"I don't care whether

you're guilty or innocent

That's what her eyes said"
"doing is one thing

doing it right is a whole

different story"
"Oh no Better get


Yeah That's the ticket"
"Having this pressure

cooker is really changing

my life already"
"My eyes has open

and I'm playing a lot of

stuff way different"
"Protesting what Can't

wait for your emotional

rant on all things TRUMP"
cass woos high note
"im gonna do my

homework and then sleep before

i go back to work"
"Ceballos may need

to go back to Castilla

in January"
"How amazing that

feel which comes to your heart when

you know new people"
"You'll never get my

attention unless I'm heel

toeing on ya face"
Courtney marie
"Mommy I just did

not sleep good last night Welcome

to the club toddler"
"Man were saying that

robot in Manchester was

the best prem player"
"He is a Liar

and a Fraud He would sell his

mother for a vote"
Brett Green Capital Corporation
"People believe the

state is Santa Clause and will

provide everything"
"i woke up wanting

to go to the beach and eat

some fucking french toast"
Jamar Markeith
"GoodMorning to all

my money makers only

Let's get this money"
"Ask police that are

Russian Republicans You

will find killer there"
Professor Finesser
"No matter what room

I walk in I'm always the

nicest person there"
"I would rather they

just didn't say anything

rather than be fake"
"I am the other

kind In my sweatpants T shirt

and four day old braids"
"You know you're going

through some shit when you wake out

of a dream sobbing"
Acklins Baddie
"Searching for a church

home that ends after praise and

worship Help me out"
"You've been thinking non

stop of someone who's left an

imprint on your soul"
hello stu.p.i.d
"i need hugs kaya

when I see u please don't mind

me if I hug u"
"i just parallel

parked if you know me you know

this is a big deal"
"can somebody tell

me how to get things back the

way they used to be"
"Love Baker's music

Cream Graham Bond Blind Faith and

the Jazz he played RIP"
Daniel Babbage
"Absolutely No

better feeling than helping

out your fellow man"
"I rather enjoy

my own company than to

believe in your lies"
"The better I get

to know men the more I find

myself loving dogs"
"But then later they

will accuse us of hacking

then deduct the votes"
"i love hugs someone

just told me my hug can fix

everything my heart"
"it's sunday and nicks

working and i just wanna

be laid up with him"


"When grandma makes a

speech at Thanksgiving after

her fifth glass of wine"
"That new Supra is

something special I only

saw one pic of it"
"City Arsenal

games should be on the telly

what u playing at"
Abby Tan CatzWolf
"I'm fine during the

day but only moon knows how

I try to survive"
"There is nothing worse

then feeling mentally and

physically drained"
"I agree with this

caller Take out the Russian

money and Trump's broke"
"I am dreaming of

a white Christmas just like the

ones I used to know"
"the day ain't even

started n it's already

fuck everybody"
Umbrella Woodman


"Bro twitter is so

fucking bad w the

cringe now I'm off this"
"She's literally

fully clothed and not dancing

"I have sex appeal

Like I appeal to you to

have sex with me Please"
ed JAMAR thomas
"I like being knocked

out to the point when I first

wake up I'm confused"
"Do not shrink yourself

to make those you've outgrown feel

more comfortable"
"First thing im doing

when this stomach get flat flat

is getting it pierced"
Mazi Olisaemeka C.
"iOS users which

app do you use in streaming

Live football matches"
"Ali was and is

revered I don't expect the

same for Mayweather"
Rahaf Al Hilal
"Wearing my brother

t shirt feel me so good may

his soul rest in pease"
"Like I really know

the feeling of having your

heart ripped out your chest"
"I want someone to

pick me up throw me in hole

to end everything"
"the only way you

get to something new is to

end something that is"
"need a sleepover

w virginia and

rach asap"
"You always want things

but aren't prepared to do

what's necessary"
"I'm prob the only

lad up this early on a

Sunday and sober"
Graved Oxford
"Rumor is he'd have

killed more but for some reason

no one else spoke up"
"Whilst everyone else

is having babies my friends

are getting kittens"
"that'll be the last

that i do it being down

for u down for us"
"I'm in heaven when

you kiss me you were sent to

me from wonderland"
"petition for straight

authors not using rainbows

as their book covers"
"he ask forgive and

forget actually me

fuck you and fuck that"
"finally someone

made a thread about my view

to joker movie"
"Having someone who

truly understand how you

feel is a blessing"
"Trying to create

a rivalry online like

you do with Spurs freaks"
"I'm a Virgo Got

pregnant by a Virgo We're

having a Libra"
Jiahndria Day
"Giving yourself a

foot massage is stupid I

do not recommend"
"The joker movie

needed trigger warnings Lol

people are just mad"
jgundam83 #DemForce
"Obviously what

is good for the goose is not

good for the gander"
"Go away you can't

stay You got no more reasons

left to come my way"
"We were all given

to the state at our birth

by our parents"
"I just finished The

Big Bang Theory and now I

don't know what to feel"
"descending into

our own nightmare from this

twisted fantasy"
"you are the person

i'll never stop looking for

in a crowded place"
"The officers I

work with are concerned about

"nice papers today

is that a new blue fringe you

are sporting today"
"I would say impeach

Barr also but think jail would

be better for him"
"Avalon isn't

too bad actually they

have a McDonalds"
"He is reshaping

a popular character

in his own image"
Xenoblade X Lyrics
"Don't give it away

Oh please tell me Why must we

face such a hard time"
"i know i'm doing

the responsible thing but

i'm still so put out"
Joel Yates
"Also sounds good Think

these collaborative things

have real potential"
Nico Templeton
"I hope everyone

find their self in what they are

seeking in this world"
the don killuminati
"someone told me i

was too emotional now

it's something i lack"
"everybody been

getting this block button cause

bitch i don't have time"
Funny 1 Liners
"In my lifetime I

have been to thousands of Once

in a lifetime sales"
"extradite her back

yanks routinely extradite

people from britain"
"is it normal to

cry to metamorphosis

by hilary duff"
"Just because you've had

it worse doesn't mean that it

cancels out my pain"
Junaid rathore
"I agree with all

if I may add another

one approachable"
"Boogie Were you at

the event or just passing

along what you heard"
"In a great romance

each person plays a part the

other really likes"
"i hereby proclaim

that every character

is bisexual"
El Chupacabra Jai
"Who decided to

let me watch spooky stuff this

late at night alone"
"I replied Maybe

you're confused because I don't

have fine brothers Yuck"
"I kinda want to

go out on date but guys just

want to fuck around"
"You always seem to

steal the night no matter what

I just can't shake you"
"It feels better when

you can just get up and go

anytime you want"
"I really love work

calling me in the mornings

and waking me up"
"Anybody on

any other timing than

mine can eat a dick"
"Keep your promises

because promises aren't

meant to be broken"
"Is it suicide

if your future self goes back

in time to kill you"
"Our lifestyles are

so completely different

We could never lol"
"I can't remember

the last time I stayed in the

whole weekend feels great"
"The thoughtless rigid

morel when consumed will cause

organs to spray goo"
"Once I get skinny

I'm literally bringing

out my sex appeal"
"I would've found a

way to rally them back to

my house and keep them"
"DC finally

makes a good movie and y'all

want to get it banned"
"I'm not gonna Force

a single soul to speak to

me fuck this look like"
"My allergies and

sinuses are so bad in

the fall Like the worst"
"The tailor loosen

up my suit from the belly

what was he thinking"
"After finishing

school I thought I could move on

But I still could not"
12 Years A Side Nigga
"Do your nipples just

ever get hard when you look

at someone you like"
"Ok yea just hit

me up Don't even look for

me I'm not coming"
alexa | tixxo
"paulette deserves the

world and if u disagree

then electric chair"
"Reconnecting with

a friend after a LONG TIME

is a great feeling"
Mango [commissions OPEN]
"Salad update I

eventually just ate

it using my hands"
"i feel like breaking

everyone's fingers joint by

joint I AM ANGRY"
"Shit everybody

leaves you just gotta learn how

to get used to it"
Sandeep Autkar
"let's not be busy

only on Twitter action

speaks louder than words"
"You know you're getting

old when you can't wait to get

home and brush your teeth"
"I've never wanted

to go home to Liverpool

so much in my life"
"Also tempted to

do one of those like for a

starter I shall see"
Geniisel Campos
"said I had juicy

ass lips and that she'd you know

that's a compliment"
"If God had wanted

you to live he would not have

created robots"

it's not your birthday Happy

Birthday in advance"
"im gonna be the

streets for halloween she she

could belong to me"
"I've decided this

twitter is now a Ninja

Theory fan account"
"wait bring mamas her

here I just want to drown her

with hugs and kisses"
"social media

should be that last place y'all should

wanna address shit"
"oh to be lonely

and guilty and tired of

having to exist"
"I feel like flying

my sticky bra on I swear

it's annoying me"
Blair Santiago Peralta
"their faces it's just

so pure soft happy peaceful

contented in love"
"I suppose I'm not

a virgin Don't move I'm still

drawing a virgin"
"i kept saying tea

mote until i realized

it says te amo"
"I loved someone so

hard that I would try and put

the hurt to the side"
Pedro Duque Saramago
"Nobody ever

forgets where he buried the

hatchet Kin Hubbard"
"How are you going

to ask for y'all drink but want

it in a grande cup"
manda Happy3YearsSF9
"Aw man I'm gonna

watch IT tonight the first one

and I'm not ready"
Crub Xavier
"impossible No

Schad cannot have a juicy

ass erases it"
"Everytime this dude

posts his daughter it makes me

want one of my own"
"always awkward when

the liberal candidate

walks into the bar"
"Im watching Big Mouth

and I forgot this fucking

show was so funny"
"Finally had the

confidence to wear platform

heels casually"
Ramsey Nash
"party shit always

a dub in Daytona just

wait till homecoming"
"I've been neglecting

my own happiness for work

and I'm over it"
"Taylor Swift wearing

green is the best thing ever

happen for my life"
"i was overcome

by a frenzy of dusting

and now i'm sneezing"


sage - MARY DAY
"happy mary day

i'm tired i'm going to

bed i love mary"
"Everyday may not

be good but there's something good

in every day"
"I be missing my

baby soon as I can't see

her face anymore"
Jordan Beaudry
"I really hate when

people try and talk to you

like you're fucking dumb"
"People really choose

to be with other people

than their kids Lol wow"
"Going to go home

and listen to the new Nick

Cave and the Bad Seeds"
"I gotta know what

Devon is opening the

door at midnight for"
"i'm sorry but chris

brown can get all of me i

love you christopher"
"Josh surprised me work

treats at work and he is just

the best thing ever"
"I forgot how much

I loved Trust Issues until

Drake dropped Care Package"
"Feeling used But I'm

Still missing you And I can't

See the end of this"
Kat Spradlin
"Somehow this explains

what's fundamentally wrong

with our country"
"my toxic trait is

thinking i deserve to eat

out every day"
Tweeter formerly known as Ryan
"Women gotta quit

blaming every man for

their shitty father"
"i'm excited to

go to knotts scary farm next

week the valley sucks"
"It's a Saturday

night and I'm home think I might

go to bed early"
"How I have midterms

a whole ass essay and a

quiz within a week"
"If these hoes hurry

up I may be able to

catch the main even"
Golden Lovers
"I'm kinda lonely

but at least some of my friends

are talking to me"
"i'm terrified that

one of these days i'm going

to lose my best friend"
Hunson Abadeer
"only having one

friend is rough especially when

they work graveyard shift"
Jonden Walker
"Remember when we

got tipsy and said Lets play

Dungeons and Dragons"
Giovanni Perales
"Daniel Cormier

says something and the exact

opposite happens"
Wait... what?
"If any of this

is true it means men need to

step up Nothing else"
"The older you get

the more likely late night calls

are not booty calls"
Tasha St. Patricks Driver
"Wow Playing no games

I fear this man if we make

it to the next round"
"The cloth basket at

locksmith is as good as y'all

make it seem to be"
"does anyone else

wish their boyfriend would just shut

the fuck up sometimes"
"Always surprised when

McDonald's ice cream machines

actually work"
Russ Johnson
"How many days til

basketball Classic early

October question"
"for making me feel

like this but i just still can't

maybe as of now"
Ohio State 5-0 Ravens 2-2
"Hyped up Nebraska

and Michigan State and they

got smacked Once again"
"I like when money

makes a difference but don't

make you different"
Ron anderson
"Respect works both ways

complying is easy for

innocent people"
"Quality time with

my brothers and sister is

always amazing"
Sean Conroy
"This is tomorrow

night Or tonight depending

on maybe last night"
Xavier Foster
"Off white be killing

me with these fucking prices

man I love it tho"
Richard Summers III
"Dude I wanna talk

to this girl but she's under

Good Lime Bot
"I promise I will

return to this account me

it's not illegal"
"Majority of

the time or that step brother

and step sister shit"
Spin Wax Radio
"Now playing Don't Let

the Sun Go Down on Me George

Michael Elton John"
Stephen Maddox Sr
"Funny but Romney

is still knuckles under to

Trump and votes with him"
its an anagram
"the uncle had an

appropriate response i

see no issue here"
"Feeling down gonna

be sad hopeless romantic

for like an hour"
Ren | KiriBaku au
"This legit sounds like

something i'd do and now I'm

a bit embarrassed"
"It's a pity the

last point is the only one

Trump would care about"
Jason Delorme
"I sincerely do

not mean to reiterate

but What year is it"
"Excuse me is too

easy of a phrase for y'all

to never use it"
it's keenanbot
"teens steal things because

they have no thoughts or beliefs

of their practices"
"My celebrity

crushes always breaking my

heart this shit ain't fair"
"Stabbed my baby dolls

with pens and told my mom I

was giving them shots"
"I'll find nothing and

everything to do rather

than twisting my hair"
"Sorry for being

the weakest person I can't

stay any longer"
"I got power I

know I don't look like I have

power I'm chubby"
"Lemme find a job

where I can get my nails done

I'll be so happy"
Sophia of Naath
"Tickets to local

venues shows events and gift

cards from restaurants"
spooky dalton
"he said i'm driving

him loco he know i'm too

fly to be loco"
Prasetyo Anzery
"It is never too

late to be what you might have

been George Eliot"
"My mom texted me

asking where I was going

with my breasts all out"
"Sunshine is loving

truly dreaming we will warm

the boastful fish flows"
Lauryn's Mommy
"I'm Greedy I Got

Salmon Parmesan Crusted

Chicken From Longhorns"
Amraj Singh
"If u have Asian

parents ur legally not

allowed to have fun"
"Ms Karen bringing

me donuts in the morning

She love her some me"


"can't nobody do

it like you said every

little thing you do"
"Sweetheart this was a

tweet you definitely should

have kept to yourself"
Amanda Phelps
"this goalie has saved

our asses tonight Wow

this kid is stellar"
fairy of inebriation
"Ahh I'm so tired

but I gotta rally for

riot ten tonight"
"Especially if they

the reason that let it pushed

it to fade away"
"Tell Me Something Good

is the perfect song to play

during a review"
"So he thinks trying

to hide his corruption will

make it go away"
"jay bilzerian

is the best character on

big mouth change my mind"
"Bought a couple self

care items today and I

can't wait to use them"
Andrew Wiggins
"Really Not going

to Dallas Florida game

two weeks in a row"
"and I forgot to

edit out the click track ugh

how embarrassing"
Bharat Desai
"He thinks Bangkok can

only give Nirvana to

his satisfaction"
"This uncovered such

a deep buried memory

I forgot I had"
"it is never the

tears that measure the pain It

is the smile we fake"
Celebrity Respecter
"Michigan State fans

are really okay with just

shouting out Go White"
"Surrender yourself

to the madness too It'll

free you from the fear"
Karlee #NiceToMeetYa
"Oh Happy Birthday

Trench It's your first birthday Thank

you for a wild year"
"I wish I order

the comic book but I don't

have money for that"
your fav baby daddy
"It's crazy how I

use to see her at campground

now she's on tv"
Lady Catherine de Beckett-Rose
"I plan on popping

a pill crying a bit and

receding early"
diamond teeth shinobi
"When y'all was younger

did y'all use to eat flavored

salt or pickle salt"
"Stewart's arrogance

is completely unfounded

Drops passes all time"
"the only ring I

want buried with me are the

ones around my eyes"
Lilo my yute
"Wow I remember

when I could function with out

jumping double Dutch"
William Fredrick Cody
"The Sabres are so

fucking good The arena

is going insane"
"Teacher can I sit

right there This bitch behind me

is cutting my hair"
"then i realize

she's right there and i'm at home

like damn this ain't fair"
"Some people are so

proud to admit that they have

temper Why is that"
"think about it though

who REALLY cares about you

or is it just me"
Eve Batiste
"I need a boyfriend

to practice facials on when

I go back to school"
"A man is going

to do what a man wants to

do Remember that"
"She really looks at

you straight in the eyes when she

talks to you Love that"
"I played football in

high school college really can't

be that much harder"
Violet Myers
"I got recruited

through twitter for porn Shit just

landed on my plate"
"Tough game tomorrow

on vertigo we've gotta

give it our all"
"He really pulled the

I'm just disappointed card

You hate to see it"
"my sister is so

loud when i bang her i need

to solve this issue"
Professor Moore
"I followed Jae on

twitter finally and I've

never been so weak"
S. Williams
"Moles near and around

the mouth and on lips hit so

different Yes God"
"I imagine on

Black Friday there's going to

be some iPad deals"
"Okay I'm starting

not to be sad anymore

about the AD trade"
"do not succumb to

bad moods just because it is

not what you would like"
"Said I'm fucking you

tonight fucking you tonight

stroking you tonight"
"Anthony Davis

rolling to the basket is

a thing of beauty"
"Going to a club

is not a date argue with

somebody who cares"
Tom McCraven Jr
"But we couldn't live

in apartments that were in

buildings owned by him"
Alex Tolliver
"Here's my annual

The Lakers are winning it

all this season tweet"
"the loudest person

in the room is the weakest

person in the room"
"Fingers crossed I get

my second pitch approved and

I can my story"
"How is everyone

doing today It's good to

smile once in a while"
"Let's review now self

No to procrastination

and cramming today"
"Hard to go into

that stadium and win like

that a Texas fan"
"presses french fry to

phone camera eat Mr

fbi man eat"
"if we dating no

one should have the same access

to you like I do"
"The Nutcracker Ugh

sometimes I really wish I

kept doing ballet"
"One thing about God

when he see u trying he

gone handle the rest"
"y have a baby

shower when u can have an

abortion party"
komaeda oniichan
"Noses are antique

brass lilies are beige sugar

is sweet and so on"
"That one lasts until

they don't need it anymore

Well worth the money"
Auntie Fabulous from the 17th universe
"Definitely buys

more experiences that

equate happiness"
"I haven't seen my

boyfriend since this morning and

I really miss him"
"Scooby Doo fruit snacks

have that blue flavored one that

just hit different"
"Someone just slut dropped

to kiss by prince in the white

swan I am appalled"
"i love Joker for

all the same reasons i love

V for Vendetta"
spooky princess jas
"The debut showcase

is so soon I can't wait to

see super car live"
"Blake Baker should have

his office cleaned for him by

the time they get back"
"Me is singing the

national anthem at a

men's basketball game"
"I can't comment on

this because I don't want to

make assumptions but"
Canes Cartel SZN
"Some ugly shit but

moving forward we have to

stay with Perry right"
"The Honorable

Barbara Jordan was a

"When you're passing and

you see your guy with a babe

that isn't his babe"
"every time he

laughs i want to yell why the

fuck is he so cute"
"brad this is very

important question have you

seen the breakfast club"
"As Americans

let's stop putting up with this

"It's gonna be one

rough month hate seeing the ones

you love most in pain"
"I'm looking back on

my life and what's going to

happen next Paulie"
"When are we going

to the alter when are we

getting the baby"
"I can call better

plays than this All I got to

do is Ask Madden"
"you may be better

looking than me but i have

better heart than you"
"That is a very

scary thought but you are right

this how it feels like"
"the list of people

i holds grudges against is

expanding o h"
James Williamson
"Happy birthday my

friend Incredibly thankful

for our friendship"
"This look I'm about

to is probably the best

thing I'll do all month"
"What is it about

Marcelino that makes you

rate him so highly"
"it's really hard to

explain what right now feels like

but it ain't awesome"
Getting to Greatness
"Then they wonder why

we be detached She has the

right to say no tho"
"The only constant

in my life is that soup will

never be simple"
"Our offense should

play for Hellen Keller School

of the Deaf and Blind"
"Telling people you

hope they die of AIDS is a

weird hill to die on"
"Just got into bed

all comfy to realise

I have makeup on"
"message me just found

your visa on the street in

New Orleans No joke"
"The smallest thing can

set me off to the point where

I can't stop crying"
"About an hour

and a half until the flights

I'm so excited"
"Staying so close to

a bar wasn't one of my

wisest decisions"
"if someone loves you

and wants you around they will

show you that daily"
Steve VanVleet
"Gave up a Peking

in the block because that's the

bird shit tree parking"
"Everybody too

busy for you until they

need something from you"
"Baby I'm sorry

but you have to be a bad

ass photographer"
"Y is everything

and everyone annoying

me recently lol"
"received head last night

for almost and hour and

a half god is good"
"papa just prepared

my breakfast and all I could

think of was pure love"
"Everyone has done

something crazy before all

in the name of love"
Isaiah Harrison
"I would so very

illegal and dirty things

for this to happen"
"Can't mess around with

teams like this You let them hang

around you gone lose"
spooky shirogane
"excuse me mr

x is kicking my ass in

Monster Hunter now"
"im literally

dying but the good news is

my nail stuff is here"
"and never did I

think that i would be caught in

the way you got me"
"A wise person knows

that there is something to be

learned from everyone"
Jordan Maassen
"Offensive line has

lots of work to do We are

getting killed up front"
"Joshua Brown the

next door neighbor of Botham

Jean was killed last night"
Yankee Station
"Just the Hebrews in

name only Money is all

that matters to them"
Billionaire Drummer
"I wanna chat for

a few Got a few questions

Who's available"
Rev. Kobisonna
"They are not playing

Ludo on the other side

of the party room"
Jessica Hice
"Being alone is

better than being in a

bad relationship"
Forest Hills Ranger Football
"The FUTURE is built

upon the PAST Keep working

hard and dreaming boys"
Cody James Martin
"Casteel bobbles the

short pass and he needs to sit

the rest of the trip"
Drunken Frank Pritchard
"Only this one's a

city and it's being hailed

as a shock to me"
"Simple words make us

laugh and make us at the top

of happiness too"
"y'all are so fucking

confusing is joker a

good movie or not"
Bianca Loves Jack J
"Today I spent the

afternoon downtown with my

father I missed it"
"My baby daddy

was here yesterday and he

ain't come see his son"
"Another awful

pass but he still has to catch

that like Claypool did"
"Girl ain't nothin wrong

with you he just couldn't top

that Insecure ass"
"Am I about to

go clubbing on a broken

foot Absolutely"
"Somebody save me

I'm being offered Plenty

Arsenal Jersey"
"Everyone out feels

like I'm the only person

in roll on next week"
"I wanna go to

israel The food is so

good they have cute girls"
"It's better to be

a lion for a day than

a sheep all your life"
"Mamma mia does

it show again My my just

how much I've missed you"
"these officials are

corrupt The Company is

not to be trusted"
Abdulla Almunteser
"I always try to

but my friends make fun of me

i need better friends"
if you ain't gay girl go away.
"Once dated a boy

cos I could not date his straight

sister It was fun"
"Word to Mr Scott

I've been going through a lot

behind this glass tint"
"I miss samantha

so fucking much today my

heart is so heavy"
"rip my twin brother

franklyn you were the coolest

turtle i knew bud"
Sharon Bowles
"Fuck me some people

need to get a grip tonight

goes to switch off phone"
"shouldn't have opened

up those yearbooks im kinda

in my feelings now"
"Dan's wife is giving

Trash the best healing blowjob

possible right now"
"When my grandma died

I had to beat the odds and

it wasn't easy"
"That whole bottle of

beer went ALL in my face and

my eyes were BURNING"
"Really believe my

boys are the most well behaved

kids on the planet"
"Heading back home to

eat comfort food and watch Big

Brother And drink wine"
"I seriously

want to laugh in the face of

whoever wrote this"
"I'm starting to get

used to this life I gotta

go even bigger"
"As our lives change

from whatever we will still

be friends forever"
"When you're so stupid

you don't even understand

the point being made"
"what's my problem well

I want you to follow me

down to the bottom"
"Wish I had someone

built custom but loyalty

doesn't come for free"
Shinnosuke Tomari -
"Neither the zombie

or the cop could catch a break

Odd couple of days"
"can someone help me

set up a movie night for

my discord server"
Zac Armington
"Hawkeye fans shit all

over themselves just as much

as they do ISU"
Jenele Nickole
"My neighbors downstairs

are having like a screaming

match at each other"
The Loneliest Ooloi.
"My first Saturday

Night behind the bar Y'all pray

my strength in the Lord"
"u gotta know what

and when u can joke about

certain things like that"
James Roberts
"Rather gauge my eyes

out than go watch a rally

I don't get the hype"
Rachel Dolezals Missing Edges
"Those wig snatching skits

pranks are incredibly tone

deaf and corny lol"
"all these people that

shop at target got nothing

to do with their lives"
"follows me on co

star you have the signs of a

serial killer"
Jean Hallahan Hertler
"The Trump's are people

of integrity that live

by a moral code"
"nowadays i don't

find any interest in

temporary shit"
"If couples choice was

in m a's year what do we

think they would have done"
"In the evening when

the women returned weary

and agriculture"
"Feel like everyone

is turning into strangers

including myself"
"God actually

works everything out for my

good always thankful"
"I listen to my

gut more than I listen to

people's opinions"
"I'm seeing Ab Soul

for the first time next month shits

gonna be epic"
"Tyler Perry is

a Virgo and I want y'all

to reflect on that"
dan the hotdog witch
"The bride deserves the

absolute worst along with

her rapist husband"
Elliott Sayers
"Mad that my cousin

uncle and grandma have the

exact same birthday"
"masturbation as

a coping mechanism

i love that for me"
"This curry better

be fucking worth it or I'm

gonna slap someone"
Jol Collins
"Is there a version

of a A gaggle of gays

but for straight people"
"I wanna go see

joker but none of my friends

are interested"
"It's just those voices

inside your head You hear a

lot of bullshit Sad"
"Sometimes happiness

is simply having someone

to share a laugh with"
"My reaction when

he does it each time in the

regular season"
Simon Timms
"how was attendance

at the power platform world

tour in Calgary"
"is it finally

time for me to become a

fashion icon yes"
"Iowa football

is suspended until we

get a real offense"
"Whatever I do

good or bad I just lay down

in my bed fuck it"
"Why does everyone

look at me funny when I

make buck teeth Mom lied"
Paul Sandoval
"Been eating super

good But forget all that I

want some good ice cream"
ath is NOT going to any concert
"hope the people that

raised me are happy to be

the first to break me"
"the real question is

who drinking water that's been

sitting in the car"
"Not the correct way

to take a limb off a tree

but thanks for the laugh"
Dee Haskins #EqualityAct #KEEPACA
"Not basically but

blatantly Fixed it for you

Madam President"
"All I'm saying is

if a girl kissed MY forehead

we getting married"
"never related

to the caption more also

vanilla is great"
Elijah Ramirez
"Crazy now my ass

wants to go to work because

I'm so bored at home"
"Haven't forgotten

this Now an Autumn project

for the bonfire"
"The best moments in

life are the ones you can't tell

anyone about"
"okay i have calmed

down thank you everyone for

the support and love"
Unapologetic .
"I love my boyfriend

men though like they really treat

me like family"
"happy birthday my

love I hope you enjoyed your

day to the fullest"
"i don't wanna get

close i haven't been the same

since i loved that hoe"
"I'm always scared of

confronting my emotions

and I don't know why"
abdulla wasay
"I need a farewell

Before starting my married

life officially"
"I thought we wanted

to condition people not

to eat liquid pods"
"is anyone else

going to the manchester

joe and dianne show"
Sparkie Malarky
"Shitty weather out

tonight looks like another

Saturday night in"
"I'm not asking you

to win today but please at

least show improvements"
"what's your motive with

me baby 'cause I don't trust

nobody lately"
"What if each season

shows each song like one in the

rains one in winter"
"Cortes Hello New

Kid I have a question for

you if that's okay"
"friendship ENDED with

alex bowman now erik

jones is my best friend"
"Hustling backwards

is equivalent to not

hustling at all"
"The biggest lie I

tell myself is that I don't

need to write it down"
"sometimes i forget

my knows about this account

and watching me LOL"
"my feelings are hurt

i'm don't want to be nice to

people anymore"
Hanamaru Bot
"Since I was little

I was a quiet girl who

played off to the side"
Yarin (seeing Travis live in 7 days)
"People really think

that Bryson Tiller is the

best R B artist"
Dishier Wand @TBH9
"Feeling good about

today too about to make

some upsets happen"
"While neglecting the

Ukrainian collusion

with the DNC"
"No matter how much

a person try to kick me

down my faith stronger"
"At the bar showing

off my friend's kids I need to

have one already"
SCRUM Magazine
"Jaco given MOM

thoroughly deserved had a

great start to season"
"Nah being fat has

to suck You literally

wake up out of breath"
"Being rich is not

about how much you have but

how much you can give"


HIM C o m e"
Replicant Jo
"Vote on how many

days in chastity you think

used panties are worth"
"Why do I always

have to regret every

decision I make"
"I'd rather act like

i don't care rather than talk

about how I feel"
"Y'all think I'm crazy

but Florida is about

to get a big dub"
"Why am I seeing

a video of a brain

being dissected"
"It be awesome if

they get OJ more involved

in the pass attack"
"I saw somebody

snort beer last night very on

brand for Missoula"
Alecs Escobar
"Go listen to my

talented friend's filthy mix

you won't regret it"
Financial Flexibility
"Ok but hear me

out Have you ever stepped on

a lego barefoot"
"Revisiting Rain

In July A History

Of Bad Decisions"
trinidadian prince
"I think I'm gonna

let the social media

thing go for a while"
"You gonna sit there

inhale second hand crack fumes

Shut your dumb ass up"
"Lets be honest why

the fuck is he coming to

us not happening"
Matt Rogers
"I mean who among

us hasn't mistaken Van

Jones for John Legend"
"James Bond always tries

on different suits before

he saves the sad world"
"still want to listen

to the full version of the

ice cream cake demo"
"Be careful with ur

pinned tweet It says a lot and

is the first thing seen"
"doesn't matter if

chris is your bias because

he is your bias"
"Your family turned

me into a monster now

you're asking me why"
"He who reflects too

much will achieve little J

C F von Schiller"
Jonathan Brown
"Leeds really taken

their foot off the gas since they

won the league again"
Peter Hitchens
"Really I never

knew either of those things But

thank you anyway"
"I forgot who I

was for a sec Wont happen

again I promise"
"Thanks for agreeing

with me about it being

a clear penalty"
"A transitioning

husband and a wife staying

strong together Wow"
"The most important

things in life to me always

been shit I can't buy"
"Im proud of myself

my mom said im surprised you

ain't say nun I've changed"
"I didn't think I

would like our living room

white but I love it"
Brett Stevens
"I wonder if Ms

Jackson ever accepted

the apology"
"went to play billiard

with some friends and now my hair

smell like cigarettes"
Nii Odartey
"Am even praying

for your mental health and if

you can sleep at night"
"How far away was

the ref to not see him dive

in flipping Scotland"
"Remake August Rush

as a film noir TV show

starring Grant Gustin"
"Thinking about what

it would feel like to have an

all white friend group Sad"
Its Josu not Jos


"Hood illiterate

are not synonymous Please

know the difference"
"Nobody Me when

I see my crush in public

hey baby what it"
"They must be able

to support themselves to come

to our Country"
"I hope it's busy

at work today I need to

make my money cut"
"i really had a

dream about colby huh way

to start to the day"
spookie yoonie

IF HE KEEPS my im gonna

get needy again"
Add your name
"i'M aN ArMy bUt

Imagine how tired we

are with this bullshit"
"I'm not ready to

witness Tennessee getting

MASSACRED tonight"
Nitha ayunda putri
"Sometimes you need to

start all over again to

be able to Fly"
"Y'all wanna date us

fat bitches but only on

the under Fuck you"
"I hate working on

saturdays Oh well it's all

for tattoo money"
Tyler J Sims
"Simba let my dogs

out and got me McDonald's

Talk about a bub"
"Money Man got a

whole entire grow house this

man is a legend"
"I really like when

artist do cyphers I find

them interesting"
"I stats suffering

B brain cell D instinct A

endeavor thirst EX"
"the second i clicked

on your profile your avi

stopped flashing colors"
"ofc means of

course ahh it just hit me you

kids and your lingo"
"Very blessed to have

my best friends but people I

really cared about"
"Apparently the

world doesn't revolve around

me Unfortunate"
Diane's Sis
"I present to u

The wiseman land his woman

If u know u know"
"I just be talkin

lol don't take half the things I

say seriously"
"should've ship Justin

and Hailey and you would've

been getting fed too"
Hezbon Makori
"pole for losing your

wife Adelaide May you find

solace in the Lord"
"Sometimes we just need

a moment in our life

where we can let go"
"I hate being touched

but I LOVE being held or

cuddled by my boo"
"We're well aware of

what he represents that's why

decent folks have left"
Cara McCann
"only love can be

divided endlessly and

still not diminish"
"i wanna change my

layout but i don't think i

can top this avi"
Park Hill Volleyball
"Come out and support

breast cancer awareness and

your lady Trojans"
"Show us the women's

long jump qualifying not

chat and nonsense please"
William Rubel Jr
"I agree Like I

don't know how much alcohol

my kids can handle"
"Damn i just noticed

I can't take a nap before

the festivities"
"currently crying

they ALL are getting so big

and doing soo good"
"If Milner knew how

to shoot under the bar we

would be out of sight"
"Oh God I really

hate being on the road but

i love going out"
"Only show that makes

me cry ode I be acting

like these real people"
"Does anyone else

use lol as punctuation

Cause I sure do lol"
"What other people

think about me is none of

my business at all"
"a lady and a

man who knows their worth can scare

a lot of people"
"Chicago And yes

eventually but I'm

fine where I'm at now"
"My whole body ache

like I went out and kicked it

last night or something"
"Spring's my favourite

season since that's when all the

pretty flowers bloom"
A L ' A B A Y A H
"Missing someone who's

alive but dead to you hurts

a little sometimes"
"es the little one

with the cheekbones know the prince

is in love with him"
"I love whiskey and

if someone served me this I

would call the police"
"I had silver caps

wore khaki shirts w

black forces to school"
"woke up on someone

else's couch w my

converse still on i"
"this happened to me


"Always stay true to

yourself no matter how much

success you obtain"
"We are already

rich not in the case of war

racism or crime"
"I can't explain the

smile that appears on my face

when you talk to me"
"I'm up and ready

to eat a large breakfast and

then go back to bed"
"I couldn't even

type that last one with a straight

face lol I'm foolish"
"lol do you really

think I'm going to answer

your call fall back hoe"
"I recognise a

face such as yours What is your

name mademoiselle"
"Do you really want

to hurt me Do you really

want to make me CRY"
"Eating Cherries Can

Give You Zika Virus Say

British Opticians"
"Sometimes you just need

a little wishful thinking

to keep on living"
- sweet boy
"I'd legit like to

get this for someone so I

can watch her wear it"
"me watching people

I value slowly slipping

away from my life"
"Once upon a time

Lina the time witch left their

home Lina went home"
apparently it's my day
"And Luke deserve a

shred like the hero and son

of Herm s he was"
"Everyone wants to

be a beast until it's time

to do what beasts do"
Vivek Raghavapudi
"Somewhere someone's soon

doing their laundry with this

"It's funny because

this is the most they've ever

got carried away"
Wesley Deisher
"I wish I didn't

know now what I didn't know

then against the wind"
"I want a sandwich

with avocado on it

must have it today"
Aubrey M. Woods
"Sure hard being a

Spurs fan these days Don't send an

end game here either"
Text TALK to 43367
"If Zion has to

release his height Trump has to

release his taxes"
"I started working

out yesterday and baby

is in pain ok"
"My goodness I can't

stop dipping I don't wanna

be here anymore"
"Not voting too hard

to pick one of them Let me

know the result though"
"Gotta work a full

shift on my birthday this is

"Somebody said if

you had car sex you a hoe

well I'm a big one"
"who voted fae elf

energy you're so valid

and i feel honoured"
Aushailene Ragin
"Happiness is a

butterfly hits different

when you have a crush"
"Figuring out who's

worth my kindness and who's just

taking advantage"
Masami mostly ia

NOT I can't believe I missed

this Math I hate u"
"These freaking cats woke

me up I swear they can talk

in their own language"
"Bernie Sanders would

be dead if he was on his

proposed healthcare plan"
"Seriously doubt

we'll see a reaction but

here we go again"
"coming to the end

of their glory years without

a trophy in sight"
"i'm terrified of

being alone it's pa t

h e t i c"
"MI fans are angry

because Vector abuse all

of em together"
liana cerise plaza
"Baby girl has been

letting me sleep every

few hours thank god"
"Well only thing that

will cheer me up is gaming

and pizza tonight"
"Why is the only

person on the planet I

fancy right now straight"
kinak kelmar
"What are we gonna

do then That can't be good I

can't let you guys die"
"Charlton and Brighton

both winning reckon it's a

curse to play early"
"My need to visit

this museum just increased

"yawns I'm so tired

you are too Well then take a

nap You deserve it"
"Sunshine is owning

neatly being I will ask

the morbid rat sails"
Humbled Quise
"Yo mind gotta be

stronger den yo feelings or

you gone lose out here"
"Too bad boogie ain't

a rapper I want a song

written about me"
"they never wanna

discuss what triggered you just

how you reacted"
Asmaa El Shafiey
"You will suffer and

suffer till you become the

best version of you"
"I'm freaking the fuck

out right now I'm so goddamn

stupid and nosy"
Craig Smith
"I don't know whether

to drink them or put them in

my washing machine"
"Maybe the last part

was a bit over the top

but the main point stands"
"Trying to find a

balance between the inner

world and outer world"
Osakwe Michael
"Someone said Slay queens

troll yahoo boys online but

sleep with them offline"
Jacob Prothro
"When you misspell a

word on a good tweet We need

an edit button"
"Francesca you look

so mean why do you always

have an attitude"
Mel Roxby-Mackey
"Listened and loved it

If you love your history

it has to be done"
"People really turn

out to be everything they

said they wouldn't be"
"Bro running rec with

sucks I need shooters the big

carrying is dead"
Boots Poffenberger
"Canadians are

so much to do with our

foreign policy"
"Being harassed to

get ready brings on a whole

new level of rage"
"Waking up from a

good ass nap and then smoking

a blunt at this time"
UBN Gospel Radio
"Now playing This Is

The Day Radio Edit

by Lena Byrd Miles"
"How can my sister

see my coughing bares and ask

if it's mumps This bitch"
Fjolla Halitaj


"One of the only

days this year that i want gay

people to succeed"
gta modded accounts & services
"lord please protect me

from evil think the devil

just pulled me over"
"You fricking fricks Why

won't you learn THAT YOUR ACTIONS

Rachel Davis / LaLa Tigers
"Has anyone else

started Christmas eating yet

or is it just me"
"People do not care

how much you know until they

know how much you care"
Ismael Baur
"If you're waiting on

God do what waiters do Serve

and don't be idle"
"If this drawing flops

I'll start crying and quit art

altogether thanks"
"now doesn't he sound

like a person that needs to

be in politics"
"petrol I knew it

was expensive but now that

it's my own money"
"And those Fraser boys

who used to walk around like

they were so cool Jon"
Mother of Dragons
"Didn't I just leave

work how is it I gotta

go clock back in soon"
"sick of getting drunk

and not having my baby

with me afterwards"
"Well this sudden news

is quite interesting but

I will wait and see"
"i really do just

get salty then do shit out

of spite it's not good"
"Doing it for the

greater good Knows he must be

in the side next Test"
"Mr and put the

last people were the corner

of number four's drive"

is the highest kite one can

fly Lauren Bacall"
"being a father

made adonis bosso so

much more attractive"
Shreyas Acharya
"If u start talking

with a stranger he is no

longer a stranger"
Emily Tweets
"loving the songs this

morning getting me through my

slow morning at work"
"The storm is dying

closely laughing she will boast

the angry girl scares"
"A coyote is

always happy unless it

is a purple one"
"Exactly Candace

How much baby eating talk

do you need to hear"
"I hoped you wouldn't

come I didn't want you to

see me Not like this"
Wiley Aranda
"I almost had a

psychic girlfriend but she left

me before we met"
"there's something in the

air this evening as she came

walking through the door"
Charles Yadiel
"Empire Builder

Social Media Guru

"Other pieces which

are tough or the growing wants

of the new markets"
"they're only chilled in

the beginning show you how

they are later on"
"Of course they couldn't

find Wade he has time machines

time traveling lol"
"Too excited to

sleep It's going to be a

great day tomorrow"
"YA RABB Tomorrow

when we're beneath the earth make

it easy for us"
"A good privacy

Is now indeed essential

To be a free bird"
"whole album is a

vibe Just play it straight thru No

skips I'm telling you"
"I'm holding onto

you because I can't grasp the

thought of losing you"
"Stupid little prick

named rick who thought he knew shit

but didn't know shit"
"This is the second

night in a row I forget

to eat dinner FUCK"
"Harry Potter is

British propaganda made

to sell robes and sticks"
"what were they thinking

when they made I can't stand the

rain I wanna know"
"the only way to

get used to something is to

get used to something"
"These dogs are having

a field day with us When is

enough is enough"
"Quick and convenient

but will take over jobs soon

but what do I know"
"Probably did ask

this BECAUSE he was cheating

Throw em off the scent"
Sebina Mills
"Believe when I say

I will support my man's like

"How you gonna get

mad at me for doing some

shit you doing now"
"good night to river

barkley and river barkley

only i miss you"
"My car running your

car off the road so I can

fly off the cliff first"
"I honestly want

to wife this girl I can see

her being my peace"
Shinefest California
"very few tourists

make it a place where you can

truly have it all"
"Wanting to start a

metal band but rapping is

just lest tedious"
Sylvain Tenier
"Perfect is a verb

not an objective Thanks for

this inspiring book"
hot commodity.
"gucci socks go with

any and everything I

want every pair"
"I think leather pants

on ladies is gonna b

it for da winter"
"Formal events are

so exhausting and it's not

even starting yet"
"And please be careful

not to run out of ink while

jumping on Bounce Pads"
"i just wanna be

around my coffee maker

ice cubes and steel straw"
"And y'all women be

wondering why we don't shoot

our shot as much"
alessia met timothe AGAIN
"maybe i'll spill some

tea tomorrow or the day

after tomorrow"
Eirin Yagokoro
"The passage between

the Earth and the moon has been

severed by my hand"
"The Joker movie

was blah the ending scene was

the best part imo"
"When I'm not texting

the chat or talking to my

man I'm doing this"
"So apparently

I have a pimp walk I'm not

mad at this statement"
"Funny how people

only remember about

you when they need to"


near me or my dad"
"ros getting all shy

when lisa is holding her

Bryn Anderson
"My Asparagus

Tips would taste better if I

got a bread from you"
"I'm trying to be

your only one but i know

I'm not what you want"
"Being able to

turn assignments in late is

a blessing a curse"
"hello everyone

i thought i was going to

die the other night"
"People who you think

you can trust actually

give me the most stress"
"When nervous about

a day I remind myself

that it too will end"
abubro kosua
"My first accident

experience and I came

out whole Thank You Lord"
"people cum and go

that's how it is he had the

chance and he took it"
"I may be stupid

but at least I'm kind of nice

Sometimes Not really"
"Something I suffer

with and try to manage as

much as possible"
Hodor in mordor
"Big mouth this season

has made me really laugh out

loud multiple times"
"Glad I'm the only

one that didn't cancel on

Brooke for her birthday"
"Welcome to Charlotte

where everyone drives with their

fucking HIGH BEAMS on"
"i really need to

find a hobby other than

crying all the time"
"always finger ur

ass a bit in the shower

to make sure ur clean"
"Agree but a great

player boost for the guys from

a bench coach aspect"
"I be looking like

a whole different bitch with

my high curly bun"
"Big mouth was awesome

I'm glad nina and I knocked

it out in one night"
Kaintucky Passenger
"I wish my Mother

Marilyn Gilliam a

Eragm Canape
"It's really hard to

choose between what is right and

what makes you happy"
"ya new purses the

only reason ya daughter

couldn't cheer that year"
"once someone said things

won't be awkward but now who's

making it awkward"
"afterglow and king

of my heart would sound so good

back to back on tour"
Radical Meowist Communist
"Mint chocolate chip is

objectively the best ice

cream Fucking fight me"
nicholas scratch fan account
"sometimes i think my

chest pains are going to kill

me but then i live"
"Never trust a kids

in class who only fuck wit

u when u got gum"
"Ava really is

that child who really don't let

me do anything"
"I be listening

to Without Me by Halsey

like it just dropped Lol"
uncle jims worm farm


gotta wig the tea"
"If I truly fuck

with you there's no owing I

just got you like that"
yes chef /.\
"as i was leaving

my sister was like I'll c

u in the morning"
Haiku Murakami
"heart sleep could hotel

fallen gone nothing air ears

rang opposite cat"
"No devil i wont

believe those lies and i wont

waiver in my faith"
"You got something real

not basic you wanna get

with me stop playing"
"The security

guard playing the hits in the

country club tonight"
"After I take the

easy way out I'm gonna

act brand fucking new"
Denise Marcucci
"Boycotting stores like

this hurts the employees far

more than the owner"
"the person who did

my audit exam paper

must be an army"
"Anybody still

up on the east Cause I'm a

tiny bit lit lol"
"When Taylor Swift said

I'm not asleep my mind is

alive I felt that"
"To the person who

sees my worth more than I do

thank you i love u"
"Phoenix gotta get

her nails clipped she can go for

a dip tomorrow"
"Embrace your flaws they

say as several models

pose across the screen"
"And so Chandler is

now private I'm just done with

the incompetence"
"I don't agree with

everything he does or says

but I love the heat"
"Target You could go

in there for a gift card and

come out with a desk"
"Im going back to

brown hair as soon as I got

the money for it"
Krista DeFini
"I dream about what

it's like to not be stressed I

just don't understand"
"The forlorn group of

heroes how they cry The tears

flow like sad chowder"
haunted island
"Maybe if you look

at me the way you used to

I'd feel real again"
Working Class
"Damn Hillary is

basically President if

you think about it"
"What happens if you

accidentally don't go

to jury duty"
"I'm not ordering

Pizza Hut anymore this

is ridiculous"
"Give me the juju

and I can smoke crack for a

living just like you"
"You gotta learn to

be comfortable being

Butter Biscuit
"I gotta people

tomorrow morning Lemme

take my ass to bed"
"You bitches move too

funny and I don't have the

energy in me"
"yeah faking in love

acoustic playing in the

car is powerful"
cub sport bot
"Know I wanna be

your savior but I know you're

strong I know you're strong"
Henry & Laly
"Cool Ideas to

Decorate Your Teenage Boy's

Room The Urban Twist"
"Me saying im not

that drunk but my friends know I

need to go to bed"
Spooky girl
"Favorite hobby

defending clayton kershaw

from my family"
"All Hispanics please

let ya peoples know that I

sell health insurance"
Corinne Beltran
"When my husband brings

people over and my house

is a disaster"
Fatyma Amadou
"I'm alive in my

own house and I don't see my

parents complaining"
ISAnami hifumi @ 10/27!
"I almost drank the

water for the ice cream scoop

out of nervousness"

today was the last Friday

of the summer ball"
"my sensitive ass

can not watch videos like

this without crying"
clay in wonderland
"Sir how many times

you wanna kill me All the

time Hmm Okay then"
"It's not often I'm

in the back seat of my own

car It's different"
Reece Meeks 10/05
"He said I'd rather

be with you cause you make my

heart scream and halla"
"He's actually

worth it please don't let his weak

Twitter game fool you"
Michael Roberts
"That young Swedish girl

She has a lot of courage

More power to her"
"My nephew Emmett

is growing up and I am

NOT okay with that"
"I feel some empty

I just really can't believe

all them just for you"
"I don't use Facebook

due to the Russia using

it to elect Trump"
April Tedder
"Girls are going to

The Joker tomorrow and

I'm sad I can't go"


S S I N G"

posting It's not a faze mom

this is who I am"
"His father said that

Keaton has done so many

bad things already"
"you better tell them

hoes to fall in line i do

not play about mine"
My antics are always needed
"Going out alone

is something I feel really

weird about lately"
"I'm really in bed

earlier than I would be

when I have to work"
"I have never been

so mentally exhausted

in my fucking life"
Janice Feliciano
"I'm very picky

at what gas to pump in my

car Chevron only"
"It's like watching a

freight train hurtle down a grade

brakes out curves ahead"
"I don't really get

why the NFL doesn't

ban him from the league"
Stephen Brayton
"Fun Friday I used

to be a banker but then

I lost interest"
"I guess I'm doing

to Disney World and Harry

Potter World next month"
"Any dude who can

get so upset about sex

must be a cheater"
"How am I making

it obvious anyways

I don't think I am"
"No disrespect to

the old man but please leave this

to younger people"
"Bad seeding but I'll

beat everyone in my way

even from Losers"
The Random Dan P Rod of NJ
"Sometimes disarray

is organization in

a different way"
"Try anything and

see if the deity will

moan for him again"
Wild Twin Viking
"Jesus this clip from

a broadcasting perspective

is just atrocious"
"Every real league

has the patriots defense

already taken"
"This isn't something

weird this is an early sign

of anxiety"
"can someone bring me

a milkshake to work for some

reason i'm craving"
(((Kung Fu Hillbilly)))
"What happened to the

one that I adored She's killed

hundreds maybe more"
"When people pronounce

my last name white Please don't it

irritates my soul"
"It really doesn't

matter how much food cost im

going to buy it"
"my baby growing

up was teaching her how to

use a spoon today"
"We always have an

excuse to be on Twitter

And wishing for Stars"
margarita spooks
"everybody has

tea and im just one person

i can't sip it all"
Mr. Unbelievable
"The principles are

common sense which isn't so

common anymore"
"I could restore your

sight My price would only be

a very small thing"
"happily feeling

a thought of a bouquet in

the name of softness"
smackdown debuting on friday night uhh smackdown
"Charlotte breaking that

back on live television

we love to see it"
"In every joke

there lies a little nugget

of childhood trauma"
"Lies to everyone

with a straight face you should be

in JAIL Adam Schiff"
"I Managed To Keep

All My Feelings On Neutral

No Need To Complain"
"Everybody got

the same question was summer

walker a stripper"
Micaiah Galpin
"whoever has my

voodoo doll really went hard

in the paint this week"
"I went out today

all day and still no Louis

C'mon Universe"
"Yes but with papers

plans and other things that need

done I won't have time"
"Bout to shower and

take it down im exhausted

it's been a long day"
"i'm always changing

like some days i can't even

keep up with myself"
"Before you come to

twitter and lie remember

you're not cut like that"
"feeling very blessed

i'm so proud of forgive thank

u for listening"
"I want some sausage

from Juicy Crab but I'm not

trying to go in"
"Watching Joker makes

me wanna change one of my

Halloween costumes"
Okike Isaiah
"We are expected

to always serve the owner

in humility"
Timothy Leatherman
"My girl didn't post

me on national boyfriend

can't say I'm not hurt"
"FYI find out

if they're childish before you

invest time in them"
"the spaces between

us keep getting deeper it's

harder to reach her"
"you ain't fucking her

if you ain't grabbing her face

and pulling her back"
Andrea Robinson
"Honestly getting

ready is my favorite

part of going out"
Experiment 5-1-0-Alpha
"Black Fried Chicken don't

ask why a white guy has this

for a stripper name"
"How frequently does

osh score from his knees because

it seems like a lot"
"Y'all remember when

we used to do free hugs thing

Okay it's needed"
"I'm taking a trip

Sunday even if I have

to go by myself"
Regina Is the Good One
"People who have sound

on for keyboard deserve to

be hang at the dawn"
"I'm Not Arguing

With No Bitch Who's Still Ugly

From When We Was Kids"
"Shit don't always go

as planned it's all about how

you land How you stand"
IG: Felz713
"What Nigerians

y'all be dealing wit It's slow

boogie over here"
"god I really want

to know who that was but I

fear I'll never know"
"Cooked dinner straightened

my crib up I just need to

shower wine it down"
Persevering Salaryman
"No alarms we set

timers to the hours of

sleep we need like men"
"Isn't trump using

federal resources for

personal gain theft"
"Good night amazing

people Please don't forget to

pray before you sleep"
Andrea Gilman
"Someone just called a

snitch a whistleblower and

I got so tickled"
october joe
"i wanna see if

I can record another

video tonight"
gone girl.
"I've always hated

happy people who pass with

distinctions at school"