"That's the problem with

putting Others first you've taught

them you come second"
"This man is taking

a piss bath lord please let this

night be over soon"
"There's this Holy hymn

that says WATCH and pray Who am

I not to adhere"
"Wow I hate assault

rifles I can never hit

anything with it"
"It obvious that

we girls like to pick a fight

with our boyfriends"
"You are listening

to I Wanna Be With You

Tonight Johnny Right"
"Progress is built one

perfect rep at a time Small

victories add up"
"How many rounds did

we go last night All I know

is he's a keeper"
"Democrats support

less freedom more government

and higher taxes"
"German shepherds are

the best thing ever I love

my lil mong baby"
"There is a reason

i no longer use twitter

on my computer"
"Even when no one

believes in your dream never

give up on yourself"
"Noses are scarlet

lilacs are linen sugar

is sweet and so on"
"Nah it always looks

weird to me I'll just hold their

hand or carry them"
"Sometimes I stay up

late and wonder if you miss

me like I miss you"
"People need to stop

guilt tripping their partner for

not wanting to stay"
"why is there going

to be a coraline live

action no thank u"
Imam Bari Darmawan
"Remembering my

parents was a reference

to keep struggling"
"back on my diet

because I was getting way

too out of control"
"Gonna be a great

day Gonna go see some old

friends dad and step mom"
"Social is good you

don't have to phone up before

to say you're calling"
Era De Telepath
"Having a kid is

like having little broke best

friend that think you're rich"
"just saw a really

cute photo of mario

and my heart went whoosh"
"Does anyone can

motivate me to study

Any tips Hello"
"This morning I have

a mission that may or may

not involve butt plugs"
"I wonder if I

really wanna give up my

nocturnal lifestyle"
"Being funny is

a side effect of being

damn near retarded"

between love and lust and your

happiness will last"
"Celebrating work

anniversary is that

even a thing P"
"every night i

dance with the devil and i

never wear a suit"
Keurig Fan Club
"hey it's drinking and

i'm late at night wanting to

kiss your pretty face"
"bitches w

childhood trauma be like im

mature for my age"
"So glad I only

have one more night of work I'm

ready to be OFF"
"Elinor felt as

her daughter to redeem it

is but the same time"
"You ever seen a

bitch in love with somebody

that's in love with you"
"the alliance goes

deeper than i already

do that this is Fun"
"And if you listen

closely you'll hear how many

fucks she doesn't give"
Tristan Calderon
"Anyway So I

think I'm finally going

to check out Westworld"
kawaii daddii
"i remember when

weed was the main course now its

jus a condiment"
"I wanna post abt

Luke's birthday but I'm gonna

cry when I write it"
olivia adores 5sos & callie !!
"do you ever have

any regrets when raising

luke as your brother"
"Lullaby distract

me with your rhymes lullaby

help me sleep tonight"
"me rubbing my hands

together i can make angst

outta this moment"
Gabrielle Sunheart


"My sleep pattern is

so off and I regret this

every morning"
"my dreams consist of

natural disasters and

my teeth falling out"
Yasmin Velzquez
"Struggling is not

an identity learn to

live while you struggle"
"But that I shouldn't

even be doing this sex

is undefeated"
"Listening to the

Twilight soundtrack wondering

where it went all wrong"
"might just fuck around

and watch all three seasons of

stranger things again"
whore for joons toes
"purple and peach can


"Anyone up and

want to see the new style of

headers I'm trying"
Max Ronchetto
"How did the person

who invented the first clock

know what time it was"
"they actually

stress THEMSELVES out and then take

it out on their kids"
Sphiwe Dubandlela
"It's very sad I

can't reconcile myself with

this reality"
"The Student Council

President's pretty scary

in another sense"
"Just finished Death Note

I have no words other than

Fucking Amazing"
the regulator
"My words alone will

cut a bitch deep and make a

hoe reconsider"
"the meaning of star

is the absence of dick pic

to socialism"
juuraika @toram
"everything would've

been better if I had a

healthier system"
alyssa nevarez
"the alien i

stole after i taught them how

to do their makeup"


"Everything you did

brought you to where you are now

where you belong home"
Mad King Gangrel
"Ooh I'd heard rumors

about this place And gods know

I could use a bath"
"It's hard losing weight

but that's when you test how strong

your mind really is"
"I get my lashes

done tomorrow morning and

I'm fucking happy"
Jae.D. Elkins
"Apply to chances

jae i need to apply to

work at casino"
"Everybody feels

a little crazy But go

in livin' with it"
"Whichever genre

it is it doesn't doesn't

suit this game's rating"
"People are calmer

in Winter and the world is

just a better place"
Marathon Twon
"That's really why I

muted the Friday pound sign

"i wanna become

an immigration lawyer

to help my people"
"When the character

of a man is not clear to

you look at his friends"
"i feel like only

half of you probably know

how to say my name"
"Life is a shipwreck

but we must not forget to

sing in the lifeboats"
"Thunder is aging

lightly yearning you will name

the poorest fish jumps"
"my apocalypse

amazing i heard it not

knowing it was him"
"daily thoughts do you

think about me as much as

i think about you"
crme de la crme
"i don't wanna give

you the wrong impression I

need love affection"
"I forgot abt my

laundry until just now oops

guess I'll go grab it"
"Definitely What

I Wan Be On People Try

Ruin Everything"
"Is it possible

to learn Spanish in a month

cause if not I'm screwed"
"It's easy to be

happy on the outside the

insides the challenge"
"Texting julio

how much I love him before

we argue later"
biggest lesbian protector
"my grandma just said

she thinks my depression has

gotten better LOL"
Briana Castro
"It hurts not being

able to be with the one

you want to be with"
"nah twitter really

just said fuck asher lives i

might go straight to bed"
"It's ok to miss

them just never forget why

you distanced yourself"
"my dad really out

here like Captain Marvel was

a boring movie"
"When someone looses

trust in you prepare to start

all the way over"
"putting on freshly

cleaned glasses feels like getting

a new pair of eyes"
"Today was a tough

work day I'm not ready for

the rest of the week"
Carren Downs
"She's a horrid and

ungrateful POS She doesn't

deserve to be here"
"Im literally

the most romantic guy you

will ever meet know"
Philip Gagne
"No surprise at who

she has been partying with

Her eyes reveal all"
"i can't cry about

kevin now i just woke up

its impossible"
"I have decided

I am going to get an

alien baby"
"it sucks being poor

and not affording the style

that you have inside"
x=-b+-(-b-4ac) all over by 2a
"I'd rather add you

in my prayers than flex you in

social media"
"Am I the only

one who got distracted with

the small letter i"
Little Port-au-Prince.
"I'm really one of

the coolest people you could

ever come across"
"I had a really

rough day everyone ok

I'm trying my best"
Aaron Duckett
"On all accords the

USA Women's Team is

being underpaid"
Kaafi Desi problems
"July has to be

the most welcome and most loathed

month at the same time"
"The most important

thing is to enjoy your life

that's all that matters"
"any release date

for the Nike Basketball

Be True collection"
Tessa Walksman
"I hate being the

one you fall back onto when

she doesn't work out"
"What happens if I

grow into a human you

don't know anymore"
Macaire A Bell
"Working on a pro

bono program for a great

"I'm sorry to tell

you that Chris Brown is a male

chauvinist kicker"
"Y'all remember folk

use to say avant and r

kelly ate brothers"
lil nsfw lauren
"i'm very sad a

cock isn't slowly sliding

into me tonight"
Chizome Akaguro
"You gotta be clean

to really know how cologne

perfume smell on you"
"I really got mad

love to give even after

being hurt crazy"
"why would anyone

want to keep such a toxic

person in their life"
"Democrats using

old CIA tactics on

American soil"


Cheryl Basinger
"WOW America

Wake Up Time to remove this

racist demagogue"
"im going to k

word myself you cant use that

second video"
"When you have money

you'll know if you're truly an

introvert or not"
"I just realized

I think the new Twitter is

more sidebar than feed"
Gene Clemons
"It's a positive

that something chemically changed

in Manny IMO"
"Can't believe Nick is

going to the same airport

that Twice was just in"
Adrian Gunanta Bangun
"Too many games that

are worth to play on switch Hope

I can buy switch soon"
"out of character

Going to do a profile

follower cleaning"
"I be so honored

to see dat lil green thing pop

up on y'all stories"
Edgewritch Horror
"I already have

one heathen to deal with I

don't need another"
"People they need to

believe And nowadays they'll

believe anything"
Brandi Samuelson
"Who is driving this

Bentley in Chattanooga

I need a test drive"

PILOT every woman

needs a mans like that"
"I had carrots as

a snack today am I a

skinny legend yet"
"Amy I'm going

to school only to support

my tinder career"
"I'm literally

so on edge if I don't get

off when I'm super"
"people can only

take so much some of you need

to remember that"
Rileys Mom
"That's why everytime

you see Riley she gotta

new pair of shoes ahh"
"Carefully aiming

the bow Careful I need to

take out several"
"Every girl is

beautiful it just takes the

right guy to see it"
"Laying on the couch

watching TV fills the void

of companionship"
"Social media

really will have you thinking

you're behind in life"
"umm okay but it's

kinda nice when a guy tells

his friends about u"
"if someone ever

orders me anklets i would

literally die"
Brandon / Pred
"Welp I'm getting lagged

out of every lobby

might have to get off"
Kiyomi Calloway
"I'm so tired of

people appropriating

Black femme speech just stop"
Snail chan UwU
"I want a piercing

man I miss having a lil

metal in my face"
"My summer has been

going exactly how I

had hoped it would go"
Bryan Knight
"I'm struggling to

think of a larger flight risk

than Jeffrey Epstein"
"Maybe we can be

on chill tonight maybe I

can give you chills too"
Rick Veleke

must be losing their minds it's

the four horsemen lol"
"Imagine hurting

the girl God sent to heal you

Enjoy that big L"
"i'm marrying an

idiot lol probably

marrying myself"
Kenn Elphinston. Free Speech protect it.
"All dressed in plastic

macks NIKE shoes with plastic

signs and mobile phones"
"Time is golden time

is thin But time is rare so

we squandering that"
"He's so happy to

have Lyall in his arms It's

been such a long day"
IT aint ever ABOVE ME
"I'm getting a truck

a big truck and I ain't gone

have to pay for it"
"Chilling with this blunt

watching Lucifer some would

find it ironic"
"thom yorke is playing

in LA soon and I really

want to go see him"
"My momma got me

on medication I don't

feel like I need it"
"I have realized

that I do want a husband

I just don't want kids"
"girl I'm going still

pick up my phone though you just

went completely ghost"
"the phenomenon

of straight boys pissed they cant kiss

claude fire emblem"
Jeffrey Wattner
"Anyone else fuck

with sad indie music that

makes you feel like shit"
"Sorry goddess I

got a little distracted

I am still begging"
Oct 4 ... 10/04
"Every since I

moved people have been showing

their true true colors"
"By order of the

President I am moving

to Costa Rica"
"A professor at

Brit Humes alma mater takes

him to task Priceless"
"I swear if someone

test me on the wrong day I'm

taking off like so"
"Literally I

got u forever well bitch

forever was quick"
"When you're trying not

to fight your mom but she keeps

pushing you patience"
Cameron Shell
"Too many to choose

from I don't even have a

favorite artist"
"wow i've never seen

a penis that small before

is a common one"
"Actually I

would I just don't like driving

especially long drives"
Tyrion Thee Stallion
"Just saw some truly

wild shit that I'm too nice to

put on the timeline"
"When is it okay

to talk about Spider Man

Far From Home on here"
"Look how baggy the

fit is Look at all that Wind

resistance Straight flush"
"Maybe she is I

mean that's how they made Trump a

white nationalist"
"I'm not leaving my

crib I wasn't going to

anyway but still"
angl frm ur nitemare
"pattern is so on

point i feel like god himself

is speaking to me"
"I just wanna go

swimming why has that been like

so much to ask for"
"If you didn't cry

at the end of Stranger Things

you aren't human"
"Even if you are

not by my side Even if

I cant see you now"
feisty lil mama
"Aye mama why you

had to make my day like that

thank you Chiquita"
"That Vegas heat no

lie did my skin wonders lol

I got clear skin now"
"you weren't born gay

you saw this and now you are

the way that you are"
"I have a Solo

to sing on Sunday and i

don't know WHAT TA SING"
Vega is drowning


"has always been so

humble and real And the fact

that she doesn't DRINK"
"Date idea Let's

sit in my garage in the

car with it turned on"
Kitten Kay 7k
"You're a lover and

I'm a runner and we go

round and round and round"
Lance McClain
"It will heal little

one don't worry I was just

a little clumsy"
isabel ramirez
"just got me even

more excited to meet him

on Saturday at"
"Yes yes almost time

to bounce to the ounce but got

it on me no whiff"
"I'm doing really

really well and I'm really

happy about this"


"the meaning of star

is the absence of childhood

to socialism"
Kobe Finna Allen
"Why are y'all leaving

Steph and Klay out of all this

duo debating"
"The day they fire

Dantoni is the day I

give Houston a chance"
"gotta realize

who's down for you and who's just

down for the moment"
"i'm more savage than

your average man believe

me i said it first"
"i'm dancing around

my room to born this way cause

it's that time of night"
Charlie O'Malley
"X It's about this

time of night we've drifted in

Youtube isn't it"
Dr. Chuckles
"Omar is anti

America Get her out

of our Congress"
"The handwriting on

the fantasy suite cards has

changed who got fired"
"This week is going

by mad slow it needs to be

Friday already"
No Context Kayloo
"Don't worry mommy

I'm not gonna drop it I'm

just gonna drop it"
madeline lindsay


Jenna Bannister
"There is something so

special about the way this

team loves each other"
"the only person

who actually pisses

me off is myself"


"ok i'm done now

i can go back to watching

stranger things bye bye"
"really have to cut

my nails for the rest of life

this is too much work"
"I know I'm behind

but do you want to know my

new favorite phrase"
"Literally thought

it meant American Sign

Language but ok"
"My schedule today

is being stressed and depressed

because of nothing"
"i know everything

and find out everything and

i really hate it"
"how do you misspell

literal when it was in

the tweet you quoted"
"They really need to

stop going back to last week

Cedric lost the match"
"I'm not even A

list but she got me on a

he could get laid list"
"Winter is sobbing

almost having she will blush

the weary fish turns"
"This is pretty AND

where I get off the Main Max

every morning"
Joe Santiago
"Yo i really thought

the Phillies were going to

be great this year welp"
"Loyalty is a

action you can love or hate

me still have my back"
"me lemme check my

horoscope The Pattern your

life is in shambles"
"I actually

would call it love making if

we're being honest"
"Having a single

job in this economy

means you will be broke"
"Before pregnancy

I was probably A bit

now I'm more like D"
"Who exactly is

Mrs Budd and what makes her

pot pies so damn good"
"Being able to

remember past lives is a

bit problematic"
"Took a morning ride

to the place where you and I

were supposed to meet"
"Replaying Breath of

the Wild because that game is

fucking beautiful"
Vivienne Avare
"More power to the

bright patriot Kellyanne

She is the real deal"
"Everyone needs to

be careful when dealing with

online dating sites"
"Wow I really be

out here covering for my

cousins all the time"
"Romney is troubled

that Trump is dipping into

the Nixon playbook"
"Bey really gotta

start the next tour off with ARE

"Order me your type

of roti then i will post

it for you guys there"
"Childish y hit them

up after the fact u just

seeking attention"
Owner of GoDaddy
"I Know Exactly

What I'm Dealing With Doctors

and Life Insurance"
"bitches telling me

i'm always right as if i

don't already know"
Trista Falleur
"When you say something

kinda rude and then say lol

to soften the blow"
"We're not having a

relationship anymore

you just BROKE my heart"
"I'm not going to

question when good things happen

to me anymore"
"And it be making

me mad when they falling off

in my car and shit"
Dat kanuri boy
"Karma is a bitch

it has no menu You get

served what you deserve"
"the pepper drop in

the rescue suit will NEVER

get old THE IMPACT"
"I'd actually

rather fold it myself I

don't have the patience"
"Fair enough if she

wishes to get revenge he

shall let her do so"
Your average bear
"Someone just asked me

to buy followers Why I

can't sell them Can I"
fortnite is dog shit
"Oh and everyone

has a shotgun again but

me what a surprise"
"i hate working so

much i don't think i've ever

had a job i liked"
Rubber Rooster
"Anyone else get

anxious before a trip and

stress clean the whole house"
"I love your Tony

I will smack anyone who

says your Tony sucks"
"man being in love

would be v cool but also

a lot of effort"


"final fantasy

has some cool ass designs like

teach me how to cool"
"dyslexia but

you only confuse the words

chicken and kitchen"
"I'm pretty sure that

light was green and I did not

just run a red light"
Donald lunatic trump
"All your doing is


"Drop some editing

apps you guys have and like I'm

in need of new ones"
"The only person

I trust is my sister Lol

I got no sister"
"my sleeping schedule

is messed up right now and i

feel tired at work"
candace rihannon
"a member made me

a whole loaf of zucchini

bread today my heart"
"Real disappointed

in my decision making

process as of late"
"I enjoyed meeting

you today I hope the rest

of your day goes well"
Farzam Salami
"Why cooking is the

hardest part of single man

life feeling thoughtful"
"Ok but did u

lick off ur own nut and spit

it in ur girl's mouth"
Abu Muhammad
"On Saturday I

refused to pass the ball and

the shot went well wide"
"I was trying to

hold on but still u give me

reasons to let go"
"Somebody reset

the OT I don't understand

Goblin Slayer talks"
"I lit rally love

my friends and the people I'm

getting to know more"
"bad bitches in my

phone wit my mileage ian

neva gone hit em"
Penney Barrett
"The majority

of Americans stand WITH

you President Trump"
"Calling people out

on their bullshit is my new

favourite hobby"
"harry lied and told

me he booked a holiday

and now i hate him"
"Hurts when the little

things you try to do are not

"What purpose of the

speaker of the house if she

doesn't do her job"
iick nannetta
"talking teen turtles

that were ninjas was the best

idea ever"
"The Chimera Ants

were a non native species

from outside this world"
La Costra Nostrand
"On another note

why traffic crazy going

to dyckman right now"
una taehyung strawberry prince
"send me money so

i can fly to my boyfriend

and sleep next to him"
"Painting a group of

people with a broad brush is

ok in this case"
"i ain't rushing my

process but it's alot of

shit i can't wait for"
"I literally

don't know how but I just don't

know how to human"
"Today has been such

a shitty day overall

I am over it"
tasha andrews
"Finally me and

my daughter had fun today

It was really nice"
Big Time Sleepy
"Oh boy Twitter pushed

The Big Update on me and

now I'm stuck like this"

braking and lane changes cause

traffic you peasants"
"Fergie was rapping

Still is but people need to

call things what they are"
"I really don't know

what I'd do without Scott my

absolute best friend"
"I've had a proper

shit day and this was just the

tonic I needed"
"I'm too tired to

update today so I'll try

update tomorrow"
"My new brow lady

is hands down THE SHIT I've found

the one I've found her"
Deplorable Nagatha
"Watching the SQUADS press

conference Nancy wrote the

crap they are spewing"
"Gotta love a dad

and his daughter's doll making

a crossing photo"
"I Want A Couple

Things For Dinner And I Wish

I Could Have Them All"
"Summer session ends

next week OHH yeah broke females

still ain't shit tho lol"
lil baby hidez
"Just had a breakdown

and went to get things to make

my hair blonde again"
"why are ur servers

so trash that my buddy and

I can't even play"
"Better go to the

click farm and tell em to up

the streaming package"
"Places to eat in

Houston that's open on a

Monday let me know"
"Seinfeld could do a

couple of shows around Rex

and the canine sticks"
"Everything happens

for a reason really you

might not see it now"
emotionally intelligent papi
"Its some people I

thought loved me enough to bring

me but here we are"
Shawna Gubser
"Confidence cannot

find a place wherein to rest

in safety Virgil"
"Don't you hate people

that try to make you feel bad

for being yourself"
"Anything I did

or said in the past keep it

there I was a child"
"Getting really sick

and tired of having to

work to pay for things"
"No idea what

any of these products do

but i want them all"
Klinke Immigration LLC
"This is happening

here This is happening now

It is not OK"
"New thing tomorrow

i cant find my phone to get

on the band account"
"Sit down god FORBID

a guy ever spoke to me

like that jesus christ"
"She don't even like

Tommy like that he is just

her easiest chance"
Tsuyu Asui
"It's still too early

to have developed any

trust in each other"
"Played Ball yesterday

and gave the babies some work

Now I can't walk straight"
eva apios lookalike
"If your partner says

their exes name during sex

what are you doing"
"Micheal really wants

to be most hated man He

truly doesn't care"
"Fire Praise Thank you

Forever Ever Jesus

for your Blood that Saves"
Chad Johnson
"I ask myself the

same thing when i look in the

mirror at the gym"
"Update someone got

one for me and I wanna

wear it everywhere"
"How often are we

going to be introduced

to Johann Rupert"
"so disappointing

when a song has good verses

but a trash chorus"
"Can someone cheer me

up I'm getting ignored by

everyone thank u"
phil barrera
"Why am I being

so extra nobody is

asking me nothing"
"why is jane screaming

at mary louise go back

to your boring life"
party possums in the hou


"why y'all acting like

this dora shit is real im

just bored and jobless"
Lupitas Cheekbones
"Sis is just hitting

me back Weeks later sis I

could be dead by now"
"Lincoln Riley is

the biggest bullshit artist

in college football"
"Dinosaurs Barre

Hancock Museum goodness

I'm in See ya there"
"Can we all agree

driving on Kessler is the

worst thing in Indy"
"Apologists for

racists and racism are

wait for it RACISTS"
Bethany Seeing Betrayal August 17!
"A bio That may

have been my favorite part

of the whole movie"
Craig Pruski
"Congrats Rylan Keep

getting better and playing

the game the right way"
"i should never feel

weird energy from a bitch

i'm calling my friend"
"only downfall of

being a nurse is catching

all the illnesses"
"Crying off an old

episode of Grey's makes me

feel like a jackass"
"Operation Find

Dwight A Wolf To Love has been

Manic Aes Sedai Dream Girl
"I work outside of

the home at a feminist

"bitches go to work

and forget to eat all day

it's me i'm bitches"
"I haven't been in

a pool yet this summer and

I want a refund"
"Sometimes I look at

baby pictures of baby

d and I tear up"
"Camera man been

giving us great angles of

ambers cheeks today"
Rhonda DuBose #VoteBlue2020
"One of MANY LOW

MOMENTS I would call him a

dog but I LOVE DOGS"
"i just wanna dress

in elaborate cute clothing

and commit treason"
"Actually made

the effort to get up and

get cute today lol"
Sam Spiegelman
"Just added a new

timeline on this decision

in the links below"
Chuck Hu$$le
"The thought of Getting

back in grind mode tomorrow

giving me the blues"
"I'm so so sorry

for everyone who knows me

I'm just so sorry"
"To get a little

southbound un wound Tennessee

honey kinda buzz"


"I will he murmured

nestling his chin in the crook

of her neck I will"
Theresa Kaimapo
"Joanna it won't

work on the outside babe let

it go let him go"
"I feel horrible

today I was expecting

to have a great day"
"barbie but it's a

coming age movie okay

i love this concept"
"Can we talk music

or sports Money Sum got damn

y'all miserable"
Adrianna Carla
"Making the band is

coming back Was that the show

o town came from Lol"
"Embarrassing my

son in the car blasting Sir

Mix A lot dancing"
"I never been one

to fuck up the vibe but I

will fuck up ya life"
Dark & Lovely
"Each and everyday

things are changing yet you seem

to overlook that"
Humayun Akhtar
"Kane Williamson you're

my captain and will always

be Massive respect"
"I love this response

to the vile actions of Trump's

cocoa butter baby
"It's cause she isn't

problematic and knows how

to stay in her lane"
"I'm such a bitter

pill but I don't really care

and I never will"
"I kinda want to

stream again since my early

morning one was short"
"U gotta want the

mother of the kid first can't

be skipping steps lol"
"Girl I gotta get

back home It was not raining

like this in Kenner"
Suzette Hackney
"Criticize is a

bit generous in this case

Column coming soon"
"i just realized

i never posted my m

g pic on here whoops"
"Thank you very much

it warms my heart I hope we

can interact more"
"when you coming by

the Zoo I'll set you up with

the VIP tour"
"I am struggling

in this Vegas heat I don't

want them anymore"
"currently tied to

a chair in a basement third

time this week she is"
"Who else remembers

this was THE game to play on

rainy day recess"
Mariah Kincaid
"Now I gotta crawl

out of love It's so fucking

easy to fall in"
"for just one coochie

a day you can help the less

fortunate than you"
"Healthy food looks so

boring on display I just

lose my appetite"
"As a robot I

like supply drops and the cod

series after AW"
"Cabello Hey bro

can you follow me It would

mean a lot to me"
"If I gotta pay

my car note myself I'm done

giving up pussy"
"I'm tempted to print

this off and put it on my

office door h t"
Movie Review Bot
"Real Talk Suicide

Squad is a total chick flick

Score three thumbs way down"
Diamond Thots
"Holy fucking shit

bro where do these guys get this

kind of weaponry"
paulitos way .
"I wanna hang out

today I got my coochie

cutters out and all"
"The new display is

really really awful I

think I'm done with you"
Harold Evans- Cooper
"elevated my

mentality all I see

is casualties"
"My problem is I

get too high while cleaning end

up falling asleep"
"I hate feeling Like

my Prayers Not Good enough or

said in the Right ways"
"Not excited to

try this orange theory class

today sos"
Aaron Button
"She better still be

alive by the end credits

is all I'm saying"
"That moment you feel

like someone went away with

everything you are"
Logik Gate Music
"Get used to taking

risks so that it doesn't feel

like risk anymore"
"We love your photos

babe They are very sexy

and provocative"
"so our kid is

gonna have nothing I ain't

letting that happen"
Post-It Quotes
"It is friendship string

it's what you make the stings of

friendship with Bobby"
"Keep secrets to keep

happiness is what i am

doing for you now"
Josh Norfleet
"Anyone know their

personality type off

the top of their head"
You On Kazoo Bot
"I just remembered

the special way to get the

spirit out to play"
"i'm too official

to be settling for less

than i desire"
Abhinav Pande
"Happy Monday Check

out f my Facebook Page to

see what I'm up to"
"My whole family

on vacation besides me

and my sister wow"
"my morning tummy

really be making me feel

like a brand new bitch"
"Apparently I've

had that effect on a few

people this past week"
Mackenzie Harris
"do literally

whatever the fuck you want

just don't hurt people"
Devin Eddleman
"Everyone should come

to the table as long as

you don't disagree"
"having someone that

can handle all of your moods

is such a blessing"
grade A capper
"good morning to the

guy who's the real life peter

griffin and that's it"
"It's better to be

single than being in a

wrong relationship"
"Someone please come my

brother his stinky ghetto

friends don't bring them back"
Neon Genesis Randelion
"I'm officially

the bottoms of my feet look

like tree bark years old"
"im so insecure

i have to think it more than

twice to post a pic"
Know one is above the law !

DO THE RIGHT THING Give that judge

a big Giant Raise"
Dannyfreeburn MUFC
"Leeds biggest game in

a decade and it's a pre

season friendly Cute"
"Okay but get this

I'm gonna take a nap We

going sleepy time"
Dan Weingrod
"Finally thank you

for your support of country

over racism"
deziree juarez
"Why does Post Malone

have to be in Phoenix the

same night as Luke Combs"
"This shit is crazy

b better watch your bitch watch

what you say to me"
"A Democrat with

a brain I'm in awe Never

thought I'd see the day"
"i think twitter just

hates me and keeps doing all

this bad stuff to me"
"Can truly say I

haven't been happy in years

everything been forced"
"I wanna have a

fire ass smoke session with

funny ass people"
"Oh yes said Frankie

I expect so said Marvin

then you may be right"
"just treated myself

to some cute ass lingerie

and pajamas from"
"The best part about

being a beginner is

per my dude Andy"
"England has got to

sort out their transfer market

This is just crazy"
"I already hate

myself for the whole wide world

so that's whatever"
"Jacobo and the

Terrible Horrible No

Good Very Bad Day"
"Can someone give me

a kid already so I

can dress them like this"
Doggie boio
"what is the website

that you found these photos I'm

researching on this"
"how do you expect

someone who can't keep their own

secrets to keep yours"
"I laugh badly when

using twitter wont leave it

except if had to"
Randy Patrick
"Elaine Chao still works

for the Chinese government

But so does Jared"
"And when Obama

did the very she thing Talk

about that would you"
Ngozi Ezeuduma
"Once Upon A Time

in Mumbai was such a dark

gritty watch Loved it"
"The security

agencies have failed They are

the real enemies"
"Once my blueberry

plant flourishes i will call

myself a farmer"
Girl frm D.a C.ity
"Y'all don't understand

how funny next weekend is

about to be lol"
"always crazy when

I get famous clients I've

never heard of lol"
"Why is spirit the

cheapest for LA I'd rather

pay the money cause"
dumbass rat
"quickly becoming

my beacon of hope in this

cruel cruel world"
"I'm happy for you

I'm smiling for you I'd do

anything for you"
Simont Belmont
"I'm so excited

to finally be able

to finish twin peaks"
Juan Rodriguez
"How that even when

you not thinking of something

you still feel that shit"
Michelle Benson
"Another one to

be excited about I

hope they let her sing"
"me trying to talk

my mom into taking me

to a rangers game"
"Honestly shouldn't

have sat down to eat because

now I want to nap"
"Ok I'm trying

to understand but I just

don't understand huh"
Caesar St. Cloud
"Middle age Spanish

fish got this outfit on and

she is WEARING IT"
Varad Mehta
"So nice of people

to let me know right away

that I should mute them"
"this fucking stamp from

the bar on Saturday still

won't come off my arm"
"I can't remember

the last time I woke up with

a smile on my face"
"someone i don't know

just addressed me as such hey

gamer excuse me"
"You shouldn't mess with

anything under the hood

if your shit still hot"
"Funny how people

speak to you in work but ghost

you outside of work"
Carlene Griffin
"My dad has never

had chipotle so lunch should

be interesting"
"I'm I stupid or

is she is just speaking words

just words what's the point"
"I've never been so

fucking ready to sleep for

a day and a half"
"I have really good

days and then when I have bad

days they're really bad"
"I'm going to post

a I'm going to post I'm

genuinely dumb"
twins big like tia tamera
"Possibly going

to the zoo today Should be

a fun little date"
"Happy to impact

some fundamentals into

some children today"
"It's less about what

you're selling and more about

how you're selling it"
syazzBTS unofficial merchs
"Once someone get the

correct answer i will give

another questions"
Liam SAW FFH x3
"Yuri Lowenthal

is the best voice actor for

Spider Man imo"
"Really is a shame

we never got a Kobe

v LeBron finals"
Lalaine Rose Mabini
"I believe soon I'll

be so fine living with my

daughter together"
Sharon Michelle
"Happiness over

history You gotta let

that toxic shit go"
"we need start telling

this people to LEAVE this is

not a damn play ground"
The HomeTeam Show
"Never bend your head

Always hold it high Look the

world straight in the eye"
"is coming out soon

so I guess I am staying

home for a month lol"
"Let's send our boys

back to Vietnam to show

them we still got it"
"And brought futures to

new ideas poverty

Stephanie Najera
"I want another

baby but I don't want to

be pregnant again"
"this video was

the first thing that came to my

mind when she said that"
"I've been listening

to this Chris Brown album in

a daily basis"
"Stop lying If they

came around me then they should

know you wanted them"

Jay I'm a sweet actor not

a sweet president"
"I been waiting all

morning for this update now

I can sleep in peace"
Movie Mashups Bot
"Zander meets F B

I Agent Jones in Hunted

of the Hollows Grove"
Bonnie Jean Schwartz
"And Melissa who

did you vote for someone who

promotes abortion"
"You're not replying

to me its okay i wont

text you forever"
"ok but someone

gotta chop and screw the whole

"Does anyone have

any idea who won

the cricket world cup"
"the dining hall for

fried chicken and mac and cheese

today i'm winning"
"Most intellects do

not believe in God but they

fear us just the same"
"Obey your deep heart

feeling and you can find your

inner potential"
"Sometimes the pussy

be that good make you think it's

the end of the world"
"i almost called you

babe but does it taste so good

you didn't notice"
"I tell my players

Not everyone can have the

same role on a team"
"If it hisses at

you Back away slowly That

means it is hungry"
"I prefer to wake

up early to get shit done

than to stay up late"
"I'm paying very

close attention right now to

my pro trump friends say"
"Context clues can be

applied to every day

life situations"
Black Superman
"I swear I'm picking

the person I have kids with

with a fine tooth comb"
"thanks for making me

finally realise that

i need to move on"
"I walk around like

I'm ok when really I

want a Big H plate"
"Adding these to my

reading list Let me know what

else is a MUST read"
"It's always the bad

that they tell about you the

good don't get mentioned"
Maria Sumnicht
"hates America

and California She is

a disgrace to both"
"The frost is owning

closely singing they will guide

the regal seal names"
"alright let's see how

much damage I can do on

amazon today"
Wildling King
"Every summer

i always say this what my

summer should be like"
"i love when people

who make fun of fat people

end up getting fat"
"Am I the only

one who keeps a fat stack of

napkins in my car"
"new season comes out

Me watch all episodes in

a single day Me"
TAoR&B Script Markov
"Bullwinkle hurry

up Okay Frank Shut up Click

on water fountain"
Zahra Got7 in sydney
"Seriously a

personality of an

unwashed vagina"
"Yesterday was rough

but worth every single

ache in my body"
"ok relax Ho's

are still the most fun at the

end of the day tho"
"I'm loving this Ed

Sheehan Collin album More

artists should do this"
"Who's your role model

Did your role model change from

when you was younger"
"daily reminder

that you lost the popular

vote to a woman"
Derek J. McKnight
"Bernie can go right

the fuck away regardless

of the reporters"
Onnellisuus ei sopinut minulle
"anyone who thought

this wouldn't happen is the

dumbest shit alive"
"I want someone to

love me like tyler joseph

loves jenna joseph"
RebelStable Genius
"The only reason

you should look back is to see

how far you have come"
"I've got a craving

for something for lunch but I

can't place what it is"
"the way im rolling

my eyes because people think

jess is a soft stan"
"I must eat SUSHI

this weekend I've been craving

it over months now"
"If it wasn't hard everyone woud do it"
"Isn't It a Bit

Unnerving That Doctors Call

What They do Practice"
"I know baby girl

full asian but that big back

looking somali"
"Many words come to

me when reading this and cute

isn't one of them"
"Maybe I'm the same

as all those men Writing songs

of all they're dreaming"
"My favorite part

about moving is learning

my new surroundings"
"Everybody else

I didn't like I really

still don't like type shit"
Diane Verhoest
"Looks like the Racist

Deal was made on Sunday's Golf

course instead of Church"
Refreshpreneurs Media Africa
"Dear entrepreneurs

Ignore social media

at your own peril"
"I met someone we

talk we get attached then she

leave me afterwards"
Kangadrew #OconArmy
"Imagine if they

fire Magnussen and not

Grosjean over this"
"Im going to be

on Rinse in a few weeks feel

free to send music"
"I just wanna get

a nap in before I got

to my other job"
"Me losing respect

for you is way worse than me

being mad at you"
"I think I'm ready

to make new female friends it

feels like the right time"
"Just doing my best

on what I can do to help

myself feel better"
"Just doing my best

on what I can do to help

myself feel better"
"where's the outrage from

the Republican party

Silence speaks volumes"
sahar mohammed
"Spend time with people

who bring out the best in you

not the stress in you"
"do you ever just

hear people's texts like you don't

hear them but you do"
hennessy + lemonade
"Y'all really letting

these local jokers hit y'all

in the face TI voice"
"what was the nuber

of people each day im glad

to see it growing"
"me introducing

myself hi i'm kris and i'm

doing my best c"
"Find it funny how

these diseases are hitting

places all at once"
Apollo Justice
"despite everything

I hope Mr Wright knows I

appreciate him"
"i be so thirsty

in the morning and through the

middle of the night"
"horrible thinking

what goes through children's heads when

they loose a parent"
Uptown Just
"A Sunday well spent

brings a week of content From

my mouth to God's ears"
"calling my parents

always touches my heart and

sometimes makes me cry"
"He's brandishing a

light on Hope You fall to the

dark and breaks into"
"tired of doing

the best for others but have

nothing for myself"
"what's your secret to

battling off the top bro

the world needs to know"
"Sweet Any way it

can be Chocolate milk And more

than just A cookie"
"Got mistaken as

korean Wow my face is

very versatile"
"Is it really that

hard to send me one fucking

picture oh my god"
"And oh you're gonna

love me You're gonna wanna

hug me and squeeze me"
"Sis is sleepy but

her brain won't stop talking to

itself sis is me"
"Daily Quotes All great

achievements require time

Maya Angelou"
"I actually

liked these back in the day Might

be a dope retro"
"Imagine seeing

simple dancing and taking

it as arrogance"
"Thank u looking good

once every couple of

months is my talent"


"Sniper shootout is

the worst mode ever just bring

back one shot epic"
"Ion give a fuck

who you fuck nomo as long

as it ain't me shit"
"bro thinking he's cool

and stuff but in fact he's not

going anywhere"
Libby Zeman
"This is a helpful

read on supporting students

with summarizing"
"Too many parties

too many bars too many

drinks not enough men"
"Seeing this still gets

me gassed just imagine if

England had won it"
Yves Saint YouThought
"Also l believe

they have ties to the camps run

by the Cheshire Cog"
"i cant guarantee

you the world but it will be

better then last time"
"Will someone give me

some towel Or I'll just walk

out naked Again"
"I'd rather add you

in my prayers than flex you in

social media"
TeaParty Bison
"Because having them

wear loin cloths and scalping each

other is so great"
space cowboy
"no literally

ur the only one in the

whole world who played it"
Holly Elizabeth Wilson
"Are you trying to

break my heart Because this is

how you break my heart"
"everyone steps on

the accelerator and

lets go of the wheel"
"My friends bugging me

all weekend because ONE tweet

I had went viral"
Naufal Abi Wennedy
"And when you're fifteen

Feeling like there nothing to

figure out Fifteen"


"i knew better but

ian do better i been

like this my whole life"
marie | happy birthday lana
"why is everyone

suddenly dating and why

am i still single"
"Why do people that

I value the most hurt me

with there opinions"
"A wind is walking

almost coming we will turn

the dreaded fish wails"
"Ok its confirmed

i do not like thin frail men

Its so not my thing"
"If you're a hater

we make you scared to show your

face It's called success"
Homer's Car
"Homer is driving

drunk and has collided with

a Nigeria"
"is it dangerous

when you achieve success by

default not effort"
"Will the media

continue to defend the

"when billie said i

just kinda wish you were gay

i really felt that"
"I could've done this

boy so wrong but I'm not cut

out for that lifestyle"
"Resting your head on

their chest and your heads getting

bruised from all the bones"
"you still manage to

bring comfort even if it's

an indirect one"
"Oh Darling Let's Be

Adventurers Fine just leave

elephants aside"
Yohannis Nagii
"what a disgrace this

guy is full of racist shame

on you mr trump"
"Spent so much money

on the weekend I can't wait

to go back to work"
Aomine Daiki [TS]
"When someone says you

can not it means you've started

something Do not stop"
"I feel heaven when

you're here with me I feel hell

everytime you leave"
"Insurance is so

fake and they get away with

bumping everyone"

He said hunger want to blind

his destiny here"
"love being a top

fan of facebook meme pages

sis give me that badge"
lay misses mx :((
"we do also thank

you for the picture I still

love pony tail won"
"I should use twitter

more But what to even do

er hi im a gay"
"ya girl got scouted

to be an ambassador

for two fashion brands"
"Every time I

look at you I fall in love

all over again"
"Update am now in

A E waiting for x rays

cause am a dumb bitch"
"Never thought I'd be

a person of this nature

but I love Starbucks"
Yaaseen Barnes
"Why do you wanna

be in University

Estate at midnight"
"This guy belongs to

the bars His uniform is

orange in color"
"Reason with me if

I no get today I go

get am tomorrow"
"A calm is starting

quickly loving you will mark

the robust horse walks"
"Damn I been craving

some good ass head I just had

a dream about it"
asha fireflies boom


"After all Spirit

is thicker than blood They are

your real family"
I Blame Jasmine
"Missing Montreal

but not missing it at the

same time Ju feel me"
"I have morning wood

like a internet icon

dude I'm so happy"
Beverly. M. Gichiri
"You are also my

grandma I need this kind of

energy right now"
"Her resolution

of a great expense would see

than it was silent"
rene malika
"If he doesn't need

the loo in the next hour

I want his bladder"
Sean Heffley
"Not saying this just

because it's man city but

these are horrendous"
Bukowski Quotes
"Goodness could be found

sometimes in the middle of

hell Charles Bukowski"
Joshua Byrd
"If ur so silenced

by pc culture why won't

u shut the hell up"
"NBA said the

day you trust a female you

already lost her"
"I'm into man that

talk more than one language s

The more is better"
"anyways let's all

just be people we can look

back and be proud of"
"It's Not Racist If

You Say It Out Loud And In

Plain Sight Doesn't Count"
Mr.We$tSide $HOWTiME
"I Hate waking up

in the beginning or the

middle of the Night"
"ok how do u

have this figured out this is

making me anxious"
"Got Extreme Rules on

TV and mum is proper

getting into it"
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
"It's lovely to be

working with both of you Steph

"this pattern app is

fucking crazy like how the

fuck does this know me"
"Holy shit guys I

finally remember why

I hate politics"
"Phenomenal last

night in Newcastle guys best

gig I've ever seen"
Holly #CherCrew
"have you got any

advice on dealing with stress

and anxiety"
"Please be careful out

there everyone this type of

things should not happen"
"okey going back

to class will be out again

when fireflies drops"
"honestly I think

I never felt so bad in

my entire life"
SSB Hookup Bot
"Captain Falcon R

O B go to 3D Land

for a squishy fuck"
"Me and myself wish

you nothing but a happy

new version of you"
"Kamel Harris used

no latter now knee pads was

her weapon of choice"
"Seriously they

all good but I will choose Klaus

all day everyday"
Jacob Holland
"Wish I understood

Cricket enough to get what

happened yesterday"
"they better follow

me back or i will Cry with

a capital C"
"ian sinclair is

incapable of a bad

dubbing that's just facts"
Gbolagade Olalekan.
"They listen to good

music way back not wack songs

we listen to now"
fresh prince of bahrain
"My phone's software is

apparently up to date

Don't mind if I do"
"Current mindset is

that wee guy in the bagel

shop going mental"
"Adam Tyler is

now friends with the Adam and

my life is complete"
"Av never fucked

dis kind of girls Once I hope

i try it someday"
"did anybody

else notice an imposter

at Code Mesh London"
"Y'all ever feel like

you've lost your groove and don't know

how to get it back"
Rachel Swindler
"Can we come into

appreciate of Holly

tho She's a real one"
"Dropping new music

soon Like between now and next

month Just be patient"
"Feels great knowing i

have absolutely no where

to be tomorrow"
nhl bot shitposts
"Dylan Larkin is

currently lifting weights with

Brendan Shanahan"
"When you expect so

much and you don't see it You

get disappointed"
"will be having lots

of things to stream today and

I'm ready for it"
"I cannot believe

I missed out on this maybe

in another life"
"I'm so hungry I'm

about to take a fat munch

out of my mattress"
Phoenix Alexandria
"Quit waiting for things

in your life to happen go

out make it happen"
"Going on a cute

dinner date then a movie

been a whole ass mood"
"Morning wonderful

people have a great day It's

my day off so x"
"Be a good person

A good friend Live the life you

want Follow your dreams"
jasmyn marie
"don't even know how

to text back but stay watching

all my posts k cool"
"When you have nothing

to offer you realize

who your real friends are"
Hop the Shinobi
"Life's boring bout to

be spontaneous and get

another tattoo"
"It's usually

the case when there is a lot

of money involved"
"I straight looked away

from my phone in fear of that

ball hitting my face"
Ive Got Acai Bowls for White Women
"How about just not

treating the grocery store

like it's your house Clowns"
"It was so many

yellow butterflies flying

around me today"
atypical ana misses rtx |
"finally finished

stranger things I'm a snot ball

please send pet pictures"
"Although me and the

guy I like are just friends I

appreciate him"
"if anybody

else licks a carton of blue

bell im gonna scream"
"I just wanted all

the beautiful glory of

Wimbledon for him"

on a great weeks work enjoy

the OPEN big man"
"There will always be

someone who can't see your worth

Don't let it be you"
maliibu biitch
"i'm coming back to

this tweet in a year to see

what i've accomplished"
"excuse me i am

homeless i am gay i have

aids im new in town"
Hetal Sachanandani
"I want someone who

loves me as much as I love

fresh fruits and juices"
jiannas day
"i'm laying in bed

looking at my ceiling and

thinking about life"
"this shit starting to

feel real again like I can't

even explain it"
Koichi Kizakura

disappears the moment his

students are mentioned"
"You have been hearing

songs of if you break my heart

I'll date your father"
"We're clearly the best

Body looks and everything

I love my people"
"Gotta step out of

your comfort zone sometimes if

you want things to change"
"If I ever get

pregnant I'm Kylie Jenner

ing you bitches lol"
"Sad to be leaving

Portugal but stoked to see

my baby Walter"
"Trying to go back

to sleep but this movie on

lifetime got me shook"
"I show no mercy

to cowards who would harm an

innocent maiden"
"I wanna hug you

so tight and to feel your warmth

against me that much"
Harley Elizabeth
"How about what's in

a private Facebook page stays

on that Facebook page"
"you really know how

to make me cry when you give

me those ocean eyes"
"I'm not a perfect

person I never meant to

do those things to you"
"i really want to

help poor people but sad to

say i'm one of them"
"why did billy from

stranger things just walk past me

at the train station"
"Always thought you'd be

the last to turn your back on

me Guess i was wrong"
"Noses are yellow

irises are gold sugar

is sweet and so on"
"Jose is so GOOD

to me but I wish he'd stop

being a dummy"
"Ready to go back

to the beach already Miss

being in the sand"
"You can be upfront

with a girl and still be in

the wrong in her eyes"
"Tell Omar she is

no longer welcome in this

nation Go back home"
"Some females a tell

you out they own mouth they hoes

if you just listen"
Orgasm Donor
"But with more modern

elements like Depression

and Anxiety"
"I'm banned from rumor

but they letting chicks in with

captain hats and flats"
"tell them to release

the other asia tour dates

instead philippines"
"I will never get

in one of these again Us

kinda fucked me up"
"Strange Obama did

the same shit Did you just now

get your eyesight back"
"concept i am a

cities i am a okay

i eat it gently"
"I secretly steal

songs from my friends and act like

I put myself on"
"I take the moments

my stomach isn't hurting

for granted so much"
"It's starting to hit

me that i only have a

couple days left here"
"so corn martyn dan

and phil are all together

for the road trip please"
"I gotta clean my

room after work cus it's not

happening tonight"
"If I'm not slightly

inebriated my face

is always scrunched up"
J Jonah Jameson
"Parker You're fired

Now get me pictures of a

mirrored Spiderman"
"How boring do u

have to be to get a Damn

turtle as a pet"
"Me starting any

conversation today so

I'm boo boo the fool"
"Sorry something bad

happened while loading this Tweet

Thank you anyway"

o n s i s t e

n c y try that"
"you ever just feel

like going out because you

got a cute fit on"
"He could choose nicer

place for me I won't forgive

god for his choices"
Devin Deon Hall
"Full body damn can

i please be a help I want

to work your body"
Lord Trappington
"When there is nothing

left to burn you have to set

yourself on fire"
Tammy Moulton
"Another supreme

congressperson So brave and

smart and ethical"
"writing liberal

witness poetry about

dating a student"
"You've proven yourself

to be an honorable

woman Principled"
"i kinda wanna

try something other than a

cute theme for a change"
Dave "Abortion Is A Right You Fuckers" Cochran


"Electric love is

the underrated gem from

Tomorrow album"
"The fact your active

right now is a once in a

blue moon type of thing"
"Sorry I made you

feel that way I'll work on it

you're so dramatic"
Why Would I Do Those Things? Yall Killing Me
"Lemme see what's in

my medicine cabinet

I just need some pills"
"i think i'm ready

to settle down and get my

heart broken again"
"Have you ever seen

a hater doing better

than you Me either"
"Don't ever call her

again And she might just get

the entire there"
"I want to finish

this game but I gotta go

to sleep lol g nite"
"sometimes i still can't

believe Lil Mama and Bow

wow not related"
"How many of y'all

know the difference between

supporters and fans"
"I'm really trying

to learn to get out of it

It's so hard for me"
"Believe it or not

Narnia used to be my

favorite movie"
"my birthday is on

Thursday and I'm not even

excited for it"
YouTube: DCTR DR!P
"Just noticed I grew

up different Nobody

thinks the way I do"
Driver Status
"Ty Dillon clicked on

the annotations on your

YouTube video"
"I started watching

it a couple days ago

I kinda like it"
y e n n y || 7 days !
"might mess around blast

truly madly deeply by

one direction cry"
Brian K Myers
"Trump and bankruptcy

go together like peanut

butter and jelly"
"If you're really as

ready as you say you are

then get up and move"
Matt Penalva
"didn't know that you

could tell your computer to

print double sided"
"In a kingdom there

can only be one king and

a queen not two kings"
"The problem is you

keep choosing people who keep

on choosing themselves"
ana st3 + ffh spoilers
"ronan and noah's

friendship is the only thing

that keeps me going"
"It's a different

kind of magic in having

everybody home"
"If Bigfoot exists

I'd put money on that he

lives in Alaska"
"Is it possible

to want something but not want

it at the same time"
"Redskins are going

to be nice next year but they

don't have room to talk"
"I bought myself my

first dildo I can't wait to

play with it on cam"
Derrick McCall
"Yeah Yang isn't that

guy because that guy has a

spine and Yang does not"
"You're a liar he's

not better than this this is

who he's always been"
eiram acire
"I'm so sensitive

in my own little way I

gotta tighten up"
Cole The Stallion.
"God is removing

me from situations and

I'm okay with that"
careless & petty
"I took a fire

dick pic let me put that in

the hidden folder"
"Shipping with myself

because everyone else is

already taken"
"Just because you are

good at something doesn't mean

it is good for you"
"i can't remember

the last time i slept i think

it was friday night"
"Ugh people need to

stop assuming things about

me You don't know me"
"I'm marrying an

idiot Obviously

have to stay on brand"
"i really don't know

why everyone has to be

a fucking asshole"
"Styles so you're really

not going to tweet today

so sick and twisted"
"Ugh so annoyed I

honestly don't know what to

believe anymore"
"Nothing heal the past

like time and they can't steal the

love you born to find"
"please stop showing us

cassie mckay i promise

it's quiet for them"
"This campaign really

needs to be taken behind

a shed and put down"
Daniel Phantom
"My need to succeed

is just slightly strong that my

lack of ambition"
R and 7 others
"And i accept that

with a wide open smile like

a damn idiot"
"the struggle I want

cheesecake but i'm too lazy

to go get cheesecake"
chase eiseman
"suddenly had an

urge to listen wake me up

when september ends"
"Sheesh Stranger Things had

me crying crying I got

a whole headache now"
"You have to admit

this is an awesome story

of God blessing him"
"Anyone ever

hit a point where you feel stuck

and you can't get out"
"I need an apple

tv cus this fire stick

is pissing me off"
"yeah i'm just gonna

go to sleep i'll be back in

the morning bye y'all"
"My deployment boo

just hit me up and I feel

like a high school kid"
"Ion even feel

the love be real no more so

I keep my distance"
"Im so busy i

be forgetting i got a

tv in my room"
"Anyone else think

it's weird that it's trendy to

say ur a virgin"
"is it possible

to have a girlfriend someday

she hums too herself"
"Baez just serving

up watermelons to the

World Champions Sheesh"
Dean Skoreyko
"Because Telford knows

the media will never

condemn her for it"
"Illusion Is the

right hand band closer to you

or further away"
"This Is Terrible

Definitely a step in

the WRONG direction"
General Yzrah Zin
"i smile often at

dogs and cats while i always

look mad to people"
"it's either laugh at

my family or strangle

them i choose to laugh"
"you're not better than

anybody just because

you haven't had sex"
Tank Recklzz
"Been makin so much

money ion even know

what to do wit it"
Matty Z - FriGay the 13th
"Can I also say

FUCK the evil detective

"gentle reminder

that sam fender has never

released a bad song"