God bless you

and have a great Week"
"i love clogging the

toilets at denny's after

a night of drinking"
Ari Gato (Darren)
"People who ride with

greyhound do not love themselves

It had to be said"
"let's be honest when

you're horny enough pubic

hair doesn't matter"
Kaelyn Oman
"tb to our

whole ass conversation abt

this during checkout"
RINO with Horns
"Boy cries wolf Chickens

come home to roost Is there a

fox in the henhouse"
"I didn't know I

needed this until this tweet

This has to happen"
"Who am I kidding

You know I love watching you

slice and dice out there"
Banana Broke Crew
"Anthony Davis

Trade Reaction Episode

drops later today"
"Not all nice gestures

from guys means LOVE sometimes he

just wants to eat you"
dolldazee the toy hoarder

is your fave platform looking

into branching out"
"i think falling in

love is like discovering

your favorite song"
"i really wish that

the school i chose for next year

was farther away"
"Can someone explain

love island Half my time line

is on about it"
"Your body is far

too tiny to escape me

So don't even try"
HANMeowrail Lover
"ok Fine I'm come

back and I'm not sure should I

take the medicine"
"White coffee Damn this

game is wack now With this name

I'm gonna get jumped"
"I keep having this

fear that rebirth is somehow

going to go wrong"
"Lisa swiping on

bumble you're all so ugly

how do you do it"
"She a lady in

the street but in the bed she

a ballerina"
Supercharged Stocks
"It has started a

little here in Vancouver

but much more to come"
"Just got attacked by

a seagull this is going

to be a great day"
"Shut up before I

come to your house and cuddle

you U G L Y"
"I had the strangest

dream ever Hot uncle john

is going to die"
"Drug allegations

confuses people on who

this man really is"
Wale 'MAKANAKI' Ozolua
"Good morning Beating

drums and scratching your back do

not go together"
ana rita / dead bc exams
"you should think about

your actions before posting

anything like this"
"spoiler alert we

all die in the end so do

whatever you want"
Bakugo crazy! go stupid!
"Gone head transfer that

fat to your booty girl at

least its still all you"
"So you're about to

give up Watch me and count how

many times I fail"
Muhammad Zubair
"Am i the only

one Who watched the highlight of

champions trophy"
"Home is whatever

wherever whoever you

always come back to"
"I ain't ever seen

a smile so beautiful in

my entire life"
"My King will always

be MY king He'll never be

yours so back off bitch"
"I listen to R

B and oldies anyways

When's my move in date"
"Due to personal

reasons the rest of my night

will be spent crying"
"Naw you haven't heard

the REAL slick remarks I be

thinking of saying"
Klavier Gavin
"Ah Because I want

women to turn and look when

I walk down the street"
"Still have trouble with

letting go That ain't my hoe

I just thought it was"
"lol and I really

believed you wasn't fucking

with anyone else"
"i couldn't tell you

want he wanted except that

it was never me"
Emma Litwin
"I really shouldn't

have to sit here and ask you

to care about me"
nckptmn ebooks
"It's going to join

the last pudding from the fridge

another appears"
Follback? Cek Fav
"The danger of small

mistakes is that those mistakes

are not always small"
crow death_ebooks
"If I needed to

I could write again but I'm

not ready for that"
Alicia Florrick stan account.
"I'm so conflicted

with who I actually

want to win this thing"
"I usually

say some stupid shit around

this time it's coming"
"did someone say eat

a whole bag of chocolate chips

well if you insist"
God Complex
"Thank Cousin I signed

over my rights as a fuck

girl I'm delivered"
Wednesday Addams
"I wanna be drunk

in a foreign country but

instead I'm at work"
Yeonjun {leave me alone}
"Someone get these sad

songs away from before I

fucking do something"
"Helping people is

in my nature just don't take

advantage of it"
"thanks for follow i

lost follower very sad

now happy again"
"Dace really hooked it

up by giving me Friday

AND Saturday off"
Short Temper
"The richest man is

not he who has the most but

he who needs the least"
"NEVER doing this

place a favour again shit

show pardon le french"
Feliciano Vargas
"oi anyone else

wanna be in involved in

angels demons au"
"My enemies send

each other the texts that they

could never send me"
"My body got all

messed up this weekend i feel

like i got beat up"
"And hit the outta

town bounds along with many

world traveling trips"
"bria is the urge

of being a hard stan come

join eli and i"
"I can't keep myself

from imagining how my

future will happen"
"Going Back to Guard

this summer need someone to

put me in the lab"
"be with someone that

values talking to you more

than anything else"
anime swag bot 9000
"Busting ghosts is all

the news from this season's big

premieres including"
"Ill probably ride

to waffles house before the

night over with lol"
"y'all my boyfriend just

stayed up to study with me

i love him so much"
"I tried controlling

my temper by buying a

box of doughnuts nice"


"I haven't gotten

any type of sleep lately

this is terrible"
"Never trust a kids

in class who only fuck wit

u when u got gum"
"Prince has a beauty

mark on his face now Crazy

how those just appear"
"Weird how just seeing

one persons face can make you

feel so much better"
Timeless Tech Talent
"We're looking for a

Amazon Artillery

to join our team"
"i haven't looked at

my curious cat in a

while and it's scary"
"You didn't mean to

say I love you I love you

And I don't want to"
"Your alpha is an

adolescent chihuahua

you were fucked from jump"
"Look like aliens

when they come out it's rare to

see a cute newborn"
Sack Of All Trades
"I'm just waiting on

someone to stop playing so

their heart can be mine"
"I'm soo excited

for my event it's getting

closer and closer"
Erwin Schrodinger
"People praise me for

my english skills But I was

raised bilingual so"
"From worst to Stanley

Cup Champs in the span of a

season Way to go"
"finally got to

see aladdin and i'm so

happy about it"
"The older I get

the harder it is for me

to remember names"
"I've been wondering

about Norway myself he

always mentions it"
"Sir Dumas you are

an undeserved gift to your

listeners T T"
Yoo Pierre
"Genuinely love

seeing my people succeed

doing they thang man"
Meat and Cheese Behemoth
"Saints gonna end up

signing him and WHY AM I

Princess Peach
"One of the reasons

I and many others do

sex work fuck that noise"
"i'm just letting y'all

know if jack smiles in my meet

and greet pic i'll cry"
"Someone's cutting their

nails at the train station I

can hear the clipping"
"as helena day

comes to a close i want u

all to remember"
"Being grateful is

a lifestyle Thank you for the

b day love Facebook"
mocha chesKNOT
"brawny and me took

an after sex selfie but

the storage was full"
"If I reveal too

much about myself on here

will I get murdered"
"stop chasing someone

who won't even look back to

see if you're okay"
"I've been single for

like the majority of

my life c'mon now"
Michael Thomas
"Bummed out the Bruins

lost but man I'm glad she gets

to enjoy this one"
"Hall Is it ever

go give the tournament but

no rush Here your mind"
"Really having a

hard time deciding how i

want my throat tattoo"
"Shuffles out onto

the timeline Anyone want

to talk the ghost boy"
"Fucking want one so

bad but nobody in the

house going for it"
Chaps Track

to our Westlake Track and

Field title sponsor"
"I watched the notebook

what a good cry recommend

me more sad movies"
"Puzzle games only

make me feel really stupid

and I don't like it"
"i love knowing that

i'm the man even tho some

people think i'm not"
"Barely done with one

glass of wine and I'm tipsy

This is the new me"
eleanor rigby


Mickey Quinto
"Damn My heart feeling

heavy and it's been awhile

I can't be slipping"
"They don't even have

valid arguments for their

case at this point lol"
chaya con el jugo
"I'm both People like

to use your kindness for their

own personal gain"
"I literally

said not to ignore me and

that's what he's good at"
"I had to reread

this three times to make sure I

didn't miss something"
"I know realize

why it takes my girlfriend so

long to get ready"
"If someone saw me

talking to my friends they would

think we're enemy"
Thomas Rogers
"You are a market

interference kind of guy

let's make this happen"
"My boyfriend is out

and I'm up waiting for his

birthday like it's mine"
"I've been putting off

cleaning my makeup brushes

sponges for a while"
"You can never have

to many talks with God I

be needing guidance"
Mountain Man Skid
"Everything happens

for a reason the stars may

finally align"
Vali Lucifer []
"Albion do not

cry I will listen to your

worries anytime"
"I really need to

start taking care of myself

again been too long"
"Dreams money can buy

everybody yelled surprised

I wasn't surprised"
"The Stanley Cup is

the greatest trophy in sports

It's not even close"
Mike Fechter
"I realize I

should have capitalized Cup

I'm not a monster"
Ashiq khanday
"england that very

bed whether and world cup played

in south Africa"
Vincent Crespin
"Genuinely one

of my all time favorite

players Fear the Fro"
"im so ia but

i hope all my moots and my

boys are doing well"
"How you expect to

keep yo bitch if you ion

do shit to keep ha"
Cool Breeze
"Excuse me knocks on

twitter door can you tell this

person I love them"
"Not a big hockey

guy but the Stanley Cup is

a dope ass trophy"
"appreciate these

moon smiles of mine before the

earth swallows them whole"
Sajjad ali moavia
"Pak India clash

Fathers day are happened on

same day just wait look"
"I haven't seen my

honey in a week and it

feels like a year wow"
"Don't put yourself down

if no one else will only

you can love yourself"
Mitch Hill
"Boston shut up and

stop the booing You lost Get

over it Move on"
"Money trees is the

perfect placing for shading

That's just how I feel"
"My eyebrow hairs are

so curly I have to put

edge control on them"
"Relationships need

a dislike button I would

never have to yell"
"Well if you believe

these polls then you have nothing

to worry about"
"You gotta feel bad

for the city of Boston

just can't catch a break"
Anomander Purake
"Lol the year after

I stop working there Stanley

cup champion Wow"
"lol this person has

a communist china flag

in their bio lol"
i s a b e l a a
"Did I do something

stupid to deserve this kind

of treatment of yours"
"Life is difficult

right now but i know i have

people that got me"
tormented soul
"I don't bookmark sex

pages One scroll on Twitter

and you set I swear"
ashlyn finals
"wait if someone goes

to another time zone do

they go back in time"
Lisa Davis-Bedrick
"The Christian walk is

not all us or all God It's

half God and half us"
"I need a fucking

Benz I can see a real bitch

like me coming through"
"Bruins waved the white

flag Leaving guys wide open

in front of the net"
"Update I seen her

today and I been happy

as heck ever since"
Darlyzabeth Vi Brittania
"Do you prefer the

Google Calendar or the

Apple Calendar"
lucas de mamao
"Life was a party

to be thrown but that was a

million years ago"
"Everytime I see

there face it feel like someone

is grabbing my heart"
"Who's trying to show

out at the next family

corn hole tournament"
"There's an on button

on one of the buttons at

the front of her top"
"the playoff beard will

be shaved in sadness tough one

tonight much love all"
Boogie Down Brock
"She's infamous for

dropping exclusive tea Walk

away Tina lol"
Jacob Anbinder
"Seems unfair that they

let the goal blocking dude wear

big goal blocking pants"
"Just witnessed my dog

have a bad dream he woke up

started barking lol"
"Every human

being female male I thought

was real was a fraud"
"if i start acting

different n more distant

just mind ur business"
"gotta write that smut

and guess what i don't feel like

doing writing smut"
"You certainly have

an analytic skill on

this subject matter"
"Google with the if

you can't beat the leaks just join

em mentality"
"Goodness and mercy

shall follow us all of the

days of our life"
Senator Digital
"What is quality

content Ultimately the

consumer decides"
"Take away my shirt

Take away my shoes Take it

all away from me"
"Favorite hobby

is hitting on my friends and

fake flirting with them"
"Not sure The babies

you rip is the approach you

want to take here chief"
"Bye Nobody cares

but I will take a short break

from toxic twitter"
"Since our parents

getting older make the best

decision for them"
"I'm really tired

of beef jerky being so

god dang expensive"
"i still cant believe

u said this abt me where is

my heartfelt message"
"I don't understand

why people don't support a

talented person"
"slowly coming to

terms with the fact that people

are not built like me"
"everyone saying

the season is over needs

to shut the hell up"
yoongis cuban link
"me talking about

how in cuba we wrote with

rocks instead of chalk"
"I think nocturnal

at the San Manuel one last

time might be the move"
Megan Whitsitt
"And I wonder why

I'm thinking about it more

often than normal"
"rediscovered u

can have games on ur phone i

haven't stopped since lol"
gorillaz lyrics
"Little memories

marching on Your little feet

working the machine"
"Do you ever just

have an I don't know mood like

I'm just kind of here"
"He definitely

watched mission impossible

and thought nah I'm out"
"Popular or not

We promise We will always

stay beside you boys"
Pretty Random Gaming
"So excited for

this Until Dawn was one of

the best games we've streamed"
"I figure out you

you figure out me we both

a different breed"
Cathleen Carney
"The same people who

crucified Clinton give this

asshole a free ride"
"I am getting sad

alone but where are you and

what are you doing"
"This is PRIME reason

for barrier fence Finish

the FENCE High and strong"
"I've missed every

chance I've had to see surf curse

someone beat my ass"
"Civil War has me

driving down the highway with

no destination"
"Marijuana should

be treated more like wine and

less like heroin"
kyungsoo im getting you out of there
"His latest song called

Oxygen is amazing

you should check it out"
"crazy hot so im

wearing flip flops and shorts for

the first time in years"
The Red Couch Chronicles
"Have y'all listened to

this weeks show What do y'all think

Give us some feedback"
"My cousins got so

high this weekend they called the

cops to pick them up"
"since i finally

don't have work tomorrow i'm

gonna take a bath"
"Boston teams always

comeback Now let's get off your

asses and Lets Go"
what is this behavior
"I'm at the water

park and I think my water

bag just broke awesome"
Vernacular Vixen
"What is good about

having everything when you

don't have self respect"
Brienne of Snark
"The FBI should

arrest Trump and his admin

"Krug hustled for that

icing like the Stanley Cup

depended on it"
"I apologize

for being so unhappy

I don't know what's wrong"
spaghetti in a bottle
"Damn bro do people

really just hate me now What

I do Why y'all mad"
Ryan Roberts
"I'm a convenience

to some people rather than

a friend and it shows"
"the only good thing

that has come from this week is

our trip to arts"
"Dang I've been drinking

water and Gatorade and

my throat is so dry"
Patrice Mitchell
"I always find the

funniest drunk videos

of me the next day"
"Im sorry but please

don't smoke New Mexico weed

anywhere near me"
[] Fenrislfr
"It's okay I'll just

sneak into Nova's house as

a different dog"
"kobe bryant the

best player right now he did

so good yesterday"
"Both teams playing loose

and reckless Creating lots

of chances Love it"
"im so tired and

my body hurts so much im

this close to crying"
Andrew Moss
"Looking sloppy But

man that rebound was a good

"Every move you

make Every step you take

I'll be watching you"
Kalosy Imene
"The bravest thing that

one can do is being you

Doing you For you"
lacey evrard
"come over and I'll

order chocolate lava crunch

cakes from dominos"
"thank you for putting

this back on my timeline now

im crying again"
"So ready to move

around can't wait till I have

my life together"
"making profit of

the tragedy ain't it can

she stop already"
"they even have their

baseball stadium open

for fans well that's cool"
"Don't throw a grenade

into a small room then try

to hold the door shut"
"If you know about

Denver Melo then you know

about animal"
"The shit not even

funny but I'm so blowed all

i can do is laugh"
Samantha Onyekwere
"Is anyone good

at histology cause I

could use a tutor"
"we don't believe what's

on tv because y'all are

so cute and i oop"
"I wasn't going

to go to the gym today

but I guess I shall"
"Being able to

hold my own at such a young

age is big to me"
"If you're giving your

all right now what do they have

to look forward to"
"Rather take the chair

and go out like a man and

just know a we that"
"i hate myself in

every way possible

and it hurts so much"
Kayla Rae Lubomski
"Darwin Award And

this is why I stay home and

play with my Barbies"
"National Treasure

both is seriously one

of the best movies"
alex patti
"since i started food

combining i don't think i

can ever go back"
"i'm just hoping this

all works and nothing falls through

I need fairy dust"
"UnLucky Inning

for Keller but still a good

Inning by Keller"
Ryan McCann
"Fuck around give you

my last name that lyric made

all the bitches wet"
"I don't wanna miss

anyone who wants to be

on my wall of fame"
"Hello I am back

again We had a great time

in the Netherlands"
"You wasting money

renting like i don't have a

place to sleep at night"
"Absolutely we

all go hunting and gather

to drink beer after"
"Can't even explain

how unappetizing this

looks to me right now"
"is this true Maybe

it was during your many

blackouts while drinking"
"are you threatening

the American people

Expose the swamp Sir"
"You are indeed a

problem self If they're done with

you then so am I"
Christopher Haze
"The male gender can

disgrace me sometimes Na so

Una thirsty reach"
"gotta use what they

think would benefit them for

my own use instead"
"Huh If archie bangs

me while i'm like this does that

make Karl a bottom"
"ever just wanna

bungee jump but without the

harness yeah me too"
"I'm so happy I

went back to nursing I love

caring for people"
"an iphone feels so

much better without a case

but i'm so clumsy"
Stephanie Andersen
"So incredibly

ready for fall and winter

already Too hot"
"I'm drowning inside

the pussy like I never

swim that's when I knew"
"No matter how much

you love somebody treat they

ass accordingly"
"I just don't even

allow uses to create

tickets on their site"
"Chick fil a chicken

sandwich with no pickles the

only way to go"
oscar the shark slayer
"College is where I

learned to hoe and now the shits

catching up to me"
"Peanut butter was

THERE for you and that's the thanks

it gets Cold blooded"
"I legit don't think

I'll ever be good enough

for anybody"
"You wouldn't know what

happiness feels like if you

never felt sadness"
"Literally in

tears at When They See Us this

is heartbreaking man"
Johnny Echavarria
"Warren voters will

be responsible if Trump

gets re elected"
"For anyone who's

having a bad day this thread

is beyond precious"
"y'all let anything

happen in philly and then

complain i'm weird though"
"Okay it's like the

Executive branch forgets

who holds it's wallet"
"I actually

think Summer Miami is

such a raw ass name"
"Sometimes the world makes

me mad most times i think imm

just the main problem"
"Who cares how gracious

they were Andy The whole thing

is a complete joke"
A Scheme Setup By Todd
"I already know

how this trial turns out but

I cannot take this"
"I constantly eat

Taco Bell knowing I'll be

dying the next day"
"Pretty sure this new

Chris and Drake record is the

song of the summer"
Suzan Goritz Ttrault
"Also some spilled food

and I'm avoiding stepping

in it in my seat"
"I'm glad I follow

some smart laker fans bro I

appreciate u"
"call me randomly

at midnight and tell me how

much i mean to you"
"Y'all I done promised

my kids some cupcakes damn let

me go to Walmart"
Shawn Spears
"It's wrestling Enjoy

it and do whatever you

want just like I will"
"I really need a

camera so i can see

what my dogs doing"
oliver // 6 JENNA DAY
"someone tell me why

i've been obsessed with the dope

music video"
"Exhausted is an

understatement Finally

time to get some sleep"
"i feel calmer now

that i've slept not better but

not as panicky"
"there will always be

someone who can't see your worth

don't let it be YOU"
"Alright bro if you

insist cause my toes looking

a little funky"
"Just answer the phone

when I call and we will be

good That's all I ask"
"Has someone ever

chosen a wrong time to leave

you Worst thing ever"
"This district must've

knew I would blow this bitch up

about my money"

are endless For you and for

me but not for us"
Tanis Fowler
"Sounds like Tom's people

reached out all Name the time and

place you little punk"
Caley Stream ME!
"I'm watching this guy

bait tech support scammers and

it's hilarious"
"god forbid the day

my coworkers find me on

social media"
"I certainly can't

go all the way to the stage

to save you so see"
"So my grandma was

looking through pictures in my

phone and saw my nudes"
"singing home gets me

feeling so emotional

every damn time"
mads saw endgame x4
"the only man to

actually deserve those

perfect eyelashes"
"i didn't deserve

to go through half of the shit

people put me through"
"I remember a

bunch of my aunts using this

same line growing up"
"after a year of

hard work and endless nights i

finally did it"
"Going to cuddle

my pillow since I don't have

no one else goodnight"
"He's saying this like

he wasn't one of the most

boring lads in there"
"Thanks Mike Come hangout

at my place later and I'll

grill some steaks for us"
"I've been getting home

way earlier than normal

and it feel so good"
"The success is not

winning its staying in the

game and not quitting"
"oh no new elder

scrolls game called blades think this sword

shield vibe is trending"
"We don't pay people

enough nobody doing

no favors for us"
"I just wanna be

showed off like a hospital

bracelet on Snapchat"
"I'll risk my freedom

and head out the beach before

i fuck with this shit"
"Sherlock is moving

into the room look hard at

John speculating"
"Have you been taking

care of yourself What It's not

like as if I care"
"im so attached to

all my characters they're my

babies all of them"
"I have arrived the

tent is up and it's pissing

down Classic Download"
"i don't wear dresses

but this heat got me buying

a few who am i"
"I am begging y'all

PLEASE wear deodorant YOU

"I didn't even

know you could have followers

on Apple Music"
Motivation for Life
"No matter how bad

things get always remember

to count your blessings"
Allied Alliance
"Who knew a woman

of color could be such a

white supremacists"
stephan ellis
"I'm just trying to

be like Nick T when I grow

up hit after hit"
Carl the Cowboy
"Everyone's so nice

to me today I love my

friends so fucking much"
Joshua Cercado
"Today Krypton comes

back with a new season and

a new episode"
"U ever want tell

somebody bout some things but

u just hold your tongue"
Mother Of Dragons
"Record me while I

pray and soon as I Salaam

out we rumbling"
"I usually

eat until I throw up so

I highly doubt that"
"Do y'all wanna see

the bruise on my chest from the

accident it's wild"
Cayl Coetsee
"Traditional Boys

Schools leading with cohesive

campuses Love it"
"Yes Sometimes I let

it ring while I'm looking at

it I hate phone calls"
"Wanna sleep but im

afraid i wont wake up in

time for my exam"
"if time can erase

it or money can replace

it it ain't nothing"
"It's kinda sad when

a relationship with a

mutual changes"
"Anyone know what

song this is playing right now

on love island lol"
Omo Nintendo
"Imagine your girl

in a different skin tone

is she still pretty"
mmiths rightful owner
"Friday night dinner

is so funny how have I

just discovered it"
"Some people want to

remain the same because the

truth requires change"
"the only person

i need to tell me they're proud

of me is young thug"
Gilmore | #SaveODAAT
"Hi are there any

new stills from Gentleman Jack

season finale"
sad pretty boy
"Diaspora is

a really good album on

my second listen"
Doesha-Monay Wright
"Some people can just

be so messed up and hitting

way below the belt"
emma is watching the l word
"im surprising my

best friend at her first shift at

her new job tonight"
"Gonna get matching

pairs for me and the kids when

we go to Disney"
Kathryn Hall
"Reynard Oh the times

I wish shed down that against

us What a nightmare"
"If you like having

a laugh give this podcast a

listen A new fave"
Hoe Energy
"I never took the

quiz I'm still afraid I won't

get a coyote"
"Yeah I would invite

people to my pool but I

don't like people lol"
Let's Talk Cyclops!
"Why has Marvel and

DC decided to drop

all new today lol"
Jared Kelderman
"Everybody needs

something that makes them get out

of bed everyday"
"Perks of having a

cat is that they kill all the

spiders in your house"
"I really should've

booked me a appointment to

get my nails cut down"
elsa (backup)
"imagine pouring

your milk first and finding out

there's no cereal"
Jordan Hargis
"This was exactly

my mood last year when I found

out about cold brew"
"I mean I agree

but what is the federal

basis for this bill"
"i'm screaming i just

looked and was so disgusted

w myself"
"I will leave before

I become a slave to my

love for a person"
"Ever just going

about your day and think life's

not really for me"
"I mean didn't no

money come in the house I

mean I ain't get nun"
"I didn't go back

to work after lunch and now

I'm in bed dying"
"Canadians need

less prescription drugs in their

life In general"
"i can't believe i

finally got a job I

"Like when somebody

say be honest and you do

and they get madder"
"Hello everyone

I want to eat Chloe out

how is everyone"
"No one cares about

me and that's how i want things

to be anyway"
Thomas Shelby
"tap villa says he

has the hottest studio

in SA hit him up"
"I still dk which

curl pattern to get i hate

that I'm so picky"
The Name is :Trey ... 10-26-13
"I never thought I

would be driving It took a

village lol thanks y'all"
"Never wanna look

too thirsty but your drip got

me feeling wavy"
"I'm definitely

not the only one that sees

a pressing iron"
"Relationships don't

get deep to me Never got

the whole in love thing"
"So apparently

you can combine the implant

and the pill Who knew"
"my sister said i'm

the whitest person ever

who's gonna tell her"
"i am so tired

of being in my bag its

time to be a hoe"
## aikos ! !
"me minding my own

business my family lol

let's fuck her over"
My birthday is June-21
"Beautiful Wednesday

heading to the first meeting

of the day Living"
"My dad really an

angel to me So very

grateful to have him"
Paul Hurlburt
"Now playing We've Got

Tonight by Bob Seger The

Silver Bullet Band"
"Before sleeping most

people imagine dating

with their Crush Agree"
"Human Lives Shouldn't

Be Disposable And They

Shouldn't Be A Choice"
"please share tomorrow's

video too for those of

us that can't join live"
"Barcelona and

Real Madrid Insane we have

to buy quality"
"Swear every black

person in Atlanta drive

a damn Kia Soul"
Rickey Welson


"shoved my vibrator

too far up my nose again

now my jaw rattling"
"I can't impose my

standards onto another

person that's just that"
"Never been the one

to fuck up the vibe but I

might fuck up your life"
Bradley Blakeman
"Nuclear power

is NOT our future it

is our present"
"she stay calling me

sunshine like i won't suck the

soul out her dick im"
"If Trump isn't re

elected China wins And

not in a small way"
Sharon (Parody)
"Thinking about a

weekend away where should I

go And who with smiles"