"Damn almost shot my

shot Glad I didn't Would of

looked like a fool lol"
"Has Hardin swore yet

in the stuff you've already

filmed for this movie"
"My parents really

say that the only ones who

care are my brothers"
"could easily be

a nice person and you still

chose to be the worst"
Helena Wolf Ortiz
"Writing is all I

do less I create more of

all that is myself"
"Didn't someone teach

you When you leave what you have

You can't take it back"
"Praying for you to

make a mark bro and show the

world what you can do"
"Ready for the fall

This mini bulk gonna be

something serious"
talabat im outside
"You know a person

is right for u when u both

have ur own language"
"for you by tonight

alive is such a pretty

song coming from them"
"Making music would

be so lit but I don't know

how to get started"
"My uncle is so

playful now Cant be the same

guy I was scared of"
Muhammad Rizal
"The fastest way to

solve the problem is try to

improve yourself first"
"Everybody booked

I really would love feed ins

Saturday morning"
"I need a girlfriend

to play with her hair and tell

her she s pretty"
megan rapinoe stan account
"i want a super

gloss giant version of the

first pic in my house"
Adam Santoaster
"my Popeyes had no

more sandwiches some coupons

might make up for that"
"Oh yes Cicero

and the Listener he he

on the hunt He he"
"the chemicals that

make her laugh don't seem to be

working anymore"
"update they didn't

call me at all they really

didn't like me huh"
"today jeb told me

he listens to smash mouth out

of pure enjoyment"
"Im just hungry all

day since I ain't got me a

woman who can cook"
Bay Area All Stars
"In hindsight Higher

Learning was ahead of its

time It's nothing new"
Ayem De Signs
"I wonder how the

major players are living

and doing today"
"If you're reading this

right now Know that all I want

is your happiness"
"my folks really think

I'm playing about getting

a gun but I'm not"
"I'm just going to

the store to the store Im just

going to the store"
"Jordan liked my tweet

it's over for everyone

we're getting married"
"I regret putting

box braids in my hair when it's

time to take them out"
"The universe is

really testing me right now

and I don't like it"
"i can't wait until

noah get home so i can

tell him about this"
bex is excited for WWJ (38days)
"all honestly i

just need a movie night with

my friends this weekend"
"When you're down nothing

in the world can pick you up

as fast as music"
"Never thought I'd see

Connor ball Blake Richardson

and harvey today"
"He was chosen to

leave by the majority

of Americans"
1970s Football/Cricket/RL
"An your final one

the most embarrassing fart

that you ever did"
Sunbeams Are Free
"I wish he'd insist

on going and wind up in

a fisherman's bar"
"Catholic guilt tells me

I'm going to hate myself

for loving this soon"
$yrup Da Stylist.
"I'm so hungry i

don't wanna buy food nor move

to go get any"
Halas Hall 100th
"Trying to decide

what player badges to give

my player is tough"
"I shall either find

a way or make one without

that I gonna die"
"My co worker is

BIG MAD I go out to train

and eat without him"
"honestly that high

school mean girl attitude it

NEVER cute honey"
"the second one is

serious how comes no one

was loud about it"
One Small Step
"That's one selfie stick

hashtag for LeBron James one

crunk L for George Bush"
"Nope then be thinking

back like dam I ain't even

have to do all that"
"Many people sleep

on Babes chicken in Dallas

That hoe be hitting"
micaiah (stan account)
"Wow was basically

a throwaway track and it

did this his power"
"Why is nobody

even questioning why The

Slammer is on here"
"Look at how Esther

held my boy when she thought he

was going to fight"
"there's a difference

between being honest and

being straight up rude"
"Many People Won't

Understand Me But to the

ones who do Thank You"
Nathaniel J. Henke
"Financial freedom

my only hope Fuck living

rich and dying broke"
"Spicy nuggets are

so good almost as fire

as the Amazon"
"I could always take

the stress Now I'm talking pills

to escape the rest"
"Calling them cowards

is truthful but they still hurt

people How to stop"
slavoj vivec
"The endgame of my

twitter account is getting

mike to follow me"

is a mental disorder

Godless communists"
"I really don't want

to move but my connection

is ass where I stay"
"Can see it clearly

that this class is going to

be the death of me"
"Summer is over

and I didn't even get

to go to the beach"
"Hey you never know

You could be in a world I

created right now"
"I would really like

to learn how to cook but im

not sure where to start"
"may we always find

a way to make peace even

with bad memories"
"A excellent place

to have a good time while you

enjoy good music"
"i really want one

of those fuzzy carpets but

duncan will eat it"
"You pulled the trigger

because you wanted to show

me how safe I was"
"I literally

just got done brushing my teeth

and my stomach growls"
"This is horrific

Why isn't the media

talking about this"
"Does anyone know

a link to help towards the

amazon fire"
"I already know

this Popeyes location got

some fire chicken"
"I have never heard

of let alone encountered

chocolate pudding fruit"
"every day of

school just keeps getting worse How

is this possible"
"With every breath

that I take I want you to

share that air with me"
"Clutter is nothing

more than postponed decisions

Barbara Hemphill"
"Cara keeps getting

blessing in Gainesville I'm the

devils advocate"
"damn i really hate

scary movies i bit all

my acrylics off"
"Swiss roll zebra cake

and the brownie belong in

the legends section"
.le roi s'amuse
"well almost died a

couple times already so

should be a good night"
"How can I listen

to Hers without feeling like

my heart is breaking"
Luke Jones
"They hate me about

as much as they like you so

take that as you will"
"If I could only

look this good this many times

to do this challenge"
"wow I haven't had

period cramps in so long

I'm in legit pain"
Will Burton
"I have never felt

so fucking robbed and wronged in

my entire life"
Scott Conway
"Follow up to that

last tweet If reversed I'd go

Jenny McCarthy"
"Don't forget that you

can absolutely pay me

to do your homework"
Whats Big Sweetie?
"I need somebody

to take a picture of me

My outfit real cute"
"Do you ever feel

like changing your name I have

the urge to sometimes"
Vagner Oliveira
"Joel McHale and

Steve Raible Yes This is the

feed I'll listen to"
"happy I've found your

Twitter to tell you that ur

so freaking funny"
i n a _ _ Winter Bear
"Okay who is this

just someone who supports it

or an insider"
"Absolute fire

happening on the towers

tournament today"
"I ain't going no

damn where but to the other

room or the front room"
Esmeralda Espinoza
"I'm doing this shit

with out without you ain't NO

ONE holding me back"
"Fina be pussy

and ass all on the timeline

fuck who don't like it"
"so many things are

happening in a short space

of time Feel so stressed"
"staying home is no

longer fun when everyone

gets out for the day"
"I cannot deal with

another death right now Lord

protect my loved ones"
Saquon Barkley Fan Acct
"Everybody got

kids n shit I'm just trying

buy another car"
Umcia Umcia
"I finally got

my car back and I can go

to work tomorrow"
bhut'yangcaza `
"Hardly dream even

when I do I forget the

moment I wake up"
"I really want to

decorate for every

holiday this year"
james inniss
"thinking about nye

got me thinking I need to

get back in the gym"
"I have been dealing

with an issue and have NOT

receive follow up"
Lucifer Mornin' Star (Meeha_ ka janam din )
"Hey wanna be my

friend i am sure we will get

along really well"
"If you ain't loyal

to your kids you ain't loyal

to anybody"
"Okay next stop in

Cincinnati coming to

meet me and my mom"
Curious Cleffa
"I have so many

projects I want to work on

and not enough time"
"Y'all really waiting

in these long ass lines for this

damn chicken sandwich"
byederman does whatever a byeder can
"if i ever feel

better remind me to spend

some good time with you"
Kiante Ward
"loud females who reach

for attention is a big

NO humble yourself"
what would you like to hear my love
"v little beats a

snap of the beach with muted

tones ahh love love it"
"i have a tiny

face but a massive head i

look like that egg meme"
"Honest I'm sorry

you need to hear my side of

this story this time"
"I hate not knowing

girls intentions like are you

a real friend or not"
"It all started with

where is my chicken sandwich

Rest is history"
Daniel Parrott Electromancer
"Today for dinner

our daughter ate only

the meat and im Proud"
"my apple watch is

my richard millie rolex

patek all in one"
Hayden Hart
"Nothing on earth is

better than coming home to

your OWN family"
"Getting packed up and

ready to leave to school is

always bittersweet"
Dream Night Wind
"As a matter of

practice I never believe

anything The End"
"This heat is driving

me insane Like damn Just beat

me up why don't you"
Andrew Watson
"Simply beautiful

An amazing space to start

exploring Well done"
"Achieve something and

watch them all tell you that they've

been there from the start"
liz master of time
"for my birthday I

want ryan to get better

less ugly glasses"
"I'm either in MY

bag MY bed or MY business

ain't no in between"
"i really really

love josh thanks for coming to

my ted talk goodnight"
Putri Prameswara
"How to sleep faster

Decorate your bedroom to

look like a classroom"
"spring roses baby

pink italy dior pearls

blair early mornings"
GX Dub Quotes
"That's the most selfish

egotistical thing I've

ever heard Thank you"
jackie fisher
"Self care is forcing

yourself out of the house for

a solo beach day"
slim halpert.
"Wouldn't give a damn

if he was wearing a trash

bag That man is fine"
"Memories They seem

to show up so quick but they

leave you far too soon"
"Thanks for being one

of the only people here

who doesn't hate me"
"Just announced Henry

Kissinger to appear on

Dancing With the Stars"
"The figure trudged on

said Arthur desperately

Someone or something"
Pippa Akram #MarketedLive
"hey Clara thanks for

the follow Hope you're having

a great holiday"
"Had kale with dinner

for the first time ever Is

it just posh cabbage"
Sandy Bradley
"Keep fighting because

if something isn't done who

will it be next time"


I said what I said"
"HOLY SHIT Chokes on

piece of chocolate Cough cough Can

you STOP doin' that"
"Will Smith improved his

game more than any baseball

player I know of"
"you've caused a famine

in me i've never been so

hungry in my life"
Cara received a big beautiful letter!
"Is it a rumor

that Trump is the chosen one

or is that one true"
"Need to stop putting

plus onto brands to answer

innovation briefs"
"I actually

was able to get them to

reset the exam"
"He wasn't trans He

was in a relationship

with a trans woman"
"Anybody know

what app is good to use for

fantasy football"
"I almost liked this

tweet but I'm confused why you're

using the N word"
"I wonder how much

he paid the attendants to

let her on that ride"
Virtual Tiffany Trump
"Seize the day isn't

good enough Seize a week at

least and go from there"
"i just remembered

that heavy rain exists i

wish i could play it"
jade from gadsden county.
"Y'all pray over your

dorms You don't know what type of

spirits were left there"
Alan Starost
"It is never too

late to be what you might have

been George Eliot"
"selina kyle can

put the purple suit on and

punch me in the face"
"do y'all ever think

about the lengths of some of

the songs on Speak Now"
"My boyfriend has a

better bum than me and it

really annoys me"
"Recently single

people on twitter expect

a total meltdown"
"Jordan is clearly

superior to LeBron

"stop using slurs that

aren't yours to reclaim you

fucking idiots"
"Cyclists do you

prefer an uphill journey

into work or down"
"Brioche buns so good

you can literally eat

them with nothing else"
"obsessed with how you

look at me confess i will

love you endlessly"
"My mom would always

make me say this whenever

we got on the car"
Philly Greatest
"I have the perfect

build Im just confused about

the badges i need"
"No matter how hard

life gets I swear I can't give

up it in my blood"
bewildered dipshit
"I I gotta get

to work I don't have time for

this I will make time"
"Guys I'm having an

incredibly hard day I

need you to fix this"
ash || ambars day
"anyway as if

today couldn't be any

worse i'm now at work"
"Now not only do

your secrets I keep I fear

mine being published"
sylvester logan
"congrats on a great

win and love the way u played

keep up the good work"
Flicking the Vs
"I have eaten too

much tofu scramble Send help

Or a cup of tea"
"Nobody knows what

the future holds if you love

someone let them know"
"Yeah I'm not making

this mistake again Drafting

season has begun"
"Having a lot of

free time ain't as fun as y'all

think lol I be bored"
"I wanna be in

a relationship but ya

so uninteresting"
"Sometimes you log on

and twitter is so stupid

it's not even fun"
"There is nothing more

truly artistic than to

love people Van Gogh"
"i really slept through

that whole class mouth open and

all its rough out here"
"Today I learned Nick

Griffin was still a thing and

I wish I hadn't"
"Just hope everything

will be ok in the end

but feeling nervous"
"I am prying that

the first day of school would be

cancelled tomorrow"
"Not even if they

were allowed in islam i

would have a whole sleeve"
"I'm really getting

old Certain shit really don't

excite me no more"
"i'm about to see

if my dad will bring me pads

ice cream wish me luck"
"I'm In College Why

Am I Still Introducing

Myself I n Class"
Fayette Schools
"I appreciate

your leadership Mr Wright

in many levels"
Marizas Tethered
"Were the adults right

Do I actually miss

being a student"
Alfonso Cuevas
"Nothing I do is

short term I'll always be in

it for the long run"
Blessed Be The Fruit
"So apparently

the hotel I booked in New

Orleans is haunted"
"Supposedly you're

the only person who ca

stop it or cause it"
Barely Amelia
"Aisle and window seat

Also the only planned run

for the last two weeks"
"Imagine the old

songs with Taylor's actual

voice I'm here for it"
"this is heartbreaking

our planet is dying

we're destroying it"
Ex Thee Hottie
"I didn't get a

warm up before we started

speaking fluent French"
sylvester logan
"congrats on a great

win and love the way u played

keep up the good work"
"i'm working in a

different store today and

i hate it so much"
"I already know

the third picture is going

to be me next week"
"Why do people have

to make fun of glasses I

need these to see bitch"
"christ can this woman

just fuck off already she's

an absolute joke"
"My tumblr has a

lonely girl aesthetic and

I'm living for it"
"Getting so used to

not having my phone and it's

such a nice feeling"
"I've found my calling

in coffee and quad shots are

definitely IT"
Madison Niedermeyer
"If anyone that

goes to Kent wants to be my

friend that'd be cool"
Caleb Gadwah
"My excitement for

Shine got the TO fire in

me roaring again"
"Just wanna finish

out this show season and pop

up with my new build"
Aggressive Indian
"A part of Kashmir

is with Pakistan as well

What are they saying"
"Someone that enjoys

triggering people like you

Go to your safe space"
Jonathan French
"We're not just watching

the world burn we're setting it

on fucking fire"
"it sucks being hurt

so bad that you constantly

question everything"
"bullying someone

into killing themselves is

murder and it's sick"
"Is joon really the

only one w o

a drivers license"
Robin Purcell
"Scott Mason didn't

fit what they would expect of

the Gores behavior"
Corinne Marasco
"What's it going to

take for you to hop off the

Trump Gravy Train George"
"Crystal is vain and

has a bottle of honey

will they own Shelby"
California Tweets
"People only do

their best at things they truly

enjoy Jack Nicklaus"
unknown / saeran
"I can't destroy the

world so my only choice is

to destroy myself"
Richelle Seguia
"i was so upset

with my spelling skills tonight

so i turned to food"
"He'd usually

tell him to not give up But

he better give up"
"Dear Summer I miss

you and i'm needing you more

than ever right now"
"are the raspberries

real or marshmallow Wife and

I have a debate"
"Crushing out of the

conceit I am this is the

highest happiness"
"I would never make

terroristic threats y'all white

boys cooked in the head"
"If we fucking I

need that head off and on or

it just gets boring"
Mosey Lyrics Bot
"Two watchful eyes one

love that's mine and a will that

simply will not die"
"We don't even be

on the game that long women

just be dramatic"
"My youngest brother

has finally rejected

"is planning to stay

single for awhile he wants

to make friends right now"
"As I'm driving to

class the line at Popeyes is

"anyway good night

long day tomorrow for my

grandpa's funeral"
"I can't believe that

today is the first day of

the New York State fair"
"I start therapy

again today nervous and

feeling unprepared"
"I'm glad i finished

moving all my stuff in my

room I am TIRED"
"This is awesome New

ways to experience this

amazing series"
"Why are you eating

beans in my office when you

could be eating me"
"I'm not wasting my

time on you if I don't see

a future with you"
"why did this headache

just wake me up when i was

sleeping peacefully"
"hey pedophiles and

pedophiles apologists

can you guys FUCK OFF"
"sneak dissing will get

you killed what did yo mama

and daddy teach you"
"also remember

that no crown is too foolish

to con followers"
"Someone take me to

a jazz class cause I miss leaps

and being sassy"
"It's a wonderful

feeling to realize you're

outgrowing your fears"
"I stopped smiling at

people people don't smile back

they ain't shit either"
Angela Riekens
"No matter what I

do I'm always gonna be

a disappointment"
"My new counselor

is a huge fool she forgot

her clown nose at home"
"any idea

when we'll know set times so we

know when to arrive"
"if you defend my

name when i'm not around you

have all my respect"
"Chiesa will be a

great signing Definitely

better than that fraud"
"Once you've accepted

your flaws no one can make you

proud in a good one"
"i guess some movie

i've never seen was filmed there

anyway cool band"
C. Aloysius Mariotti
"A Brief History

of Time was a staggering

influence on me"
"I haven't packed a

single thing for school yet I'm

not worried bout it"
"not the rainforest

fuck it can humans just d

e out already"
"If I ever get

married i want Winter Bear

played at my wedding"
"there is nothing else

to say I have done all the

begging and asking"
"I'm really growing

up in front of my own eyes

best feeling ever"
Oh My Drake
"Some people eat ice

cream when their sad I eat ice

cream when I'm happy"
"Our love affair

with Trump may end like most of

Trump's love affairs though"
Charlie oneill
"Baffles me how I

still have time for people who

have done me dirty"
Alexander The Goat
"Dallas Renegades

branding looking cool as fuck

I'm not gonna lie"
Lagbhag normal
"the women on this

site are truly funny on

another level"
"My Boyfriend I Eat

Out All Day Everyday Like

We Rich Or Something"
Ser Fresco Fame
"I never seen so

much hype over a got damn

sandwich Fat asses"
"literally can't

trust men after all the stuff

i have heard them say"
Angela Matusik
"on the power of

storytelling And P S

I can't wait to see"
"The more often you

ask someone to help the more

weaker you will be"
"I haven't been home

in a day I miss my cat

I hope he's okay"
"Cuddle weather is

still upon us What a time

to not be alone"
Robert Beto Gray
"Always a solid

plan when going against the

Clinton Mafia"
"I really want to

get this Y'all should help me by

liking it Thank you"
"It always gotta

be the fat chicks going off

about a sandwich"
"imagine looking

at youtube tutorials

to iron your clothes"
"wow the sun really

BE rising in the east and

setting in the west"
"Ben's gone to reading

and left his playstation at

my house what a babe"
"Be a team player

not a bandwagon jumper

Aaron Lauritsen"
"I literally

love Surfaces music It's

really such a vibe"
"I don't even feel

the love real anymore So

I keep my distance"
Alvonesha Williams
"About to go home

practice on my new craft drink

wine while watching pose"
A Whore That My Pick-Me Muslim Mother Raised
"I really left my

coffee cup at Kennedy

station Fuck this day"
"Yeah i can't Never

again i just can't I'm coo

on feeling catching"
"everything's gonna

work in my favor i just

gotta be patient"
"Y'all really out here

making memes out of my pain

I see how it is"
"Me is looking for

turtle tomorrow Hope i

can see a few here"
Beckany Bot Thumper


"It's okay to cry

if it makes you feel better

then let it all out"
"The professor next

door is hot I wanna be

in that class instead"
"that's it i'm going

to miami and getting

a sugar daddy"
"When on family

trip and trying not too let

whole house here y'all fuck"
Tisha Renee Turner
"To everyone who

slept on me I hope you're still

tossing and turning"
Lyn's Spring Service
"We provide pins and

bushings walking beams and more

Contact us today"
"I'm about to drink

this coffee to get rid of

the hunger I feel"
cik eri + SeChan What A life-ing!
"If only the group

is a temp project i will

gladly support them"
"Just read Mango Moon

and I'm not crying on the

desk or anything"
Nat Clean Cole
"A great steering wheel

that doesn't whiff out of my

hand while I'm driving"
Tiger Media Network
"Tigers how do you

get to class when there is a

downpour on campus"
"I realize more

and more I really don't like

YOU as a person"
kelli caplinger
"I cannot and will

not stop complaining about

this dreary weather"
her royal freshness
"i have a disease

its called studying for a

test the night before"
"Lillard deserves a

championship because he's

willing to earn one"
"like I ain't ever

wanted to beat that man ass

so bad in my life"
"My problem I don't

realize how toxic it

is like my friends do"
"Going cinema

to watch Once Upon a Time

in Hollywood with"
"imagine having

a name that start with a Q

ha ha ha loser"
"I want you today

tomorrow next week and for

"Can i have someone

to listen to me without

judging how i feel"
Daniel's Mac News
"Twelve South Debuts New

Journal Case for iPad Pro

I Hate Everything"
"id rather have bad

times with you rather than good

times with someone else"
"i'm going to sleep

until sylvain notices

my pictures goodnight"
"Good men contribute

to society Great men

to humanity"
"bro on everything

i love im never getting

a ticket again"
"I really wish we

weren't living The Onion

as reality"
"deleted it coz

i never should've posted

it in the first place"
kaz brekker but short || COMMISSIONS
"alright gamers i

must go to obtain this grain

so see you later"
"The sun ain't even

out this morning and this walk

did something to me"
Shelley Hartman
"Good news everyone

My manger likes me BECAUSE

of my shitty jokes"
"Toward the Golden

Star A Book of Culture by

W Charles Weis"
"Just about Reached my

breaking point in this career

field On to the next"
"I'm never involved

in the office drama but

I'm so invested"
Christian Len
"My life didn't please

me so I created my

life Coco Chanel"
The Fat Cricketer
"I Will most likely

let you know what it's like to

get a duck at Lord's"
"Can't decide if I

over packed or under packed

for this vacation"
"You better hope I'm

winning cause if I lose I'm

putting yo ass out"
Aquarius King
"Really don't want to

go to the gum this early

my damn legs are sore"
"Popeyes not bout to

cut us a check for all this

free marketing tho"
"Letting go is hard

but it is worth it because

the pain will be gone"
"We never really

grow up we only learn how

to act in public"
yang xiao long
"goodbye bumblebee

pressing F for you in my

heart i miss u bitch"
"I Already got

a Brandnew Goose i Need a

Brandnew Leather too"
Jeff Kaslowski
"Twitter redesign

is not so bad but something

is up with Youtube"
Paul Kendrick
"Anyone want to

share their tips on dealing with

imposter syndrome"
"so many of you

are threatened by little mix

and it truly shows"
Schuster Braun
"Its so surprising

to realize you're a cat

video person"
"He really fucking

does I strongly advise you

proceed with caution"
"Today is filled with

new opportunities Take

yours and get it done"
"This reminds me of

FE Warriors and selling

stuff buying upgrades"
"'Cause every night

I ly in bed the brightest

colors fill my head"
Emmanuel Acevedo
"I learned something in

music theory today and

whoa I love learning"
Victoria (Tori) Alexis
"Another Tired

Post I'm tired of being

this version of me"
"Any moms ever

tried Honest company or

Bamboo diapers"
"It's upsetting that

they and th y was not

someone I noticed"
Against bad things


"chat rooms australia

country singles where to find

girls cam to cam live"
"Be careful who you

stick your neck out for that's how

you get yo shit chopped"
cold spooky bitch
"my indecisive

ass will ask anyone so

i don't have to pick"
Zanna C. Collins
"I've been freezing for

the past two days no matter

what I can't get warm"
"I aspire to be

a girlie who writes people

off like a bad cheque"
"I've never felt so

at home with someone as I

do when I'm with Sam"
"Why does twitter keep

changing my format back to

the white mode like STOP"
"After they get their

teeth cleaned does anyone else

just lick them all day"
"Can someone tell me

where to get these blueberries

Asking for a friend"
The Royal One
"Block flying up and

down What's happening Are y'all

building houses now"
"It's like every

job i work the boys just come

from out of no where"
"We never really

grow up we only learn how

to act in public"
"Can someone read me

a bedtime story so I

can fall back asleep"
"Beautiful moments

are not about where you are

But with whom you are"
"Believe me or not

i tried my best but my best

is not good enough"
"If anything I

think you should shoot more cats than

you already do"
"I wouldn't bet your

heart down Clear but I couldn't

get my head around"
"I'm wondering how

many Christians in the US

are okay with this"
"you're missing out that

movie had me sitting up

straight in the movies"
The Gooners Podcast
"Agreed as far as

transfers but it's about SO

much more than transfers"
"Atlanta is way

too funny can't believe I've

been sleeping on it"
"You are a reserved

enthusiastic Ditto

and you win at life"
"I'm a nice person

but I'm even nicer when

my outfit is nice"
"Good morning to all

the women who take men out

on dates Y'all special"
saditty snack
"My email is down

Soo I'm watching Stone Cold Steve

Austin on Hot Ones"
"Ok i will get

over it but i have to

be dramatic first"
sweetest fool
"Back To You movie

trailer looks so good my heart

just cried a little"
"night of orgies we

shall organize the moon comes

blight the sky is VOID"
"It's sad I really

get no sleep overnight and

still be up all day"
"I'm determined to

learn this stuff I just have to

chill out and do it"
"Starbucks is live as

hell in the morning I need

to go more often"
"sky legendary

executioner silence

out self animal"
"Leaning to mind my

business is the healthiest

thing I've ever done"
Regular civilian
"Having lunch at my

sister's place With everyone

else Except my dad"
HeavenSummers The Hellfire
"There's gotta be a

lot of holy shit out there

I don't need to name"
"Am I the only

one who still cries when I hear

Wanna One's Spring Breeze"
I'm Drunk SEO Robot!
"How to Become an

SEO strategy to the

article starts off"
backwood fred
"Sublime will have me

in such a good mood my ass

be waving to cops"
Ashlee Marie'
"Question what time does

the average adult wake

up and go to bed"
"Believe in yourself

make others feel stupid for

ever doubting you"
"and i having this

mental fight whether i should

go with them or not"
"Nola with a big

win last night where does he rank

in today's pitchers"
"I didn't get a

single free lesson today

this is so unfair"
"Can't even be mad

at you because you made the

expectations clear"
iJAe Da Profit
"The Summer Over

Now What Its Going To Be

A Cold Girl Winter"
Emily Farrell
"Do you ever feel

like you've accidentally

swallowed your tonsils"
barney sumner
"Two words that apply

to Markle privileged and

"Where's mummy Wanna

play Say Lama I'm the worst

when it comes to kids"
"Yeah I'm not putting

make up on my face so what

do you have a care"
"People just looking

at my ass walk by twice and

ain't said shit to me"
"I couldn't sleep at

all last night and I woke with

stomach pains my nerves"
"Is actually

anyone ok after

watching this teaser"
"my dog really woke

me up by chewing on my

wallet good morning"
"today my coding

knowledge saved me a fuck ton

of trouble god bless"
"why do people put

trigger warnings when they tweet

about climate change"
jacqueline e
"Zoo Elephant stands

Surrounded by enrichment

That's artificial"
"My present is so

trash all I can think about

is the future lol"
"Hindu extremists

are ugliest in the terms

of both face and soul"
Chris Chapman
"Charming Our new

country is going to be

great etc"
"I don't see myself

as single I see myself

as available"
"Some people are loved

for being fake and others

judged for being real"
Mikael Sonermo

to say way to go than go

"Don't want this feeling

to go away Never want

it to go away"
"i hope longer hair

becomes a singer i'll just

really people who"
Jane Beresford
"Please god someone tell

me his account has been hacked

and this is a joke"
Sidwell Tshingilane
"For a change today

just be thankful instead of

being complain full"
"Hillary was the

safe choice last time pick Biden

and you'll lose again"
"im going to watch

the divine fury but i

cant match the schedule"
"I have no reason

to be up right now I need

to go back to sleep"
"Tempted to see how

you guys will react if i

mess with your tempo"
"Bro I just wanna

see them ONCE at least IS THAT

"FEAR False Evidence

Appearing Real origin

unknown but so cool"
Mohamed Elshalkany
"Nobody is too

busy It's just a matter

of priorities"
"One of Africa's

visionary leaders of

modern times Legend"
"Gold has taken the

tip hostage unless you pay

gold gold get more gold"
Rio Rizky Pratama
"hoping to be rich

as fuck someday so i can

do this kind of shit"
"Someone on the side

I'll pretend I didn't know

I was being played"
"all this talk about

pre war tommy is making

me emotional"
"We were really make

next door to me evil I

stop You all of them"
Bro You Just Posted Bot
"Bro you just posted

chimpanzee You are going

to lose alliance"
"the little smiles he

makes every five seconds

im gonna combust"
Katya von der Goltz King
"This actually

terrifying destroying

the lungs of the world"
CA Amrendra.NCR
"You always comment

like a smart politician

rather than T v"
13thy - Auto TWOW Responder Bot
"Random Response There

is a playing games about

playing dogs get meals"
"i got paid today

but literally all of

it went to my debt"
"we literally

live on pandora but can't

see it holy fuck"
"Stop asking me for

free nudes that's not how this work

Send me your money"
Joshua Donahue
"Of course I'm working

a double and I can't find

my fucking wallet"
"y r u taking

time to respond as if I

am not important"
"why are vintage clothes

so expensive lesbians

have a budget too"
"sorry I'm not her

and now that I've learned that my

best is not enough"
Thinkpiece Bot
"You Won't Believe What

Kids Can Find On Clowns At The

Public Library"
"I haven't even

started yet my emotions

are fucking with me"
micu aka micu
"ever just take out

your opal card for your front

door yeh me neither"
"Visit my youtube

channel and don't forget to

subscribe my channel"
"Whether you fight or

not sadness will always be

born this world is hell"
Jem travels the mitochondrion
"robyn i challenge

you We play Hard song Marry

Had A Little Lamb"
westcoast princess
"and I'm not talkin

bout her mainstream shit either

tasty the album"
Jacques Blouseau
"Never forget that

pressburger made racks selling

pins at olympics"
"To be alive means

to understand that no means

quit or not exist"


"Dreams have only one

owner at a time That's why

dreamers are lonely"
Big Rudder Energy
"Im getting naked

and if you try to stop me

I'll lick your asshole"
"i got my baby

brother to like Cuco i'm

doing something right"
"I'm ugly and I

just need to admit that to

myself already"
"lottery system

for what getting tickets will

be impossible"
"if I start talking

in British don't mind me dat

means Europe changed me"
"Aurora just gave

me my birthday presents and

I'm fucking crying"
"Wait isn't that her

thing in this campaign or am

I missing something"
$$$ TRENTON $$$
"is matt champion

actually hot or is

he just in a band"
Rob Buss-Downey Jr.
"Damn I'm over here

crying Got dammit Bobby

You let Ms P down"
"Most definitely

about to order me some

curly hair clip ins"
"someone just told me

I had bad English when it's

my first language and"
"thanks for the follow

Are you reading any good

books at the moment"
"Love how my grandma

always defends me when my

mom me rega a"
"Your goodbye doesn't

make me feel any type of

way see ya neva"
"I just wanna know

how to dance to all kinds of

music though This was"
"If anyone wants

to admit they have a crush

on me step up now"
"I really hope you

are NOT suggesting for me

to leave my homeland"
Hot Take Appreciator
"When the rhetoric

is a delightful tenor

and encouraging"
"I Hate When Random

Females Call Me Boo Who Said

U Can Flirt With Me"
The Art of...
"The Art of Fixing

fabulous pottery with

your math professor"
"Hi everyone I

would like to inform you that

its wolf shirt Wednesday"
"I gotta learn to

let shit be when the first time

around wasn't it"
"I seriously

just can't do good on the SAT

IM Struggling bae"
"Currently need some

mental support my friends are

nowhere to be found"
"That's the problem with

being the strong one No one

offers you a hand"
"People go where they

are welcomed but stay where they

are valued unknown"
"Nobody gave me

shit I had to grind for I

had to go get it"
"y'know as much as

I liked Hunter x Hunter

it was such a tease"
"I have this very

nice silk dress that I want to

wear for somebody"
Ryoyo @ Gamescom
"How to properly

announce that your game will be

on the epic store"
"Let's pretend that we

couple Start an argument

this should be funny"
"people don't care bout

nobody feelings but their

own lol that's aggy"
"Billie listening

to selena is the best

thing I see all day"
Yoga Aprilia K
"I love everything

about you except the fact

that you're not with me"
"Ofc It's their

lives to live not yours You're just

there to support them"
"Anyone wants to

get a follow by me in

my other account"
"I've been doing me

yeah following my dreams I've

been doing me yeah"
"gotta be the one

relaxing while these bitches

"Foreign la whip and

I'm whipping this car might park

this bitch Ina yard"
Rajeev Setth
"Sadly the man who

fixes lookout notices

is in hospital"
"if you really want

to get married professor

i will start the plans"
Vague Chatter Best Chatter
"Somebody please get

Dustin May tongue grooming his

facial hair Thank you"
"wait i wanna change

my user n i have a

cute idea help"
"im just knowing my

page being watched so yea I'm

talking shit Hey you"
"out of nowhere he

said he wants to build a house

for the two of us"
"Nobody gives a

fuck about you unless you

rich pretty or dead"
Shitty Ad Generator
"Get A Tubular

With A Tubular Drink with

this free medicine"
KRAB +[commissions open]
"Im kinda mad at

this single drop of sauce that

tainted my sweater"
"Pin ups be having

the walking dead in that bitch

shorty teeth was gone"
"Free everyone from

the border camps Then replace

them with Smash players"
"Yup even when he's

not Sometimes I need to be

slapped to my senses"
"Me sitting down in

a bathing suit making sure

no one sees my roles"
thundizz the 12 inch corndog
"once im financial

stable again its over

for my bank account"
"said what I gotta

do to impress you Lift this

building behind me"
"Jumped out the window

big tipper what's the move Hot

light up whole album"
"This last season of

Jane the Virgin makes me want

to rip out my hair"
"Lol what a fucking

loser talking shit on a

literal baby"
"I'm either getting

a face tat or another

piercing on my face"
"When you're willing to

be wrong you open yourself

up to new insights"
"someone can be there

for you today but who knows

about tomorrow"
Emoji Haikus
"motor scooter shark

person climbing three o'clock

last track button dove"
"I'm begging u please

include philippines for the

last Speak Yourself tour"
"No mister bond I

expect you to come back and

get him some good stuff"
Tyranae Dachelle
"Learn to be okay

with everyone not knowing

what really happened"
"People who don't put

subject in work emails don't

deserve employment"
"ok why do i

feel like i was supposed to

wake up n see that"
"red velvet LP

lyrics are actually

really sweet n cute"
shaikha alkandari

to anyone who has a

normal sleep schedule"
"All im waiting for

now is knowing which realm race

and faction you choose"
"i've been ia a

lot and i'm sorry school has

been kicking me butt"
"maybe i should use

one of my layouts for once

but like they don't match"
"the level of salt

ur experiencing is

barely a dusting"
"you didn't like me

shaving the back of my head

so i still do it"
katie 21 :. KACEY DAY!!!
"imagine billie

covering sign of the times

i'm going to cry"
"this revolution

thing is never going to

happen y'all sorry"
"Im excited to

see what the future holds for

Spider Man movies"
"These girls be saying

I be flirting cause I'm bored

so Who really knows"
"I wanna get back

in graffiti My house will

be filled with my work"
"I've been so MIA

but I promise I'm having

the time of my life"
"Y'all making a big

deal out of this for what THEY

D A M A G E 2 1
"I post Single shit

Taken shit Random shit and

y'all just Assume shit"
"I'm tired of not

being good enough I need

to be good enough"
"Popeyes sandwich won't

even like that I'm mad I

wasted my money"
giggle mcsimple
"The Marlon show would

be so good if he stopped with

all the ghetto jokes"
danielle alvis
"For my birthday I

think i can plan a three day

mini vacation"


"What am I suppose

to hit at the gym when my

whole body is sore"
"Putting my son to

bed so I can drink a beer

and have some me time"
Nu'Bee Aiyoki
"You Ever Get Out

The Shower Think Like Damn This

Pussy Smell So Good"
"Find someone who will

love you at your worst and hold

you at your weakest"
"I like when money

makes a difference but don't

make you different"
"Pro tip for college

life cry in the shower so

no one can hear u"
"The realist tweet

I seen in a while I FELT

Kaniya Mom
"My baby seen me

she instantly start crying

she miss her mommy"
"It's so secret that

we can't even talk about

it Sound familiar"
"Having friends who have

strict parents is another

sort of depression"
"The clouds is sobbing

clearly living we will carve

the dandy mouse slaps"
"If you support me

I'm right there with you too in

anything you do"
Paris The Great
"I'm starting to feel

like myself again and got

dammit i feel good"
this is the outro i hope you like it
"only B word I

call my girl is beautiful

you can ask that bitch"
"Okay that guided

meditation has been book

marked for future use"
"i smell another

academy award nom

for adam driver"
Secret Agent Joe
"I just really want

you to fuck me already

I'll submit Momma"
"or maybe a blog

that way others can channel

in express their thoughts"
"Timmy what brand of

sparkling water do u like

Please it's for research"
tiff misses her main
"can y'all follow my

fan account so it doesn't

look like it's flopping"
"Mans said Latina

and queen in the same sentence

"I'll be happy by

my damn self before i let

you hurt me again"
"I've been waiting for

someone to confirm so I

can try it thank you"
"Only time I'm bad

at texting is if I don't

wanna talk to you"
"Lecturers go chop

and chop again no fasting

if you know you know"
"Literally the

reason I stopped playing this

game religiously"
"trying to debate

if i should give myself a

pedicure or not"
Tina Santos
"Wondering what will

i turn out to be if i

pursue tourism"
"Alarm set work clothes

out let tomorrow be the

same as today was"
"If I can only

be with you in my dreams then

I'll sleep for ever"
"don't say you sorry

SHOW ME you sorry actions

speak louder then words"
"All animated

films are AMAZING in the

dc universe"
"no offense but one

direction coming back would

actually suck"
Bill Hight
"You'll probably die

within minutes Putin is

not very honest"
Athlete Motivation
"If winning isn't

everything why do they keep

score Vince Lombardi"
"It ain't never no

dick in this house when I get

home I hate it here"
"I wanna make a

card but I also don't want

people to Know me"
"what ya think about

that what other list should I

make up just for you"
Brandon Henderson
"Many are lined up

to take that spot is what you

fail to realize"
"if the balloon in

my name doesn't show up as

red then what's the point"
"I like when money

makes a difference but don't

make you different"
"anyways i'm not

buying it unless they put

it on the US shop"
"I have always been

so emotional when it

comes to Jessica"
they got toilets in the juul rooms
"auditioning for

big hits girl group we need a

man on the inside"
"The Amazon is

on forest It's official

we're all gonna die"
"Xanax and online

shopping are a perfect fit

I'm sorry wallet"
"Everybody don't

be hating sometimes you don't

have shit to hate on"
Nelly&Eddie But Also YouTubers?
"What's is happening

Wendy's got beef Popeyes came

with the dry biscuits"
"I'm watching a bunch

of crabs fight and it's the best

thing I've ever seen"
"Albanians are

all so photogenic the

camera loves us"
"i'm binge watching say

yes to the dress it makes me

so emotional"
emilyrosejohnson seeing @ditavonteese this dec
"Now also having

my third and final coffee

of the day now x"
"first thing im having

when im off this diet is

pizza or pasta"
Dystopian Quotes
"picked through the rubble

and pulled out their hair Godspeed

You Black Emperor"
Litachi Uchiha
"All of these social

media sites are selling

your information"
"if someone show you

their true colors believe it

don't be a dumb ass"
Danny Castellon
"hey there Megan I

hope things are well Um may I

Please get a Follow"
"So you never buy

food when you have food home Or

thing to cook at home"
Roger Johnson
"Maybe it's just me

but I think Greenland should buy

the United States"
"so much hate inside

your heart we don't even know

what we done to you"
"Intuition is

real Vibes are real Energy

doesn't lie TUNE IN"
"I'm super late to

the party but I'm OBSESSED

with Percy Jackson"
"As we do our

best He will not let us fail

Neil L Andersen"
Sunshine WestCoast
"Did a lot today

I feel accomplished But my

arm is killing me"
"What's this hype about

the Popeyes chicken sandwich

Is it worth the hype"


"the most sacred fruit

in the garden god painted

was disguised as eve"
"I'm so tired I

can't seem to get out of my

car and go inside"
"Jonah loves when I

sing to him he shuts his eyes

and smiles the whole time"
Angel Of Love | AWE 0011 | 217 | Spirit Guide 6917
"let the record show

that I'm the one being stalked

by my ex girlfriend"
"This reminds me of

where Derek was building his

house for Meredith"
"Movie Quotes Friendship

is essential to the soul

James Darren Lucky"
Pater Crow respecter of dogs
"I'm waiting for the

Ransom Mel to shout Give me

back my followers"
"mountain monsters comes

back on tomorrow Figured

I should let u know"
"That the answer to

every problem cannot

be two point something"
"Wow I've been attacked

I'm listening to drake y'all

stay off my pebbles"
"Having one of those

days when all you wanna do

is break down and cry"
"not too many out

there that aren't already

in relationships"
"Ok I think it's

settled that I'm gonna be

Jules for halloween"
"Sony just mad they

can't make a good live action

Spider Man movie"
Brownies in cup
"We also serve a

premium brownies cup Please

ask for more detail"
"Kendrick Lamar on

this episode of power

is giving me LIFE"
something epic
"I wish Lincoln Square

Pancake House was open at

night They French toast slap"
"What has NBC

so rattled Whatever it

is keep doing it"
ShalomFundzzz (AdiahaDaddy)
"Black Americans

are funny when they are not

being serious"
"do i ever tweet

about anything other

than being tired"
j a n i a
"actually no

certain restaurants fries are

better in ketchup"
"Eating ice cream on

the couch with my favorite

person in the world"
"Sometimes I try to

be there for you but my plans

don't go like I want"
"Equal parts root beer

schnapps and Scotch whisky top with

cola serve lukewarm"
"I rarely speak things

into existence but when

I do they happen"
"My mama must prayed

to a gangsta God before

I was born or sum"
"Y'all do know without

the white man we wouldn't have

America I"
"Without proper sleep

your hair will lose its sheen and

your skin will dry out"
"honestly no one

knew how to spell my name the

first time they met me"
"Sony made the right

choice but they can't make a good

movie for their lives"
"Sony's not really

good in sustaining franchise

Sad for Spiderman"
"Always knew he was

average Conte signing but

a plan C signing"
"I would never in

my life stay in that long ass

line People are wild"
"Oh how beautiful

our kids would be I don't

need no convincing"
"This has she posted

a picture of a glass of

water energy"
"I wanna give up

on this keto I'm craving

come cinnamon rolls"
"You females need to

stop because y'all know gone like

how I come next time"
"has automatic

send on default and I don't

appreciate that"
Stabby the Narwhal.
"maybe i went back

to give him a penny and

maybe i didn't"
"For instance sliced raw

tuna is eaten more and

more around the world"
"I really need to

stay off my phone for a while

"Hey i'm looking for

more Strictly English speaker

peeps to befriend with"
"my favorite new

hobby is going to sleep

while it's still light out"
"fries dipped in honey

mustard is better than both

I said what I said"
"woke up crying but

i cant remember what i

was dreaming about"
Peggy Abbitt
"She didn't say she

lied cage made a mistake Like

she didn't know it"
"Do nail salons in

San Antonio not stay

open late or what"
"i honestly hope

i meet a good guy who's on

here cause that sounds great"
"Obviously THAT'S

what Meg Ryan had in When

Harry met Sally"
"andrew did nothing

and had nothing to do with

this shut the fuck up"
"Chest Ribs inner arm

across the top of my back

all of em hurt lol"
Debbie Brannon
"Consider yourself

blessed A part of evil was

removed from your sight"
"Having someone in

chastity and teasing them

just hits differently"
"Coffee I don't drink

coffee but I shall have some

because you made it"
"My thoughts exactly

I instantly react think

later I hate that"
"Fucking right that's some

real shit take some time out ya

night get some real dick"
"No Mister Bond I

expect you to have the right

choice of my chill list"
"white men ruin my

day like it's their fucking job

and it's exhausting"
CozyBoy Carlos
"I dare somebody

to try and check my fit I

know my shit valid"
d(ave)evin #wearedave
"you could've told me

you were gonna do that cause

now i'm kinda sad"
"Please don't We're fully

invested in gun reform

assault weapon ban"
"Nobody is too

busy It's just a matter

of priorities"
"Did you ever watch

Conan the Barbarian

with Schwarzenegger"
"Anyone good at

computers like you know what

ram is and all that"
"how u gonna get

better with a dude that don't

even measure up"
"I only watch Greg

and Watters Just snippets of

other Fox programs"
"Box braids neva last

on my hair hair already

coming out da braids"
Brett Royster
"I'm actually

excited about Titans

what a turnaround"
"Cleaned and still washing

got my food out now it's time

to chill and get hi"
"new video is

legit slaying Big things for

sure coming to her"
"Daniel Hey Dan do

you have an email I could

use to contact you"
"Absolutely blessed

to have my man He truly

is my everything"
"There's a youthful bliss

that I often miss And it

haunts my memory"
"I really dislike

when people stare at me What

are you looking at"
"Does anyone else

clean better when they're angry

or is it just me"
"If you call yourself

a bad bitch smoking a black

n mild girl goodbye"
"Me thinking any

decision I make on my

own will pan out well"
"I'm wearing sports bra

jeans n kicks just gotta put

my hair in a bun"
"I've been expecting

a package and it's just not

coming I'm annoyed"
Chocolate Buns
"Because men want to

have everything to themselves

for some strange reason"
"MCDONALDS those shits

are made with crack i don't care

what anyone says"
"does ethan have the

mental capacity to

say such a statement"
"Feels like a lifetime

just trying to get by while

we're dying inside"
"you guys are freaking

bums hunting on the elders

like my mom you clowns"
"i could easily

forgive his pride if he had

not mortified mine"
"Final color style

choices are Ill be getting

the winning choice dyed"
"This is pure science

That's why we don't save numbers

until we're married"
"Nope doesn't work like

that Gov subsidies would be

a better matrix"
Chavanna M I Clarke
"This really be me

even if it's not my kid

Respect ya elders"
[Chinga La Migra]
"my team arguing

if fucking a woman in

the ass makes you gay"
Trap Princess
"Yes finally from

a verified source I pray

y'all don't mess this up"
"good nights my darling

I kissing your sexy boobs

and sexy body"
"I'm hungry but I

don't wanna ask my dad to

bring me food again"
"Something I dislike

about myself I CARE SO

MUCH when I shouldn't"
"my little brother

is going to be so sad

when he hears the news"
"Sometimes u gotta

train your mind to be stronger

than your emotions"
"NYPD has

the right idea don't make

the black kids angry"
kely fan account
"it's okay if no

one hit you up to roast you

guys let us do it"
"When you tease yourself

while you're driving because you

can't wait for daddy"
Jerrica Brannigan
"I would totally

be here for a Jupiter

Ascending sequel"
"My house is looking

so good I hope were fully

moved in by Christmas"
"Come to Chicago

with all your money bro I

promise you good here"
"He's confused He does

not realize that Jewish

people are not dumb"
"It's really sexy

when a man wants to lead and

teach you as he should"
"why do i obsess

over someone who doesn't

even feel the same"
cody da crooked
"does anybody

wanna chill n smoke my friends

never text me back"
"I'm trying to get

super faded then go to

the science center"
Ben Francescon
"Lol I cannot wait

to be mad at Tennessee

football games again"
Joseluis Solorzano
"Sony you couldn't

wait a day You had to do

this on my birthday"
Big Chief Quan
"Sha marry two or

more don't say I didn't do

anything for you"
Yoni Pollak
"Agree Though Tucker

also should've been up for

the last month or so"
Tijay justine
"People pleasing is

curse that should be avoided

at all times Blessed night"
"The animals on

this campus be coming like

you owe them something"
"Going to be face

cam reacting to today's

news After coffee"
"A resident asked

how is your name Ortiz but

you can't speak Spanish"
"no injury to

his head at all god wants him

here and god is real"
"why is Dying For

Your Love by Frank Ocean no

longer on youtube"
Castiel Kim// domspace
"But that requires

skill and effort Can't I just

be the boy in white"
"And I've never heard

the song But I'm pretty sure

I know how it ends"
"even if i saw

your darkest side black is my

favorite color"
"It's truly sad R

I P I feel like they should

get charged with his death"
Smith The Poet
"Bitch this ain't middle

school when you sucking on me

please include the balls"
Kevin The Author
"This is the biggest

zucchini I ever had

steroids in the soil"
Tux - Amazon FC Ambassdor
"This is also true

for traitorous white people

who vote Democrat"
"Tired of crossing

oceans for people who won't

jump puddles for me"
"you bitches always

wanna get ya friends involved

bye not over here"
"We are the Nation

of Domination Nation

of Domination"
Margareth Clarita
"Sometimes the questions

are complicated and the

answers are simple"
"Woodburn is having

a shocker of a time at

Oxford sad to see"
Elaine Carey
"He never had it

Did it put money in his

pocket BORING Done"
"I'm so Brooklyn I

need a vacation from all

the work I put in"
Zak Meggaiz
"First day living in

my new apartment and I

almost flooded it"
"You wouldn't know the

truth if it smacked you in the

face you lying clown"
"If one more person

hurts my feelings today I'm

gonna throw a fit"
Cassandra Fairbanks
"I'll be complaining

about that movie until

im on my deathbed"
"I'm guessing making

a premium snapchat is

a normal thing now"
"I'm really not a

morning sex person Like let's

at least go brush first"
"Not going out my

way for nobody if you

not doing the same"
"Why am i finding

all the people i used to

fuck with on twitter"
"I wanna go to

America it's my dream

since I was a kid"
"If the deal doesn't

get fixed I'm guessing it's a

complete reboot ting"
"Every day is

a good day to be alive

and share with others"
"I don't be texting

back i just don't be feeling

like talking it's bad"
Sara Polton
"Nothing gives me more

anxiety than pushy

kiosk sales people"
"This is the only

thing white people know Jay Z

for The disrespect"
"panicking over

this why couldn't this bitch just

send me an email"
"So unlucky with

this today get on my YORK

festival special"
"I really don't think

y'all understand how much Meek

Mill means to Hip Hop"
"me cracking jokes like

i'm not gonna cry later

you hate to see it"
"Disney is about

to just fucking buy Sony

and have the last laugh"
"Pussy ass HOE YOU

KNEW BOUT ME I had to find

out about your ass"
"Suddenly I'm sad

about not pulling through with

going to new york"
j | tom & cherry | ZENDAYA FOR AN EMMY
"exactly and no

fury or happy either

to be there for him"
ShaiKia Margina
"Just because I don't

talk about a girlfriend don't

mean I don't have one"
"Quality of Life

Hack Don't go to Costco the

day before school starts"
"you know I'm feeling

the same thing let's let go of

our broken hearts"
Tim Lowden
"People who have teens

enlighten me Is dabbing

still somehow a thing"
"Not really a big

superhero fan but this

is kinda crazy"
daisy jaramillo
"If someone buys me

a waffle maker i will

love you forever"
"I really want to

get braids but of course I can't

decide on a style"
"my body says thank

u for the veggies and thank

u for the water"
"My disappointment

is immeasurable and

my day is ruined"
Sam Morin @ZINE HELL
"I want jerk chicken

with rice and beans with spicy

pork sauce and coleslaw"
"Double youtube ads

is like the the fourth sign of

the apocalypse"
Lei Lovemail Hours 24/7
"I'm so confused on

whether I feel like crying

or screaming at this"
"If Luis Pena

don't reply to my tweet I'm

gonna be salty"
hope misses becca
"that thing Callie does

that she snaps in her own head

biggest mood ever"
"that's the bottom of

top tier water but it's not

bottom tier water"
"cute boy in target

just smiled at me and now I

don't know how to act"
"That was a social

experiment and i love

how she handled it"
"thinking about how

jenny went on break and came

back with a new face"
"luke really has been

my biggest support for YEARS

he deserves the world"
"Disappointing to

hear disconnected comments

about suicide"
"I will be playing

LB for Alabama by

the end of the year"
Erwin Schrodinger
"People praise me for

my english skills But I was

raised bilingual so"
"my curly hair is

legit so disgusting why

don't i have straight hair"
"Still remember them

coming in Hip Hop class in

Morehouse Junior year"
"no matter how hard

i try i can't escape this

shit and it's okay"
"That Popeyes sandwich

comes on a brioche bun I

hate brioche buns Lol"
Nio the Macho Chamorro
"The funniest place

for a mass shooting would be

a renaissance fair"
"I've been having it

rough lately I think I lost

sight of everything"
"I hate when someone

try to tell ME how I feel

or how I should feel"
"How much hairspray does

he use every day to

look so hideous"
"Sometimes the people

that you trust most can turn on

you with no warning"
Inspirational Quotes
"What people think of

you is merely a shadow

of faith George Berkeley"
"If anyone need

a show it was Vince Staples

I'm so excited"
"Naturally As

does that big satisfactory

grin on his lips state"
"What's with alpha males

constantly stating that they

are an alpha male"
"I'm the only one

that really try to talk to

all my family"
"Did it happen when

we first kissed Cause it's hurting

me to let it go"
Bobby McClanahan
"OUCH usually

I don't care but that one did

sting a little bit"
Maestro (semi-active)
"I got nicknames for

everyone but pet names It's

a no from me Sir"
"I went today and

they told me they're not serving

them until next week"
"This is your season

It's been yours actually

You ready for it"
"why do people have

to work two jobs to maintain

basic shit like WHY"