Eric Smith
"Me every time

I attend an industry

event at this point"
"hello marshall my

name is coulson you should go

back to recovery"
"Doesn't count if it

dips after going out the

stadium Marcus"
bleep bloop fella
"Holy fuck i've been

so inspired the last week

and it feels so good"
"i think the little

person ripped some of my hair

out in the mosh pit"
"They seek to control

us to check our power

Do not allow it"
"Damn there really ain't

shit to do Just trying to

get drunk at this point"
Zo I Am Not A Rbot Qinn
"Don't just be fearless

Tearing up a little at

this not gonna lie"
"Maps android app is

now available at blase

"I tell people all

the time you not catching me

if I'm on foot lol"
"The danger of small

mistakes is that those mistakes

are not always small"
MithrandiR NikolaJ
"Oh well I only

recognize a business a

child as a win there"
"This message brought to

you by Children's Infectious

Disease Medical"
Youtube Me Hoe
"Florida is not

a real place if you live there

you not real neither"
"Didn't get the luck

I needed on that final

One more semester"
"my year abroad is

nearly finished and then I

have to go back to"
Somebodys daughter
"What a wonderful

set of memories each child

will hold forever"
tony osheku junior
"I don't go looking

for Trouble and Trouble don't

come looking for me"
"Wiser assessments

of situations will help

you in life Trust me"
"even when you've done

something wrong you make me out

to be the bad guy"
Brigitte Lindholm
"I forgot to add

Lena to this D might have

to remake the tweet"
Kandhewale Baba
"please keep your country

clean of parasites like these

don't fall for the smile"
"I was ignored I

needed support and what do

I get An ending"
"It's about time to

pull the banana out and

let Chiquita speak"
"not being biased

but andy leo is the

best person I know"
cracker head
"Time for my yearly

check in on twitter Twitter

is still weird as fuck"
"I haven't even

picked out the clothes I'm taking

with me to dallas"
"Giving attention

to these small details makes me

so in love with you"
"im holding onto

this until i get to punch

her when i see her"
Shari Comiter
"In spirit we use

our creativity

to do what we love"
"Water has its Muse

Spinning special songs for rain

Brooks and ocean waves"

to my brother I am a

very proud sister"
"I really really

want to get my boobs done such

a great investment"
"Someone let me have

their pup so Noah can have

someone to play with"
LEGO Island eBooks
"You got it Papa

'cause I'm the dude with the food

and I'm on my way"
Dusty Bastard
"characters with an

odd number of eyes is peak

character design"
Skittle Costanza
"Maybe it's just me

but I think Kylie Jenner

is pretty sexy"
"how often you get

told you look like James Franco

or is it just me"
"Great first step going

to church is a RIGHT So is

carrying a GUN"
"Need more Patriots

I can't follow until I

get my numbers up"
"love which begins with

high soul flame often would end

with cold and frozen"
"After all we are

nothing more or less than what

we choose to reveal"
"i fucking LOSE IT

over coping jokes for some

reason im sorry"
"everybody tells

me i'm crazy like i don't

already know lol"
cindy misses BTS but D-22
"cant my neighbors play

the floor is lava at a

different time dam"
"the answer is YES

bitch i am better but u

already knew dat"
"I want breakfast in

the morning but I know I'm

not gone go get it"
"I'm crying she's just

dragging us left and right with

such nuance and class"
"their occupation

does not matter at all they

all do stupid shit"
"In addition we

can keep the floors clean during

the rainy season"
"And then you listen

to it so much that u fall

out of love with it"
"can somebody tell

me how to get things back the

way they used to be"
"God without us is

still a God But men without

God is not a men"
trash queen
"Thinkin i might head

out for a short trip to do

some plein air painting"
"Enjoy each step for

in every moment there

is something to learn"
"Today's reminder

you are enough Don't let that

feeling bring you down"
"hate to sound sleazy

but tease me I don't want it

if it's that easy"
Lauren Toussaint
"Aladdin was so

good Now I'm just over here

thinking about life"
"good night ladies just

joking around with you I

am not a bad guy"
Vanessa Rosales
"Diana really

just called me to tell me a

joke and then hung up"
Don Fautt
"Maybe Pelosi

could add Nadler to her

prayers right after Trump's"
"sorry to say but

china tourists are the worst

kind i swear to god"
"Some of the people

that graduated did not

need to graduate"
"Candace Owens is

an embarrassment She's just

an embarrassment"
"kid exist asian

parents I'm going to end

this man's whole career"
"You ever look at

someone fine and just be like

whew and carry on"
"I just want someone

for me and me only is

that to much to ask"
"But why didn't the

catcher show ANY remorse

after it happened"
"Dancing in front of

the office printer ah Kyu

u r really back"
"Every time I've

complained in my video

games to cinema"
Alayna Baker
"Starting Tuesday I

am clean eating the rest of

the summer DEAD ASS"
"Fina put the girls

tv on the wall they ass

still ain't go watch it"
"I just wanted to

spend today doing things with

my baby that's it"
"Pink Matter by Frank

Ocean makes so much sense to

me now holy shit"
Shaunagh Gillespie
"Can someone lend me

their dog for the weekend to

keep me entertained"


"better get a skin

care routine talking about

some damn orange juice"
"Everyone at the

club reacts the same way when

they play old town road"
"I see so many

good books I want to read I

have to chose one first"
Jenna Freeman
"my co worker just

asked if the mushroom brie soup

has dairy in it"
"need a new bio

since no one has called me out

on my current one"
Martina Marie
"I also wanna

thank God again for blessing

me abundantly"
"Just landed and my

brother and his wife have me

drinking already"
"Again just a last

minute plea to anyone

w a car"
"If I ever loved

you I'll always love you that's

just how I was raised"
Lizard the Wizard
"My dumbass would roll

my ankle while watching a

turtle swim away"
"She said she gotta

few bodies i never ask

about her bodies"
Music is Life
"What didn't kill me

it never made me stronger

at all Ed Sheeran"
"Who is the greatest

player to have never won

the Champions League"
"Please can everyone

stop cutting their grass because

I can't breathe thank you"
"Has a surprise guest

drop in on my dream Guess I

should stay awake now"
Lynsey Balfe
"Honestly hating

on myself right now at the

fact I'm not at life"
MP Freddy
"Class mentioned civil

rights and everyone turned and

looked at me and Chris"
"God I love Louis

Tomlinson so much that I

can't even express"
"all this good music

coming out just waiting on

some new new from Drake"
"What's the difference

between open and poly

asking for myself"
h will die for detective pikachu
"i can't believe we

bullied sonic into a

later release date"
Eyes That Shine
"Waitress what would you

like on your salad Me A

bacon cheeseburger"
Julio the man
"Dear future wife ain't

you tired of buying pads

with ur own money"
"Remember when he

said they were all coming home

like three months ago"
still a bears fan
"College is made for

bad decisions and learning

"still upset my dad

didn't pass on the green eyes

to me but it's fine"
"The nationals would

laugh uncontrollably if

we offered this lol"
"Forever shopping

for sneaks in the Boys' section

It is what it is"
"If it's already

being done just make sure you're

doing it better"
Adam Strangely
"This is a very

cool artwork And that is a

very long surfboard"
blaring Audioslave while eating at Cici's alone
"What if instead it

was called Men's TV and it

was for the fellas"
erika marjorie.
"i wanna go to

music festival again

and sing my heart out"
Shrehul Gupta
"Finally at rest

taking a glance of moon in

this night with coffee"
"sometimes what you say

to others is all the things

that you need to hear"
Francis Verzosa
"Strip away my pride

and selfishness And take me

back to my first love"
"Just heard audio

of an Orca copying

a human Day made"
"Everyone sleeping

on the Ravens That's how we

like it anyway"
WE HERE out now
"Duke really didn't

showcase his talent Bro is

a walking BUCKET"
"I hate feeling down

talked or like I'm never heard

piss me THE FUCK OFF"
Lacey Mattingly
"The anxiety

I have about the dentist

right now is unreal"
Johnny Boy
"im thinkin about

what im thinkin about not

what's going on dad"
"You don't have haters

you have insecurities

Conquer them bitches"
I'm a bird and a Radish damnit! [Igot7/MooMoo]
"This honestly looked

so hard man like props to them

for being such gods"
Harry Alty
"I am the textbook

definition of a bad

day in a meeting"
"This is the highbrow

musical equivalent

of the nice guy Next"
"Why are my tonsils

literally bigger than

fucking basketballs"
"okay i have to

go but i love mark so much

i hope he knows this"
"I love having an

entire fucking ocean

between me and you"
iasmim sansa stark rights!
"ok so it's been

a while now where's my taylor

and sophie selfie"
"Jesus Christ saves you

from your sins so lift up your

heart and be happy"
"I'm telling you I

am qualifying this week

Nothing can stop me"
"I literally

use my Twitter drafts as a

notebook reminder"
Mike Lo-Tech (Yall!)
"Damn wish I started

driving uber earlier

today because sucks"
"two facts about me

I'm at graduation right

now i play the flute"
"I got hoes pouring

dirt on my name cause they know

I got a bag now"
Ray Benenate
"Welcome to Santa

Barbara I deal with this

crap every day"
"I just realized

u said likely instead of

lightly How could u"
"It's okay to speak

the truth sometimes the truth hurts

but shit it's the truth"
"When you fighting your

feelings for someone cause you

scared to fall again"
"heights been getting beat

by shoe all year in sports the

window was revenge"
"Petition to make

graduation order go

shortest to tallest"
"I rocked the monkey

for a bit then changed over

to represent gears"
YVES DAY!!!!!!
"Paper Plane is cute

and kinda does have welcome

to my playground vibes"

NEWS Archer can be England's

X factor Kohli"
"Kinda sucks that you

have to study politics

to become police"
"Folks I gotta say

this is some of the dumbest

shit I've ever heard"
"I'll always live by

it it's not directed then

it's not respected"
"I gotta get me

some new haters my old ones

starting to like me"
"It's real when someone

can tell you need the extra

push without asking"
"We got pulled ova

talking bout hide the blunts not

me that's on you all"
Bear Island Tribute Account
"Why did you assume

people making minimum

wage are buying drugs"
"If this maintenance

man don't fucking leave I have

to use the bathroom"
FeLiX$ophiKaL aka TheTurtleGod
"My priority

is probably property

of my sovereignty"
C.J. Prince
"cancel directors

for re editing their films

to make them longer"
"Little known fact I

got my start here A great gig

to cut your teeth in"
Nicholas A. Baxter-Herold
"Faith is taking the

first step even when you can't

see the whole staircase"
"Trying to hear your

favourite music without

remembering you"
"Bush really had me

go a whole year without a

English teacher sheesh"
"The energy you

put in is the energy

you get back baby"
"it's ok to mess

with me but not with the dreams

that I've been planned of"
Shaddy Daddy
"I'm just gonna go

sit on the beach and cry I

can't do this today"
"Yo I can't believe

I did this shit again I

"About ten minutes

away from offering my

amazing takes on"
Pabs From Everett
"People need to jump

in the way back machine to

get that reference"
"This would affect the

Creek game I will update if

I hear anything"
"them other chicks are

superficial but i know

you know i'm the one"
"I thought you didn't

like getting on your phone when

you're out with you friends"
"I honestly need

to do something to my hair

but don't feel like it"
"So far the reasons

I've seen people leave Islam

for is pork and wind"
"What's the tea between

israel and palestine

why are they feuding"
Carlo Mathiesen
"And how many Deaths

and Murders are YOU and Bill

"Imagine of Chief

Keef never happened I don't

think I'd be the same"
"once they stop talking

to u they'll most likely start

talking about u"
"I don't listen to

your mouth I listen to your

heart then i believe"
Vishal J Sudan
"Respected Modi

ji please listen to her voice

and do the needful"
Fat Belly Nenye
"Mine is killing me

Ah I had to nearly crawl

out of the office"
"by any chance will

you be showing up In Star

Trek Picard Say Yes"
Connie Mick
"Poverty Studies

student who thinking about

dental care for all"
"I'm gonna need all

my bad bitches to read this

and understand this"
"when will y'all upload

funny story to iTunes

i need to edit"
"As you accomplish

your goals someone is surely

watching over you"
"If the Raptors don't

win tomorrow everyone

gonna look stupid"
"because every

time we talk i fall in love

all over again"
"i am so nervous

on what's about to happen

this upcoming week"
"The power is still

out at my job Guess who has

a four day weekend"
Cassandra Punchaghast
"I have only punched

the Dread Wolf once and it was

no doubt well deserved"
"The sun is shining

The breeze is blowing it looks

to be quite a day"
Gina de Miranda
"We should invest in

our people and our

country and not war"
"dogmatic tending

to force one's own opinions

on other people"
Stephanie Capak
"A daughter should not

have to beg her father for

a relationship"
"Very sad to hear

the tragedy of Surat

fire accident"
Chloe Harris
"So not ready to

go back to work tomorrow

after two weeks off"
"Kinda wanna go

natural to see how long

my hair will grow out"
"Had to reschedule

my sleep study for tonight

and I'm so nervous"
"Don't understand how

people hated Triumphant

it's a fucking bop"
"Anytime I braid

my hair and I don't feel pain

I get suspicious"
"If someone tells you

You can't they really mean I

can't Sean Stephenson"
Jarrell Lockhart
"There's always that one

person that can make you smile

even when you're Mad"
"We're so sorry to

hear this happened to you No

show should end like this"
Thomas C. Embry
"I think I'm only

attracted to women in

the medical field"
Miah Hernandez
"Didn't expect that

one grabe Never doubt yourself

talaga thanks G"
"Good morning Dream big

Work harder Dreams don't come true

without the hard work"
"Usually the

question I ask just before

I punch the mirror"


Erwin Schrodinger
"People praise me for

my english skills But I was

raised bilingual so"
Takesha Howard
"Coffee Shop Friday

Morning Business Call Is In

Presentation Mode"
"I keep forgetting

I went to Miami in

February lol"
The Pagans S.O.H
"Tune in Always a

top top show and gives unsigned

bands the BEST support"
"The video is

already funny but their

reactions are GOLD"
"I naively thought

I'm already not as much

sad as before but"
Jack Roberts-McKay
"If Boris Johnson

becomes PM I'm out bro

miss me with that shit"
"People do not care

how much you know until they

know how much you care"
"All endeavors must

make sense before I pursue

them wholeheartedly"
"I'm so exhausted

I'm scared to go back to sleep

not wake up for work"
Jonas Anker Studio
"A great pleasure in

life is doing what people

say you cannot do"
"A gate keeper I

need to see this never heard

this man's name before"
ale misses bts
"thunderstorm and i

don't wanna even go out

today what the fuck"
"literally my

eyes hurt so bad and my mind

is in the space bye"
Mr. Collective
"Creating is not

just a talent but it can

become a business"
Lord Monckton Bot
"the stupid melon

zinnias good beige dumb you

conservatives be"
"And then people say

that racism is not a

problem anymore"
"i've been avoiding

history since then to keep

myself together"
Monster Ceilidh Band
"Here's another live

video from a new track

called Quantum Stumble"
"He's pouting because

no one came over to eat

night breakfast with him"
"I hate myself for

not realizing she was

in lemonade mouth"
"Siri show me the

most accurate metaphor

for the last three years"
"Is school light going

to stop playing hide and seek

But this current though"
Jenn Neal
"I honestly thought

it was the spotlight flashing

on the goalie lol"
Muse Lyrics & Facts
"Uno is the first

single by Muse The title

means one in Spanish"
"My twitter account

had been giving me a hard

time but I'm back now"
Professor Moral
"Among the ones I

was intending to save was

you Inspector Art"
"wow what a surprise

ANOTHER liar in trump

Basilton Grimm-Pitch
"I'm sorry who As

you can see I'm enjoying

the life called single"
"Talking to an old

friend makes you realize how

much your life has changed"
Eunnie {soft}
"another really

high pain day I'm gonna try

to go back to sleep"
"Friday prayer yet they're

so disconnected what a

fucking scripted joke"
Britton D. Chalamet
"I definitely

need a dream analysis

done from last night Lord"
"Amen yeah give her

an intervention it is

needed very much"
I Am Incorrigible FCA MAAT
"Yes but only as

he's being led away to

face the firing squad"
"Final exams done

can't actually believe

I've finished uni"
"over the air sounds

good now welcome back ladies

and gentlemen and"
Will A. Zeppeli
"The waves created

by the Ripple are the same

as waves of sunlight"
"Imagine going

out and not taking it too

far every time"
dr.fatima mohmed
"The hardest thing to

do is watch the one you love

loving someone else"
"imagine if we

were able to purchase these

for everyday use"
"Don't let someone who

has done nothing tell you how

to do anything"
"loving you wasn't

fun because i was so wild

and you were so numb"
Vilas Davda
"Who is going to

Rape your mother and daughter

your wife your sister"
"No power of hell

no scheme of man can ever

pluck me from His hands"
"I pray every

person who voted for him

gets what they deserve"
"She means betray The

tears are that she didn't stitch

us up totally"
"My mind races from

the time I wakeup till the

time I go to sleep"
"But really guys this

is very disgusting Say

the truth you know it"
"Who cares about clear

skin Who cares about a new

phone I want high grades"
"Sometimes we never

could understand why some things

begin then just end"
Delta Phoenicis
"Theresa May will

never resign in May she

will do that in June"
"Theresa May and

her crocodile Tears her speech

was self centered CRAP"
Michael J. Smith
"Today was one hell

of a day I hope all of

summer is like this"
"If Boris Johnson

becomes PM we are all

absolutely FUCKED"
"Dude my longest and

most fun stream ever World Cup

solos tomorrow"
william // stan account
"Carly Rae Jepsen

is literally the best

pop artist ever"
"Y'all just never learn

huh let me sit back and see

how this one plays out"
"a girl w

quality box braids a girl

w a wig"
Licornia we gone patreon now
"After the kofi

sketches I'll draw one of the

brides please vote which one"
"hope u realize

and regret it every

moment of your life"
"what am i supposed

to do when the best part of

me was always you"
Shitty Rock Lyrics
"Hey now sketchy cat

feel the anger Never swing

and strut Hey oh yeah"
asian persuasion
"My other account

got suspend so I'm back on

this one for gaming"
"i fall asleep soon

as i get to my boyfriend

house every time"
"Company is the

most soothing let's turn down the

lights and have a chat"
"There are only two

times I want to be with you

Now and forever"
"Nothing goes without

a answer you have to be

open to receive"
"I have a mixture

of emotions and like I

don't know what to do"
"Waiting for the next

few days to pass is gonna

really fucking long"
Sanity Clause QC
"Cometh the hour

cometh the man Chris Grayling

for Prime Minister"
"Will he ever learn

They just wanted a story

Very proud of you"
"Imam Ali as

never burned gay people stop

lying you dumb hoe"
"Who else hasn't used

the word period I find

it so annoying"
"Price seriously

tho what I gotta do to

get a follow back"
"I can't be happy

if I keep on comparing

myself to others"
"whatever you do

never give up on me don't

leave me at my worst"
"I'm bringing shame to

this family every

day I can feel it"
"everytime this tweet

comes up on my timeline i

get fucking annoyed"
Miryx @Hiatus+Ramadan
"maybe i can wake

up early again and draw

more of the good stuff"
"I really miss my

friends It's getting so lonely

out here in zona"
"Patience is when you're

supposed to be mad but you

choose to understand"
"FAITH is taking the

first step even when you don't

see the whole staircase"
"Oh let's not forget

my dad mentioned he met up

with her Saturday"
"I audition for

my first musical next week

so that's cool I guess"
"I always gotta

have shorts on or im not gone

be comfortable"
"Imagine Lennon

doing this after Celtic

winning the treble"
"Can someone make a

video of doing this

and sinking right in"
"And today's voting

grievance is brought to you by

Nicola Sturgeon"
Serita Lokia
"Never wanna tell

my kids I met their dad on

social media"
"I just wanna be

at least this size again but

food is way better"
blotter f. baby
"i just wanna get

this damn tape out so we can

start the next chapter"
"even though i heard

what you might do i did t

care cause i liked you"
"this happens way to

fucking often in my life

i fucking hate it"
"I'm stabbing this thing

with tweezers as soon as I

get to a mirror"
"I should have listened

to my friends instead of my

toxic behaviors"
"Made a new twitter

Help me get the account dat

account up Follow"
"My diet hasn't

been the greatest u can see

it in my tummy"
"My intimacy

issues were caused by a few

things that were not good"
"Well there's my reason

for feeling shitty for the

rest of the summer"
"Strong people don't put

others down They lift them up

Michael P Watson"
"Lol That explains the

bigoted view point of this

privileged moron"
"i'm literally

going to pull all of my

hair out of my head"
Zachary DeWolf
"Ragin Cajun at

the other coast or banh mi

at Saigon deli"
"yoda voice coughing

up all the mucus in my

fucking lungs I am"
"Chocolate people be

having the best smiles How y'all

get them perfect teeth"
"men are trash even

though i AM one you really

deserve better sis"
"just had a mental

breakdown in the shower im

such a pussy lol"
hakuna matata
"I be sniffing them

like I really can't believe

they came outta me"
"god was so busy

making him beautiful he

forgot about me"
Markel m a r s h a l l
"Phoenix can I give

you my number let me know

how you feel cobbler"
bun-ee Lin @crush
"why am i always

so inactive in social

media platforms"


"I ain't begging for

no shit Too much energy

for me to waste boo"
"I always wonder

how people discover they

can do things like this"
Ca$h Bandicoot
"Showed love before I

saw the loyalty I gave

em too much credit"
"Grace is not something

that you earn or deserve it

is a divine gift"
"Steve lacy really

just blessed my whole entire

life with this album"
flat earth rem
"i see the sadness

in your eyes close them for once

it's ok to cry"
"If you really bout

it then yeah Gotta put in

the effort and time"
"I like hematite

It's pitch black and can't be dyed

by other colors"
"Ladies spark ya man

if he's a caveman bring him

up higher in thought"
L. C. Douglas
"I have never seen

a man claim to be so rich

but scared to show it"
PixieFelixpls see
"I really do feel

annoying and like half of

you have me muted"
"Defend my name when

im not around instead of

gossiping with them"
"Signs and symbols in

your face you gone act on that

shit or ignore it"
"I don't wanna be

bothered for the rest of the

week by nobody"
Atone The Underdog
"Chicago huh Looks

like I need to pack my things

and buy some fur coats"
"studying sorry

pal I'm letting Jesus take

the wheel on this one"
"a lot of people

have never worked retail or

service and it shows"
Jeyne Westerling Deserved Better
"might fuck around and

ignore replies in favor

of panic attacks"
"There's an incident

between Malaysia players

Wishing him okay"
"they're not going to

give you the attention and

clout puss fuck off please"
Sierra Gamecho
"life is easy when

ur pretty and this is why

i am struggling"
"me spending money

on my friends vs spending

money on myself"
"The worst part about

junior sport is parents In

general All sports"
"i barely talk to

anybody so if i

talk to you congrats"
bint kevin durag ibn 2k
"if y'all braided your

beards in a protective style

maybe they'd connect"
"the future belongs

to those who believe in the

beauty of their dreams"
Tiara Miles
"Trying to date is

hard when your a single mom

who works all the time"
"You cannot go to

the River without seeing

somebody you know"
"Double shot at love

with Vinny and Pauly D

Fuck it I'll watch it"
"a friend is someone

who knows all about you and

still loves you jane five"
"Too many people

fucked up from stuff they never

handled from their past"
"You're never gonna

be there for me and that hurts

more than anything"
"Whoever seen me

hit the curb I am sorry

you had to see that"
"my last tweet didn't

make any sense don't mind me

i'm too excited"
Louie Campos
"This idiot is

turning this country into

a shit hole country"
"thanks for not breaking

up before releasing where

do broken hearts go"
"Sorry something bad

happened while loading this Tweet

Thank you anyway"
"They better finish

the job or I got hours

of slander ready"
"she a major wide

pussy hoe if she owns a

Vashya / Minayuka
"Always give me a

Brand new Beat Reborn Listen

to the Stereo"
"So used to being

lied to this shit don't even

phase me anymore"
"I like mister horse

I also like pretending

to be mister horse"
iann trochett
"First time going to

Whiskeys in a really long

time let's get it lol"
dream girl...
"leave Raven alone

she minds her business n don't

bother nobody"
"my future husband

better be ready to have

a gay rat wedding"
Brady J. Brown
"the Sacramento

sound guy needs to take deep breath

Less is more brother"
"Does anyone know

any tips on how to cope

with chronic migraines"
"When you follow two

people on Twitter that broke

up y'all the worst lol"
"I'm from Dallas where

we say what you on instead

of what you doing"
"Siri show me an

account I should block and mute

Francesca Pohl
"are you guys going

to open a Wahlberg in

Memphis or Dallas"
Pradeep Deshpande
"And many PM

candidates did not even

contest elections"
x- Tom Thaickal
"My Gatorade glows

in the dark I don't think that's

supposed to happen"
Mike Levine
"Sorry I missed this

live news conference I was

raking the forest"
"they definitely

do but I'm not in it cause

them females petty"
Robyn Sordelett
"I cannot even

with this systemic approach

to equality"
"when you walk into

class and realize you're just

watching a movie"
"Raptors came and beat

the bucks at home damn series

just about over"
j / i disappear at times but mostly active
"thinking about it

the picture of ben platt in

the lesley gore shirt"

eats all the Beauty in a

Person Don't Feed it"
Alex Hamilton
"Actually took

the effort to turn on a

basketball game wow"
Karelly Topete
"Have ever eaten

so many potato chips

that your mouth gets dried"
"Y'all wanna know what's

funny i think I found my

sole mate already"
Peter Wolff
"I cannot believe

we have allowed rebounding

to be our crutch"
"i literally

just open the message and

forget to text back"
"Stomach flat Skin clear

Stress free Making Money ITS

Aaron Kavinsky
"My biggest problem

is I am hungry but I

am lazy to eat"
"legends except the

only woman who belongs

there should be halsey"
"hey baby you looked

amazing the other day

I love you so much"
"It's hilarious

how serious he is white

people crack me up"
"Yet another thing

Tom Brady is better at

than Aaron Rodgers"
Bede Livingston
"The placements are as

they are Yours is the record

I am waiting for"
LeeAnne Schroeder
"Finally got some

pictures of the hummingbird

He sure is fast lol"
jerry zwecher
"the only stable

genius I know is mr

Ed the talking horse"
"Got a big bottle

of wine and I'm about to

paint the night away"
"India how I

identify that your stem

cell man is not fake"
"I'm anything but

a hero but maybe I

could help if you want"
"It was today when

I discovered my love for

sweet potatoe fries"
"sorry I look so

bad but I had to show off

I graduated"
"Almost pooped until

I realised there was no

toilet paper Phew"
"Is he having a

concert and watching the game

at the same time Lol"
"please Secure Team has

never mislead us Put them

back on the payroll"
Percy /Comms OPEN
"Does anyone know

where to get dice molds from I

have an idea"
#BrewCrew (26-19) #BucksIn6
"Middleton being

off hurts us so bad He's so

important for us"
"Someday you will look

back and know exactly why

it had to happen"
"Apparently it's

abortion week Kinda like

shark week kinda not"
Teazer Totodile
"New idea let's

make a mod on aw where the

atlas can no scope"
I Wish I Was A Bot Sometimes
"Great idea A

gun toting Republican

woman Bring it on"
"Amor be in her

own lil world don't be paying

me no attention"
Edith "DREAM ACT NOW" Salvatore
"Because teachers need

second jobs If only all

of them paid that well"
"Nothing aggravates

me more than when someone smacks

their lips while they eat"
"I don't even have

enough fucks for those two to

even give a shit"
"allow the stars to

remind you why the darkness

is necessary"
"Where'd everybody

go Hime hasn't gotten her

eggs fertilized yet"
"y'all should've given

up on archie the second

he fucked his teacher"
Sudharshan Toshiyuki
"Baked to perfection

Idea Agent I sip

water quite slowly"
"Here's how Google knows

in less than five minutes if

someone is a knob"
"Surround yourself with

people with good mindsets good

intentions good vibes"
Famous Conville
"Me personally

that shit sexy A smooth ass

is beautiful tho"
"The manga for this

was fantastic I still want

to watch the movie"
"I really pray that

all my efforts and hard work

pay off at the end"
Its Drooooo!!!
"Y'all ever just pull

up to your spot and sit in

your car me right now"
"If only my mom

made half of the recipes

she shares on Facebook"
"i miss bernie so

much already i hope you're

having a good day"
Thyare Forsythe
"I forgot I was

craving nachos the other

day T T its back"
"Ladies dead ass be

looking at the pictures us

dudes like on the gram"
"My boxers would look

so much better wet Coke rub

yourself over them"
"ever since i left

my ex money getting long

bag getting BIGGER"
Sister Old Macdonald
"I demand proper

justice and faking a crime

IS a felony"
"Definitely Not

Forcing No Relationships

With Anybody"
"My question is If

she panty black but down dey

not fat What to do"
Excuses excuses
"My relationship

with my cat prevented me

from teaching the class"
hannah talley
"Extra innings in

the first super regional

game incredible"
"I love sitting in

the sauna It's like practice

for burning in hell"
bucko - bris stan acc
"me wanting a cute

layout vs me wanting

to keep this header"
"I think briana

is excited because she's

getting my tv"
Derick Vision Prince
"Hoping to see you

move to LA I'm Following

in just a few months"
"I promise this is

going to be the best tour

of the century"
"hello beautiful

my name is john and i will

like to know you more"
"Some marriages are

made in heaven but so are

thunder and lightning"
Jeremy Cevallos
"Back in Houston for

a couple days and I miss

a lot about it"
"didn't even text

me really could have gotten

into some trouble"
leyenda de concha
"I need to become

consistent with my workout

and meal prep diet"
nitsi | held brendons hand & saw the jonas bros


"i have never heard

about that book ever in

my entire life"
"ok i'm hopping

off to take a shower i'll

be back probably"
"Ok ya got me

I want lunch meat and cheese to

go with it also"
A1xanDez The Great
"Everybody wants

it Everybody needs it

Everybody eat"
"how do i renew

my subscription I just topped

up my grab wallet"
"this move is about

to be the best and worst thing

to happen to me"
"Teaching kids is great

why the right simple words that

need to be written"
chaotic lawful
"his happiness is

so contagious i smiled the

whole time watching this"
"I don't understand

why people love people who

aren't good for them"
"i finally have

my own person for me that's

mines like really mine"
"you're supposed to be

on my side but you're always

talking down on me"
"honestly what have

i got to lose if i'm not

around anymore"
"I cant believe it

They just placed us under a

tornado warning"
"i'm just going to

pretend I no longer have

a birthday thanks y'all"
SSB Hookup Bot
"Wolf Luma go to

Port Town Aero Drive for a

squishy power fuck"
"the beautiful words

are carried by the wind the

actions are worth more"
12th house shawty
"The postal service

is a great band to dance to

while also crying"
Branden Pulleyblank
"No homo but I'd

really like to kiss Kylie

Jenner on the cheek"
"It be having a

lil twang to it unless she

fresh out the shower"
"Anybody can

recommend any resorts

in Puerto Rico"
azia the ally
"i am going to

attempt to build a website

from scratch pray for me"
"I didn't workout

today but I will be back

at it tomorrow"
"Whoever did my

yard last week my grass growing

back can y'all come back"
Dyl Carter...
"These badly behaved

kids are dragging a senior

citizen No chill"
ProXDiamonds and 857 others
"Literally the

only good thing to happen

to this game in months"
coffee e-girl
"Damn someone just said

princess and I looked up I

need to calm my tits"
"in order to be

happy you have to let go

of expectations"
"It's okay to grow

and do good but it's a way

to go about it"
Amy Liddell
"Sometimes I get sad

and then I remember the

jelly in my fridge"
Amber Leigh Smith

LIVE NOW Come see new Amber

Christy and Patrick"
"Baby it's gone be

a glorious day when I

get this number changed"
"I'm neither a glass

half full or half empty I

always drink it all"
"Watching people chase

me for months and weeks just to

I don't even know"
"Dear disturbingly

audible men at the gym

while lifting weights Why"
Ghostwriter BLK SIREN
"detects the slightest

change in interactions My

over thinking ass"
"Couldn't I step back

in time Back to the time when

you give me a hug"
"Anybody got

some groups they can add me in

on Twitter only"
"I love my baseball

team and I'm keeping the faith

but holy moly"
"Parker McKenna

needs to touch up her acting

or is it just me"
"Apartment hunting

I hate moving but it's time

Back to the city"
"That Highway crash in

Final Destination was

just too fucking much"
zhai :o] misses ross
"i also mean like

the restaurant not just a

general cookout"
"I need acrylics

back ASAP cause I

keep scratching myself"
"when a woman has

you under her spell you may

as well embrace it"
"y'all really need to

get on audrey mika cause

this girl is so good"
Peter Malone
"We took the advice

maybe we should of went up

or down i don't know"
"Don't matter I just

want all my girls to have a

brother before them"
"Battle Rap Twitter

Who is your fave and what is

their best and worst bar"
"So many trips planned

with my boo and I've never

been so excited"
Adrian Archila
"Aye so who's gonna

watch Rick and Morty with me

when it starts again"
"Am I the only

one that like to listen to

slow jams in the gym"
"bitches be having

so much to say knowing all

bitches can get beat"
"really debating

if i should get bangs to hide

my big ass forehead"
"my sweet angel brought

the sun out for us today

rest in paradise"
"I really need to

attend another show at

Red Rocks this summer"
"Flight got cancelled and

Grandma wanted to claim a

corner for the night"
"After I wipe my

rear with it does it absorb

the smell and the stain"
"I'm damn near really

done w Jackson til

graduation day"
brian day
"If the Manchester

police did this it should be

texas school book suppository
"oh wow those people

just have a tank on their front

yard i understand"
"spilled a little creamed

ice on my shirt on my way

to the coffee shop"
"Just played Life Without

a Cage Adrian Belew

Twang Bar King Island"
Dortroit Lorbs
"We hope the Detroit

Labs hack project has almost

come to life this time"
"Today is my last

day smoking and I put that

on my papa grave"
"Pompeo just rubs

me the wrong way Bolton too

A couple of crooks"
Rebecca Lindsay
"Just wanna feel some

type of happiness again

sick of being sad"
"I'll compromise if

I have to I gotta stay

with the family"
Chase Harof
"Truly thankful for

those I'm surrounded by and

a daily basis"
megs ; nsfr
"im marrying an

amazing friend who is a

legend in the world"
"My co worker gave

me money to get my nails

done she's the sweetest"
"I know my mother

didn't just ask me what EYE

was cooking girl bye"
"I should upload my

videos to twitter I

get more views here lol"
Say Less CNote
"Got my twitter back

now it's time to get all this

spam shit off my page"
"if ur a veggie

tails fan like this tweet this is

the age we prosper"
"Actually cant

believe whats going on right

now this is insane"
Brain Cells Not Included
"its really hard to

care about this when all I

want to do is sleep"
"I learned a lesson

you never see it coming

you just see it go"
"kevin jonas is

more superior than nick

jonas simple fact"
"Bitches that I don't

even talk too be having

my name in their mouth"
"Tyson's Foods just don't

know I'm on my last wit them

They Gone find out tho"
Jon Dewitt
"Did Em big brother

Joyner Logic and make them

work together lol"
"Between two evils

I always pick the one I

never tried before"
"I just be minding

my own little business in

my own little world"
Steven Phillip Owens
"Allow me to be

clear Ted Lieu couldn't find his

own ass with both hands"
"i just wanna spin

around in circles i'll fall

on the ground with you"
"With the weather like

this makes me wanna go for

a drive and just talk"
"Once a women is

fed up to no return then

there is NO return"
"the fuck you stealing

boxes for what you trying

to build a clubhouse"
"Only thing Nancy

is concerned about is her

next bottle of booze"
"why do i always

crush on people that live in

the U fucking K"
"Also a former

friend of mine I know for a

fact voted for Trump"
"Lol this has happened

so so many people what

a coincidence"
"Picking my car up

from the mechanics and they

lost my keys stay tuned"
Ganondorf Bot
"I have been waiting

for you boy For one like you

Yes For the hero"
"Cue Trump walking in

on Mike Pence measuring the

Oval Office drapes"
Tanner from High School
"I've been making an

intern do my work all day

Mama I made it"
Grayosaurus Meh
"And for whatever

reason Night Swimming by REM

popped into my brain"
"me casually

checking twitter when I can

Hey guys what's goin Oh"
"Checks all the boxes

Wide Receiver Small White Guy

Extremely White Name"
Reggie Cash
"People ask me why

I go to the gym To bench

press all the doubters"
Winger fan Wend
"Same happened to me

we should have to produce I

D if you ask me"
"Worst mood even I

wanna avoid myself when

I'm in a bad mood"
"when he will return

We found her restaurant where

we had a late lunch"
"I'm hungry not for

food for Blessings for Success

for the BAG for MORE"
"Never do people

how they do you just cut them

off and stay solid"
"God never gave up

on me so who am I to

give up on myself"
"No Masturbation

is a sin amen jesus

christ hallelujah"
"I be attempting

to eat tums and baby that's

another story"
Mr. Memorial Drive
"imagine herpes

bio weapon where that shit

goes INSIDE your dick"
"Update it could have

been better but this week turned

out pretty damn good"
Girl in the Big Trees
"Both ways Whatever

As long as she VOTES what's best

for US citizens"
"Is prince Eric the

reason I love dark hair light

eyes combo in guys"
pointless trash ):)
"I'm eating curry

pizza Why did no one tell

me this existed"
"Stable geniuses

don't go around saying they're

stable geniuses"
"my body Screams for

nutrition too loudly so

i must feed myself"
Green Eyed Nurse
"People truly have

a great way of making me

feel unimportant"
"I never open

my Twitter in public lol

y'all can't be trusted"
"This type of thinking

makes me think of someone I

dated before trash"
"used to tell people

i'd written hips don't lie sold

it to shakira"
Tara (again) misses BTS
"It's been raining and

storming Of course They leave and

we get bad weather"
HarVey O. TayLor
"Things Are Never What

They Seen Expect Nothing And

Except Everything"
Alan Morriss
"Bob Dylan Talking

world war three blues Good car to

drive after a war"
"I was suppose to

stop smoking till July that

shit out the window"
"Y'all gone stop acting

like me and Tyson are in

a relationship"
Casey George III
"My biggest fear is

losing My Mom that woman

is also my dad"
"the resistance is

in full effect today Whew

I am exhausted"
"Excluding Wayne Gates

is still the best rapper from

"It don't matter where

life takes us We share a Child

till the day we Die"
Grecia Velzquez
"Something in the way

you move makes me feel like I

can't live without you"
"You only get one

chance with me to prove you are

no longer solid"
"ok but do we

stan how active i am all

of a sudden lol"
TJ Giantsbane
"Joyner and Logic

dropped a song and the timeline

not cooking them yet"
"My birthday presents

to myself were buying a

bike and tickets to"
"Eating rice and stew

from the pot after you let

it burn a little"
"clay pots injure salt

shakers injure therefore salt

shakers are clay pots"
Cariema Wood
"Someone's going to

let me borrow their bike this

summer It's too nice"
"it's that moment where

we'll see if pat will ever

wake up from my calls"
"fasting living by

yourself and not knowing how

to cook is soo hard"
"How is everyone

doing today It's good to

smile once in a while"
"undercover cop

in the west driving in a

white Dodge Durango"
Khawla Shukor
"I want to study

debates between atheists

and Muslim preachers"
Heather Dibblee
"Can I pre order

it right now It's going to

be incredible"
peanut arbuckle
"don't believe me just

watch cool thing to say before

sucking your own dick"
Gemma Grant
"Honestly fucking

devastated the Big Bang

theory is finished"
"You'll never ever

expect how God is making

better plans for you"
Michael J Kenney
"I aspire to be

as good of a human as

my dogs think I am"
"I wonder if Chris

brown ever gets tired of

making the same song"
"I got that money

I'm running it up and I

been putting it up"
"When old man Jenkins

said i don't wanna be a

burden i felt that"
"I'd prefer oral

argument in June but I

can live with July"
"I'll allow you to

unearth who I am until

then I'm nobody"
Goat of Sin
"I wanted to be

more active here but Neo

"super need to go

workout super don't wanna

work out by myself"
"Getting to that point

where I'm so exhausted I

feel delusional"
"females only say

you look like a hoe cause they

think you attractive"
Marathon OG
"This sounds awfully

familiar except with a

tie in the record"
"I hate letting out

my vulnerability

and getting none back"
"in the future we

will all live in shopping carts

and be proud of it"
"effort to listen

effort to learn effort to

grow effort to change"
"took a step outside

and mass murdered a ton of

snails and now im sad"
"Too funny I just

saw a license plate that said

Ryan Spilborghs
"That's amazing Takes

a lot of scouts and coaches

for that to happen"
"it literally

wasn't all that of a show

at all that is why"
"I wanna be one

of those people who loses

weight when they're pregnant"
"Internet do ya

thing and cancel this bitch P

L E A S E"
taejah smith
"this is the exact

kind of ignorance that makes

people extremists"
"I really want to

go to universal or

great America"
"people disappoint

me more and more and more and

more and more each day"
Joseph the Broken
"i'm spelling shit wrong

all day i think i'm having

a slow release stroke"
"Is it better to

be slaughtered by a lion

or killed by a man"
(F)Izuku Midoriya
"Gonna take a break

from events now Getting a

little burned out now"
"actual can't see

her as anything other

than Frankie from skins"
"LIFE aka Being

born parents should have flexed that

abortion option"
"Everything feels like

it's been in retrograde and

it's not amazing"
"living in a huge

house by a river with a

dock sounds enchanting"
"weirdos why do u

guys wanna see their bodies

that fucking badly"
beth reney moreland
"If miley Cyrus

comes as Hannah Montana

My life will be made"
"Before you nights hopped

off the porch I was trapping

gone ask my momma"
Richie Amezcua
"Sara Huckabee

Sanders is nothing but a

fat ass cockeyed cow"
"No dialogues with

Pakistan except when they

speak nice about ME"
"Why do talk about

hating Liars but being

the main ones lying"
"everything that I

write is a note to self note

to God note to you"
Haven Werner
"Is he going to

go partner up with Party

Poker now as well"
Tu papacito
"Ion need a gun

when I'm with you because u

my heavy metal"
"date night tomorrow

w my man to see

the new Aladdin"
"People will still find

a way to say we don't play

anyone ROLL TIDE"
"I finally met

someone who holds a pencil

the same way as me"
"B Dick after u

breakup with a joint do u

still keep fucking them"
"Why I'll never trust

a female period Love

my baby but still"
"I hear screaming in

the basement I think it's Blast

I hope they're ok"
"New hardware and new

data sets And I didn't

get you anything"
"Some people don't like

how confident you are they

be mad and jelly"
"Hey Twitter how do

you find a sugar mama

Asking for a friend"
"Are you looking at

life as your cup half empty

or your cup half full"
"mo from lemonade

mouth performing she's so gone

was so hot of her"
"You only know you

love her when you let her go

and you let her go"
Calgon Targaryen
"Roasting pan and a

whole lot of baking stuff Oh

does a new grill count"
Final Showdown
"They don't care about

Americans it will be

their own undoing"
Cosmic Cam
"I'm ready to get

off work I need a nap I

feel tired today"
"I'm lost inside my

own world that I don't even

understand my self"
"Got an overdue

assignment AND I CANT FIND

"I like whatever

flight gonna get me there just

in time for check in"
sc: blakeinda.cut
"My feelings getting

hurt turn me into a real

dangerous person"
Tim R. McAdams
"Words alone don't prove

Loyalty Loyalty is

Displayed through Actions"
"I Be Sleep Until

Its Actually Time For

Me To Go To Sleep"
a portly drow in a top hat
"If anyone knows

of some good headphones I can

buy please I'm all ear"
"A game about an

orgy of Paddy Scott and

Alex Hamilton"
"i just wanna get

fucked in front of mirror is

that too much to ask"
Decency-Ella Media Solution
"If you wait until

you're ready you'll be waiting

the rest of your life"
"You ever have an

uneasy feeling of what

the future may hold"
[__ord $tark$
"OH WOW Rihanna

is open to a threesome

That's no problem b"
Carlos Rivers
"I wanna be like

your morning coffee always

the first thing you do"
"luke keeps drinking my

Taco Bell mild sauce packets

and i am concerned"
"Regan battalion

is a Jewish trick Jokes It's

just jokes everyone"
"i finished watching

go back couple yesterday

it was really good"
"you followed me on

your old account I hope you

follow back again"
"I just wanna shoot

pool and eat when I get off

but all of you suck"
"I'm gonna be a

mom too The Gay Agenda

is in full effect"
"taking a quick lunch

break ill startup again in

an hour or so"
"me and myself wish

you nothing but a happy

new version of you"
"I been feeling so

pretty with no makeup the

last couple of days"
"Why does every

organ in my body feel

like it's shutting down"
"Baby come back You

can blame it all on Spider

Man And not me PLEASE"
"Then you gotta be

like nah fuck that fuck you cause

you wasn't worth it"
"Changing my diet

is so hard I could eat a

platter EVERYDAY"
"We've gotten stuck in

a junior high forever

time loop haven't we"
"I really fucking

hate the drone challenges in

this Spider Man game"
"This is the second

time this week someone tells me

I was in their dream"
"The most stressful day

ever ya Allah grant me

with patience and strength"
"imagine going

through life thinking poe and finn

aren't THE space gays"
"i just wanna talk

to Naomi Campbell and

ask her about life"
"im doing better

at logic programming i

gotta ace this test"
"I hate driving on

Hollywood Blvd it's

such a cluster fuck"
Shayek SRAhmed
"He hasn't got a

clue has he Just doing it

for his own pocket"
"Normally I would

disagree but I think he's

right about this one"
Maggie Nay
"I'm a bitch waiting

on an asshole to pay his

child support years old"
"A werewolf but like

the tiny one the rest of

the pack breeds that's me"
"Bernie is toast And

toast is delicious Pass the

apple butter y'all"
"My baby sister

finally graduating

from Grady High School"
"If a woman says

she is gay then please respect

that leave her alone"
Samuel Mararo
"Can't believe you are

no more buddy I feel like

needle through my heart"
"Thanks for taking time

out of your nap to help me

in my time of need"
Brittany Uzzell
"Anyone wanna

road trip to Arkansas with

me for the weekend"
"Ohio's potholes

are different than any

other states potholes"
"I have a feeling

if I ever do this I'd

probably pass out"
June 1st Rollin on freshNight
"Why do i settle

for women that force me to

pic up the pieces"
"hence why it's better

to start with a hence why at

the end of the page"
"These dreams are crazy

I been having lately What's

going on with me"
You Don't Know Until
"Sweet summer child You

don't know until you've had a

"Abuse of Power

Primary these Parasites

out of Office Now"
"Elections feeling

like a season finale

where the bad guy dies"
kippi la'rae
"I like when money

makes a difference but don't

make you different"
"I have to update

today too guess I'll do that

after the dentist"
"I've been dealing with

blood and bodily fluids

for the last few days"
Still a Beach Kid
"I need to connect

with all the OU Alum in

"Sorry in advance

for all the snaps and texts I'll

send out this weekend"
"We Admire you for

taking our Nation at

Another Level"


"Honestly seeing

Leeds Fest mates before Leeds fest

is incredible"
"Wow A loyal and

faithful brother There's still good

people in the world"
"Does anyone else

feel xtra hungry after

taking a shower"
"i'm always shopping

for my house I don't even

buy clothes anymore"
"My stomach turned just

watching Definitely on

the bucket list tho"
whatever it takes
"But viewing the world

in the worst way is the way

I've always done things"
"Storm's coming Better

buckle up buttercup You

just flipped my bitch switch"
"I honestly think

the Mario rose water

stray makes me break out"
"When you already

know something and someone flat

out lies to your face"
Anthony James
"Trying to have a

quickie during medieval

times must have been FUCKED"
"I really wish my

grandma was around it feels

so dark and lonely"
"the darkest of days

one of my classmates used to

call me Ed Hardy"
sto the last [Hot Boy]. (Taste Creators)
"gonna be talking

about Networking on here

today at noon EST"
"this is me shedding

all my toxic behaviors

and belief systems"
"nothing is in plain

site except your fake smile food

in your teeth and lies"
Mrs. John Morgan supports Trump
"Poor old demon she

keeps rambling and trembling

and saying nothing"
"I don't understand

what the Louisiana

coastline did to you"
"I wanna hug you

until I no longer know

which heart beat is mine"
"Good morning Michelle

Thank you for the follow Have

a beautiful day"
"Evan Felker is

the greatest song writer in

real country music"
"My barber will push

the hairline back regardless

so I ain't tripping"
"I could never hug

someone and smell like must I'm

always smelling good"
Aaron Sawdey
"Corollary to

there is always a tweet It's

always projection"
"I think he wanna

dippy the tippy then put

it on my lippy"
"Impossible task

to pick one but Water Runs

Dry comes first to mind"
Evez #YesToEquality
"First of many more

to come Thanks for gathering

us all tonight Doc"
"I am listening

English Oh iPhone suggests

making sentences"

don't make you nice at wat you

do perfect your craft"
"i just wanna thank

you again for giving us

portraits because dAMN"
Konta Husky
"Today is the best

day ever I got belly

rubs and I love them"
"I stay having to

push my hair appointments im

always working bra"

sir thanks for all win credit

given to public"
"O Father tells us

to be observant and to

tell him everything"
Hitman right?
"Going to London

makes me forget how stunning

the countryside is"
Laura Elizabeth Barnes

I fear the human race would

have died out by now"
"Roses radical

red crocuses honeydew

be sweet and so on"
"again he doesn't

need to get close as long as

he has metal on"
"Love is poison yes

a sweet poison But it will

kill you all the same"
"The money spent on

tutoring services it

was all worth it tho"
"follow Him and be

willing to let go of what

he asks to let go"
"thinking abt how ill

never be able to see

modern baseball live"
"I'm listening to

the best song on rep what am

I listening to"
"leave a trace below

if you want to be followed

from my side account"
"Am I the only

one happy no politics

on tv today"
"Lola by The Kinks

comes to mind every time

we I hear of this"
"Not gonna lie this

promotion feels pretty damn

nice On the come up"
"acoustic version

this information hasn't

really hit me yet"
"Get the ribbons out

we just got recognized for

James Bond Gold
"I always feel that

I have to talk You always

feel the need to think"
"I believe they're in

Whale Lagoon too Someone on

my stream mentioned them"
"catch me in monty

today looking like a drunk

dad on vacation"
"Faking your death is

some corny shit Over a

woman Come on son"
"i really thought i

could do my eyeliner in

this bumpy car ride"
"Everyone have a

nice day even this guy lol

you need it buddy"
pro-mind your lur biness
"Somebody who planned

to go found out at prom they

wasn't invited"
francesca messina
"How early is too

early to be completely

checked out for the day"
"im giving the same

energy i get whether

you like it or not"
"Don't worry you will

congratulate very soon

Prime Minister to"
"Maybe this rain will

actually help me be

productive today"
Dr Onyii with a double i
"I never block the

men that give great head I may

withdraw but won't block"
the chief has spoken.
"We made tacos last

night and I can't wait to fuck

up the rest tonight"


Carlos Camacho
"People and Mother

Nature are scary And you

can't control either"
Melanie Kengni.
"Climb the mountain so

you can see the world not so

the world can see you"
"fuck everyone else

my dad said he proud of me

that's all that matters"
"It's never enough

when you go out of your way

to obstruct justice"
"You're very pretty

and I like you a lot So

I'll do it for you"
Aaron Everson
"I love when money

make a difference but don't

make you different"
"I been going to

bed early and waking up

feeling great lately"
Michael Brakefield
"Looking forward to

serving people and bringing

value to their lives"
"If you don't receive

the same efforts you give out

lose that constant b"
Persian Persuasion


"Those who eat swallow

with forks think they are elite

that's because we are"
chipotle southwest
"I had taco bell

yesterday and I gagged i'm

sorry everyone"
"I'm not a stalker

I'm just at the same places

as you are always"
"Oops Misread this as

healthy owner put down to

be buried with dog"


world is minecraft
"Jack consistently

dresses like he's about to

rob a Burger King"
"I already have

the song memorized my brain

is programmed for this"
"Kids so annoying

when they wake up crying and

shit Just wake up damn"
"Yes caress him show

home appreciation let

him know you love him"
"Gratitude is the

secret for happiness wake

up and be Thankful"
"i literally

have no idea what cross

country skiing is"
"It's like every

week I'm suffering to make

it to the weekend"
"In a moment of

feeling defeat I still have

not been defeated"
Edward James
"I really will try

my best to be like this if

I have a daughter"
carol susan jane danvers
"Nat is not only

not but is cute caring and

do need to say more"
"I need a fucking

car ASAP Marta

gets on my damn nerves"
"facebook for business

literally gets worse and

worse absolute joke"
Heightened Senses
"What a lonely night

lol Oh internet what would

I do without you"
'' Byrd Slayer ''
"Oh wow DON'T EVEN

KNOW HER but I just fell in

"Who else is tired

of the one day attention

received on birthdays"
zanetta's zaddy
"Never pick up a

fight with someone you are not

sure you can defeat"

sir Best wishes to you for

successful tenure"
The Heart of Love
"I still remember

all the sweet things you said they

keep me up at night"
Alvaro Gonzalez