yigit. karacayir
"Programming is not

about typing it's about

thinking Rich Hickey"
"Trying to find the

energy for the gym in

the AM is so hard"
Not Easily Impressed
"Let me go ahead

and listen to some Adele

since I'm feeling sad"
"and i wouldn't catch

you hung up on somebody

that you used to know"
"hey danny good luck

in the Olympics I am

rooting for you pal"
a poet online
"Sandwich along in

Have have and be a to be

To be that in a"
obsessive // 5SOS IN 5 DAYS
"Just a casual

Monday at school with police

surrounding the place"
"I love having short

term memory loss someone

just fucking kill me"
Olukosi Olorunjuwon
"Climb the mountain so

you can see the world not so

the world can see you"
"Read this lovely book

on my marriage is a scam

by the government"
"free chubby girls cam

to cam random how can boobs

grow kirsten dunst now"

PASS I eventually

got the right one lol"
"People on Twitter

think they know but can't apply

that shit to their lives"
"Eye to eye contact

while talking dirty to each

other is top tier"
"I've been rolling my

eyes for a living and now

it won't stop twitching"
900 Mafia
"People don't even

be knowing when they running

outta TIME with YOU"
Vince Constable
"If you call soda

a soft drink or pop you might

be a psychopath"
"Not waking up for

work on a Monday made me

extremely lazy"
"I think i wanna

start to draw something like bring

back my old hobby"
"it's only but so

much someone can tolerate

before it's to late"
Urge for Rationality
"Goodnight everyone

if you want to say something

to me feel free to"
"That Amy girl acts

kinda weird I don't think I'll

like her very much"
"funny that Thomas

Cook was one of the best flights

I've ever been on"
Kerri Gavin Nolan
"Hate waking up in

a bad mood really sets you

off for a shit day"
have u felt special today?
"for mama this year

i want a medley from ooh

ahh to feel special"
Athena's Haikus
"Today marks number

Four hundred forty six days

That I've dreamt of you"
"One thing about me

is i always make away

i been all i got"
"Not listening to

you anymore You annoy

me too much x bye"
"I'm genuinely

so excited for you guys

to listen to this"
"I'm so ready to

be a serious uni

candidate this year"
Joy Isang Patak
"the picture moves when

you tilt the phone its that time

of the year again"
molly bloom ebooks
"Some time yesterday

Stephen said quietly and

his gestures being"
"am so hungry and

there is no sign we knocking

off anytime soon"
"My biggest down fall

been being good to people

who don't deserve it"
Jez Pescadero Morata
"I would rather die

than to accept sympathy

from the likes of you"
Steffy Tejeda
"Happy Fall Even

though since like August it's been

feeling like fall here"
"I'm having the most

messed up dreams at the minute

can they just stop please"
"I pulled my stomach

muscles and this last week has

been awful from it"
Muhammad Sattar
"I'm so exhausted

these last few days just haven't

given me a chance"
"The way he gathers

his hands as a thank you why

wouldn't I love him"
no boys like mia xox


"I do not enjoy

playing with LEGO bastion

skin It is cute but"
"Been drinking grand pa

since Friday because I love

"I am Daddy Short

and stout This is my spider

And this is my duck"
Simon Wilding
"I reckon Simon

Harmer will have a ball on

that pitch Bat first lads"
"Only events you'll

catch me at this winter will

be boxing events"
Kim Kil Whan
"The most loyal best

sex and honest Yet still no

one wanna date me"
"It's nice when someone

cares about you as much as

you care about them"
"I miss having my

other private account to

rant about stuff lol"
Noelle L'Eclair
"My manager is

such a useless person Work

harder idiot"
Christian Flores
"which celebrity

chef memorial tattoo

are u gonna get"
"Can't wait until I'm

married so I can get more

tattoos finally"
L Lewellen
"Best wishes for a

speedy recovery Betty

you awesome lady"
"Anglo Saxons can

deceive themselves if they want

but don't fool others"
Phoebe of Saturn
"It's amazing how

you find people with the same

principles as you"
naughty by nathan
"My family tree

looks like the Olympic Rings

Priscilla Chambers"
"She would know Nicky

is one of the most beloved

perverts of all time"
"I seriously

need to draw flip flappers art

"I just wanna want

to know what if feels like to

not be a virgin"
"South Korea is

the base currency crisis

is coming again"
Heather Smart
"What Do You Expect

From The Tories Media

Outlet BBC"
"I already see

it happening every

day God is so Good"
"I've been studying

without any distractions

for two hours straight"
"When God Unites me

with victor Im going to

break so many hearts"
"You ever get so

nostalgic you forget to

breathe for a minute"
"Happy birthday dude

hope your days good and enjoy

celebrating x"
Diana Isha Nduku
"Me everytime am

about to spend money on

something I don't need"
"I think he wanna

dippy the tippy then put

it on my lippy"
"if anyone should

try and find me just know i'm

where I wanna be"
"if billie isn't

nominated or is and

doesn't win no words"
"Showing affection

isn't my thing but lately

I've been on something"
"you're just going to

get hurt yourself you know this

won't end well Gar please"
"I'm disappearing

this week nobody will be

able to reach me"
Vanessa Booty
"Bless her It's always

your time Jodie but I love

how humble you are"
Ainnur Mawaddah
"I wanna go to

a place where there's nobody

but me and nature"
"The only way to

calm my mind is driving with

no destination"
"i've never wanted

to quit my job so badly

until tonight lol"
"You don't hafta do

this ya know I'll play with you

whenever you want"
Delaney Johnston
"Like I haven't been

eating straight out of the tub

this entire time"
"work that overtime

and starve yourself for a few

weeks and you'll be fine"
"What's a good product

that actually works for

dark circles eye bags"
Lily Laverne
"When are we going

to get this report Why is

it taking so long"
RapGame JessePinkman
"This thread has nothing

to do with the actual

tweet I hate you hoes"

want a life partner to smoke

with and play dark souls"
DJ Dick Grayson
"Listening to The

Cranberries actually

causes me to die"
alexis 16 ; 75
"this video has

fucking SENT me and went STRAIGHT

into the bookmarks"
Rusty Shackelford
"For her to react

that quickly this can't be the

first time it's happened"
"So how does someone

lose weight in less than a week

Asking for a friend"
Keylow Wick
"I'm pretty sure most

of y'all on my friends list are

fucking savages"
"gonna go nap now

and regret it tomorrow

morning adios"
"Sorry something bad

happened while loading this Tweet

Thank you anyway"
"every single

last one of you switched up on

me i need new friends"
"Yes I'm smiling but

sometimes it's just me trying

to be strong to life"
Alex Romero
"Can anyone please

help me with a math problem

I'll buy you food lol"
"Am I mistaken

No that's not it But what is

that girl doing here"
"Lol Nando is such

a dad now talking bout do

u need this light on"
"sorry u can sleep

on the floor i'm sharing my

bed with my puppy"
"I wish I wasn't

so allergic to cats Those

fuckers are so cute"
"Pregnancy hormones

a really have you thinking

nobody loves you"
"He blushed gently with

a grin B beautiful I'm

not that beautiful"
"Doing It Wrong by

Drake is the ultimate sad

boy girl hour song"
"Sometimes when one is

under stress the yelling is

frightening Peace Joyce"
"My therapist says

that im traumatized but I

think she's full of shit"
Oziel Trevino Munoz (Ozzy)
"Late night studying

plus coffee to keep me up

for sure till morning"
"No one Understands

how unhappy I am with

my self this shit hurts"
"Stop trying to meet

up and just pick me up and

take me to dinner"
"i like my woman

like i like my money green

a little jealous"
"Trees and ornaments

My Haikus are fucking dope

"I can forgive you

a thousand time but i will

only trust you once"
"I'm really over

not getting the same respect

"Just wanna shout from

the rooftops how merciful

thoughtful my God is"
"ain't tell nobody

i changed my number and i'll

wait a few days lol"
"There was a pubic

hair in my food and my car

was broken into"
The Baddest Influenyce
"Libra season is

here Along with fall Just feels

like death in the air"
Carolyn Klimp

let's do what Israel did

kick the bigot out"
"If people could stop

being mean to me for a

day that'd be great"
"so he's not really

a rapist he just didn't

pay for the pussy"
"Okay I'm going

to sleep and never waking

up It hurts to breathe"
Georgia Up in Space
"It was a fucking

experience You should sign

up and watch this show"
"Am I the only

one that does Mortal Kombat

with my gummy bears"
"The guy at Taco

Bell just told me it looks like

I had a rough night"
"Ah welcome back What's

that I am NOT blushing I'm

just flushed from the heat"
"Allah really blessed

me with the best siblings My

best friends forever"
"I was today years

old when I learned how to cook

noodles on the stove"
Blob the Bot
"Big Foot walked around

the Swiss countryside and chased

an ugly street cat"
"If I ever text

you drunk I apologize

i don't know that bitch"
"Just finished watching

power and all i gotta

say is FUCK TOMMY"
"Parents time to act

It's your kids what do you want

It should be your choice"
furious and fed up
"I didn't watch the

emmys but I'm so happy

for Billy Porter"
sailor pluHoE
"I'm ready to fork

out that to redo Pluto

entirely yo"
"i miss my baby

even tho i just saw him

not that long ago"
"i didn't watch the

emmys but i'm still proud of

phoebe waller bridge"
"Most walk before they

run Me I sprint i like the

"his daughter fucked me

up the most she already

knew what time it was"
Tainas Lil Brother
"They need a tiny

alarm on keys you can sound

off to locate them"
"Can this fucking night

end cause I can't listen to

this dude anymore"
"this baby and all

the others is why I am

"I wouldn't want Goff

or Mayfield on my team with

the game on the line"
"Only thing you'll get

is that I have issues but

I'm goofy as hell"
"Ladies if your man

cant drive Manuel the you got

yourself a girlfriend"
"Dear liberal male

thank you for your outrage How

does it affect you"
"I will always love

Andrew for his portrayal

of Moriarty"
"I have some tension

I really need to release

it's been a long time"
Shawna Trombley
"Jealous of girls that

are born with a flat belly

and a big booty"
"Finally getting

back in shape haven't felt this

in shape in a while"
"I'm never gonna

find the Cristina to my

Meredith am I"
"I am a Money

Magnet I attract Money

Manoj J Dhond
"In Trump's code language

it means he didn't get what

he was looking for"
Dust-Off Gamer Gear
"it's definitely

worth another reminder

from Mr Safety"
Kaai Tom Stan account
"O line play calling

jermaine Whitehead existing

That's your loss tonight"
"Sometimes your heart needs

more time to accept what your

mind already knows"
"It really hurts my

feelings when people I Trust

lie to me Like WHY"
"Being chopped in a

drive through is definitely

an experience"
"You know you're lazy

if you ask a chicken if

it'll fry itself"
"Ladies make buying

yourself new underwear a

regular practice"
"I seriously

feel like the world is working

against me right now"
"I didn't wanna

change you I wanted to love

you the way you are"
"i didn't know if

you wanted to be and i

was too scared to ask"
"ugh leave me alone

n mind ur business is that

too much to ask for"
"aye Lemon Mouth had

one of the best soundtracks in

Disney history"
White Bitch Trainer
"Spend thousands before

you cum It'll give meaning

to your orgasms"
Tiffany Duke Stan Account
"Billy look a mess

more often than not but he's

my everything so"
joshua schachter
"ok this chili

contains CRANBERRIES this is

not acceptable"
"That episode of

power was fucking crazy

man got me so stressed"
(Expletive Deleted)
"A dollar bill cut

in half is two dollars don't

let them control you"
Stephanie Gonzalez
"I honestly just

wanna catch brunch with my friends

and all that cute shit"
"The left in Calif

lives in its own world yet the

children don't know that"
"Me vs watching

vegan meal plan videos

while at in n out"
"I hate that feeling

when i miss someone and i

can't hug that person"
Harry Ramage
"The analysis

from Collinsworth on this is

champagne broadcasting"
"I don't trust people

who hide their political

"Do not come into

my life playing games cause I'll

end that shit real quick"
Richard Myob American Nationalist/Trumplican
"Couldn't figure out

what that was Perhaps some strange

"rip screw will always

b that song so many good

memories attached"
"Lizzy Caplan in

those Castle Rock promos I

You Don't Know Until
"That's all I'm saying

You don't know caring until

you've had an actress"
Sabrina Shukri
"Bitchy poop So a

bitchy piece of shit Like most

of society"
squilliam fancyson III
"Your fear of doing

something better will keep you

doing what you've done"
"Been Talking To God

A lot Lately Just Wait For

Them Doors To Open"
"Rearranging my

living room around Need a

different look vibe"
Harpreet Singh
"Is this a picture

from a circus in Houston

All I see is clowns"
"Imagine thinking

the Big Bang theory was a

good show IMAGINE"
"Thanks for reminding

me that I could upgrade my

phone annually"
"can they hurry up

and get to lead actress in

a drama series"
"Like I sacrificed

my nails hair being done I

think I can do this"
Kibum and Hayi Day
"Y'all always fighting

VIPs and everytime

im blocked or they're blocked"
"Safe Haven Gold Time

To Take Profit Or Add To

Your Portfolio"
"It's crazy to think

about how much Man U and

Chelsea have fallen"
"I always wonder

how to make history you

know move up a notch"
"Alright somehow I'm

losing followers for no

reason Cool thanks y'all"
"My biggest pet peeve

is for somebody to play

with my character"
"Coming to terms with

a broken heart I guess good

things do fall apart"
the EXplration | Semi-hiatus
"Ok I still can't

move on from how pretty Baek

Hee was yesterday"
Sowry to This Man..
"Mariah telling

Heavenly to pressure wash

her house has me WEAK"
"In hindsight locking

your kids away for their whole

lives is a little"
"like didn't the Dark

Knight movie already do

this exact Joker"
"Sometimes im such a

naive sheltered white girl its

not even funny"
Curreny Spitta
"M Ms spaghetti


"when uzi said i

wear jackets no matter the

weather i felt that"
"Where the females that

like they toes sucked on while I

drop dick off in em"
"You ain't gotta be

gangsta to get some respect

you get what you give"
"I'm trying my best

out here but I just feel like

it's not good enough"
"My memory could

be erased and I'd still be

thinking 'bout your face"
Izzy Nobre
"Basically yes And

incredibly some people

are defending this"
"my anxiety

making me chew my nails to

the nub yes baby"
"Migraines are the worse

especially when half the kids

wants to be A holes"
"Might as well Giving

everything and receiving

nothing is draining"
"my girl just gotta

be bad i'm sorry can't have

no ordinary"
Justice Smith
"I agree with both

but let's be real Drug charges

get more time than rape"
Conservative Thought Leader
"Put sustainable

handcrafted organic and

you've got a winner"
Krystal the Pistol
"I keep feeling like

I have to get ready for

work in the morning"
"Repeating simple

place Cause if this place Cause we

could turn back and joy"
han ceo of monoshin




"I remember when

I use to get dressed up and

do my makeup Now"
"My nephew uses

Snapchat like it's Twitter and

it's hilarious"
dustin tate
"Injuries suck So

sorry to hear this Hope he

gets another year"
"You don't care about

the pH balance of my

pussy and it shows"
Wayne Carter Homes
"What a beautiful

looking horse looks to have a

good nature to boot"
"After I drop this

baby I need a friend I

can be gay with lol"
"I'm fucking annoyed

I cut my finger and it

doesn't stop bleeding"
"crazy how many

people still wanna to sound

like Bone Thugs today"
"Sonic Highschool don't

exist then why are getting

pregnant at midnight"
"Everytime I buy

a Kit Kat I get a king

sized It never fails"
o emmy do bill hader
"ronnie lily was

one of the best episodes

ever made fuck this"
Chelsea Wolfe Bot
"For I have trembled

upon so many times Can

I even be saved"
"law really is the

best in the business no ones

doing it like him"
"My Acting Like You

Never Existed Games So

Strong I Don't Have Too"
"Why couldn't Satan

have made me less beautiful

Crowley at some point"
"Getting a facial

this weekend because I feel

like I deserve it"
Scouser In Training
"Been joking about

my sons for some years now but

little did y'all know"
Jimmy Pop Art
"Well you ask yourself

who do I want coaching me

Helton or Saban"
"so bill hader is

just dead to you people did

he never exist"
"Nothing like having

to piss sitting in bumper

to bumper traffic"
kaley graham
"I either need a

new winter time sport or a

new winter time town"
"the best part about

being home is pulling this

wig off PERIOD"
Luis Zaffirini
"Phoebe Waller Bridge

is a genius Totally

deserves that Emmy"
"Huh The President

and Rudy Giuliani

say it did happen"
Troy Michael
"I'm focusing on

only worrying about

shit I can control"
"Jay been walking round

the house counting and pointing

out his body parts"
chris delias sugar baby
"just saw hustlers

can't wait to steal money from

rich men one day too"
"I wanna cry but

I remembered I have a

lot of work to do"
"It's harder than you

think hey buddy I always

thought it was hard K"
"listen to beauty

behind the madness really

puts me in the mood"
"me i want pancakes

becca did u just say you

want texas roadhouse"
"When you can't decide

what outfit to where so you

just where all of them"
Preston mau
"Being obsessed with

someone that's not obsessed with

you is dangerous"
"I was gonna hurt

feelings but I'm not crazy

like that anymore"
"Honestly I don't

think people will even grasp

that tweet In due time"
Akiharu Kiichigo
"I don't have any

idea what you guys are

going on about"
"My daughter are such

good kids that at this point I'm

on autopilot"
"This bug episode

of Blacklist got me sick with

them bugs in that man"
Omega Puppy Memo
"Daddy sitting on

my face while he does homework

fuck i love sundays"
"Han Solo How do

we blow it up There's always

a way to do that"
"I WILL be going

to see a beautiful day

in the neighborhood"
Ando Drago Official
"Cultural social

entertainment themes issues

are my main source here"
Seth Murphy
"nah nah I wasn't

being greedy just having

fun on the last tweet"
The Car Furry (CEO of cars)
"Tell me Mr Wick

is this a formal event

or social affair"
Christina Marie
"Finally gotcha

out my bed but I still can't

get you out my head"
SouthernGirl #Remove45
"born in East Texas

I know exactly who what

is there Not surprised"
Governor of Greenland Kyle Ford.
"Socialism means

you'll die because there wasn't

enough insulin"
"Don't forget that thing

you wear on your finger and

the promise it holds"
Mike Tyson's little sister
"I always have to

get them fixed cause I never

find the perfect size"
Dominic Nullet
"Everything I care

about in football loses

breaks something or both"
"I'm trying to take

somebody fine ass son to

Sugar Factory"
"I wish people that

I know that have I message

will use it with me"
"I literally

can't believe the Bucs Why you

guys always do this"
"this literally

gagged me when i first saw it

fave people ever"
"My niece really loves

me And I love her to death

You hoes could Neva"
"not even know if


"Another Sunday

ruined cause the Eagles can't

get it together"
hoseok's alpha
"im literally

only a quarter into

this movie dear god"
"Im saving all this

money and getting a huge

tattoo mark my words"
"Some great games going

on Plus my Fantasy Team

is going Coo Coo"
"If friends w

fast passes are getting my

stuff WHY AM I HERE"
"Ready to get my

braces off so I can floss

and food won't get stuck"
crochet bae
"Mariah about

to beat my ass I know she's

sick of me today"
"You worried about

what people think I'm worried

about what God think"
"Okay but like can

somebody be possessive

over me like this"
Sad Monique
"I want to download

the update but I don't want

my phone acting up"
"Watching Hancock still

and always will be one of

the best movies made"
"I know someday you'll

have a beautiful life I

know you'll be a star"
"the people closest

to you be the ones to let

you down in the end"
"The Chiefs The Ravens

are the most Entertaining

teams this year by far"
"Bread bleeds human blood

when you cut it Scientists

can't figure out why"
"how did titanic

make people cry shit i was

laughing the whole time"
kyu young kim
"Witherspoon on cart

Does this mean we finally

get to see Verrette"
"No suicidal

shit but I am so burnt out

on life atm"
"This shot of Jagger

tastes like I'm gonna be late

for work tomorrow"
Marqui Garvey 10/07
"Born Nyack New York

Raised Nyack Tuskegee Now

Troy Alabama"
"Women tend to think

men like a woman with the

perfect shaped body"
"In the middle of

the night In my dreams you should

see the things we do"
Vanessa Ashley
"Might fuck around and

go into a coma so

I can get skinny"
"You see I never

stopped loving you even though

I couldn't see you"
"didn't we just say

no more fucks to give Thy fuck

garden is barren"
"Texas has tripled

its Missing Foster Children

Missing via courts"
"Either these people

are incredibly stupid

or they think you are"
"i had to create

a new account because my

last one was leaked p"
"I would really love

to see her in the White House

please kick his ass please"
"Name a song better

than I am You by Stray Kids

there isn't one Bye"
"They don't even know

I still got em if they need

anything crazy"
Clayton Bigsby
"You were able to

be a blessing to someone

else leave it at that"
"It was about to

be royal rumble at the

laundry mat just now"
"Tate been running for

governor forever when

is the election"
"you get prettier

as you get older how the

hell do you do that"
"Watching these houston

texans get whooped by philip

rivers and the gang"
mastered by nimbus
"becoming that guy

who just listens to film and

video game scores"
"I also have no

idea what sex this pipe

organ is sexy"
"Rich people always

got the answers what do poor

people have to say"
"So dry shampoo is

a product I needed and

didn't know I did"
Truth Only...Matters
"Pathetic You're not

Raider lore or even in

the conversation"
"I'm at Target and

I can't even remember

what I need to get"


Sir Meliodas
"My days of trying

to make people like me stopped

a long time ago"
"Emmy Oliver

is one of the best books I

have every read"
"i really need to

befriend females that like to

smoke as much as me"
"would've trade it all

for you there for you so tell

me how to move on"
"repairman I'm here

to isolate the gas leak

me nods bananas"
"no suicidal

shit but like sometimes I wish

I wasn't alive"
"Ugh the universe

is really pushing me to

buy it isn't it"
"Don't trust anyone

who doesn't drink coffee They're

mum still wipes their ass"
"I never see what's

been done I only see what

remains to be done"
"Pink diamond H me

man the clown parade really

went down hill this year"
"When I like someone

I get really obsessive

it's ridiculous"
Travis Cheek
"Is it too early

for a Giants fans you want

to talk about it"
"I'm glad my dimples

are still prominent but I

still have a fat face"
"Aul whiskey nose is

trying to climb aboard the

gravy train again"
"He PARKED the scooter

first It's so many things wrong

with this video"
hoisin noodle
"since feel special is

coming soon i'm gonna learn

the dance when it does"
"Forget what caused you

pain but never forget the

lesson it taught you"
"Don't think I'll ever

get over how gorgeous Chad

Micheal Murray is"
"I need someone to

cuddle with while rewatching

these for the nth time"
"not my friend saying

running her stan account is

like having a job"
"I need to rebuild

my relationship with God

and pray more often"
Ethan in a Nova Scotian cottage not doing my job
"I almost threw up

just reading the name please keep

it OUT my mentions"
"what happened to that

track you were working on in

the cut on the doc"
"Let's Talk Red Sonja

my first follow Guess I should

start saying something"
"i tied a cherry

stem w my tongue last

night girls come kiss me"
"Everytime I come

here I'm reminded why the

fuck I left this town"
"When you're trying to

show your mum something but she

walks outta the room"
Ndlovukazi Enhle
"When you so badly

wanna sleep but your mind is

on some F you tip"
"i want to cancel

whoever came up with the

term cancel culture"
"Even I know I

don't deserve half the shit you

put me through shameful"
"Although I get a

little time for research still

I am doing well"
"More accurately

if all choices are at least

per cent as free cell"
Kate Halliday
"Yo it's the hyper

man set overeating and

makin myself stressed"
"why you make playing

games so short now I gotta

keep it on repeat"
"im at the venue

early because why not is

anyone else here"
"I've been using the

word impasse a lot very

telling of the times"
"Today let's take a

moment to remember the

Hilton family"
"Holy can't talk to

anyone these days without

pissing someone off"
"i be wanting to

cuddle and watch cartoons he

be wanting to play"
"Anyone who took

the eagles this week did not

think anything through"
"Shannon Sharpe has been

roasting AB all day and that

shit is mad funny"
"If anyone talks

shit on Carson Wentz punt them

into the Schuylkill"
"I'm so happy I

have friends that support even

my worst decisions"
"I played myself I

jumped tricycle today and

there was no traffic"
daddy jm LA Oct. 12-17
"possibly the most

disgusted I've ever been

as an eagles fan"
"Imagine your own

family not trusting the

process crazy right"
"Today's band writing

session is productive We

might have something soon"
"I honestly can't

imagine myself pregnant

like I really cant"
The Caddictionary
"Okay yes this game

officially just made me

empty my bowels"
Chiaki Nanami
"Don't ever forget

about me Even after

you get out of here"
"Man people really

be out here on these dating

sites looking for love"
"And if it doesn't

go to Ariana we

will start the race war"
"Can white people stop

going to Cuba just to

bash on the country"
"I've been eating so

many junk food lately my

skin looks disgusting"
"when your mom doesn't

understand what you want to

be for Halloween"
Angel Krushnic
"Waiting for Ryan

for this really excited

feeling fantastic"
"my dad is going

to kill me once he sees that

i got my hair done"
"Strong people can know

how to make meals too bro just

throwing that out there"
"I'm real life depressed

yo I be feeling like i

ain't even got long"
"A calm is going

boldly needing she will cheat

the upset seal guards"
"I really for some

reason cannot like slick woods

for the life of me"
"Our receivers

love dropping perfectly thrown

balls in clutch moments"
"Why are the ravens

always going for two you

have Justin Tucker"
"People that feel like

they are entitled are so

freaking annoying"
"Oh my goodness the

remake of Fruits Basket is

so good I love it"
Chloe Carchrie
"Loved my first Roses

Academy camp cannot

wait for this season"
Adam Paul Cooper
"Seth Roberts better

have pushed off otherwise that's

"i am currently

passing geometry right

not how i don't know"
"D Waller is the

man Our sole bright spot on

our team today"
"Defensive backs need

to b replaced cant keep up

with anybody"
"I think Hollywood

has been targeted once That

tells you everything"
Future Vandross
"can you believe the

NFL didn't let you

celebrate touchdowns"
"its ironic how

hope keeps us breathing just to

kill us in the end"
"Its a respect thing

Exactly how you do me

is how I'll do you"
"The fog is dreaming

sharply aging she will share

the nuanced sloth scares"
"Our defense and

offense just REFUSE to play

well at the same time"
"that when i swallow

the seeds of grapes it will turn

me into a tree"
Mem Boysenberry
"Anyone else not

start Phillip Lindsay or am

I the only one"
"I don't wanna come

to you're party I just want

the invitation"
da king bitch
"y'all remember in

high school I rode the bus home

and forgot I drove"
"Haven't had my first

exam yet im already

Tb dropping out"
"sucks when people think

u being an asshole when

u really just shy"
Whats a Suspension to a Free Nigga
"I got suspended

and spent all morning watching

Love After Lockup"
Honoka Kousaka
"the little bird has

fallen into the sea it's

a day to make out"
"I don't even know

where to start to make things the

way it was before"
"fondly remembers

master division like a

summer memory"
"just because your team

has been losing don't mean you

gotta hate the game"
"It's almost as if

he's afraid some whacko might

show up with a gun"
Romell Dawkins
"Leveraging your time

and money is one of the

best things you can do"
"Sometimes you enjoy

your own company and its

not called loneliness"
"I'm not even in

school anymore I still be

"The culinary

world is a little less full

today Rest In Peace"
"Obviously the

cunt is still concentrating

on hitting woman"
"Ready for it to

get cold outside I wanna

get my hair straightened"
Neutral Good
"Pablo Reyes is

attacking me with foul balls

and I don't love it"
"Im not betting with

Atlanta anymore Matt

Ryan is pure trash"
Canto Bight Dispatch
"Check out our friends

over at The Geek Dudes We

like them very much"
"All power to him

Like AB said different strokes

for different folks"
yelhsa elyoc
"Update the mom just

threatened to hit the kids once

not wanting to ride"
Mike Bibbins
"Y'all thought the Ravens

were thirsty for Ramsey for

no reason huh lol"
"People will wait till

you die to love you So love

yourself with each breath"
"Constantly dodging

the grave the world is a cage

planet of the apes"
Charles Fletcher
"Excellent record

Just shows you should even trap

on the rubbish nights"
IG : @kedisbeatbar
"I don't wanna lie

Thursday's yoga class is still

handling my body"
#1 U.S. Sens Fan
"Bengals need to get

Dalton out of this game He's

utterly useless"
Randy Sharp
"TY money in red

zone Can't double him with all

these other weapons"
"Like I'm serious

but I'll make it funny so

it's digestible"
"went well emery

is a scum tho leave my club

man emery leave"
"I gotta learn to

stop talking to people who

ain't really for me"
"Hello it's nice to

see you don't forget to eat

your favorite food"
"Well maybe just shut

the fuck up and try to get

the point of the tweet"
"anatomy is

really making me question

my choice in major"
Matt Devlin
"Wentz is our best

defender today This shit

is fucking garbage"
"I'm not trying to

be a old mama lol but

the way it's look sis"
vaughn mcclure
"Thank Kendall Sheffield

s speed for not letting the

Colts break that kickoff"
"Translators job must

be so difficult in such

impromptu speeches"
"I've thought about this

my whole life and boy am I

happy to see this"
"instead of trading

for Ramsey can we trade for

a medical staff"
"should i start streaming

on twitch lemme know if i

should and if you'd watch"
"It's not okay It

will never be okay You

just don't understand"
"Not many things I

enjoy more then getting drunk

and watching jackass"
grace sippel
"people who use light

mode on twitter are crackheads

that's right i said it"
"I knew it wasn't

done with good intentions but

now I really know"
"some people just have

to learn how to control their

feelings and mood swings"
young dolla
"Walking around home

goods makes me want to re do

my entire house"
"Things I know about

healing Speaking kindly to

yourself helps a lot"
"Matty we gotta

slow down with all these picks when

we're about to score"
"People a full time

med student and working full

time is a struggle"
"okay but when is

derek wolfe not injured is

a better question"
"Why the fuck aren't

Sidney Jones and Maddox the

starting CBs"
"if I never speak

again I just thank God I

got to speak the truth"
"I haven't really

heard much of Brandon Williams

so far this season"
Kristopher Robhim
"The energy at

sporting events is great Such

a good atmosphere"
"sigh i'm sorry but

i mean every WORD i

mean every word"
"This long offensive

drive will help our defense

who clearly looked gassed"

for anything I posted

on my snap last night"
Maritza Muniz
"Updates can someone

let me know are they giving

big brother today"
"finally starting

madame x i know it'll

be a good album"
"bev apologists

in my replies imagine

how tired i am"
"Joe Willock is so

good should start for Arsenal

every week o"
James Hartzog
"Heath for the cowboys

should be charged with attempted

murder Holy crap"
Princess Diamond
"That sweet Italian

Al fresco chicken sausage

is fucking slamming"
"Lovin hurts loving

can hurt sometimes I'm angry

but I still love you"
"An average squad

player at Chelsea would be

a starter for us"
"he's the only one

that turns out like that luna

luna is Curse free"
"Grace is gonna get

second today Speaking it

in to existence"
"switched my baby from

formula to almond milk

and so far so good"
"momma told me i

was different even when

i was a baby"
"She the only one

that can put me in my place

when I'm in the wrong"
"Playing w

dude your truly bonded with

elevates your play"
"I am sorry that

I am bad but I loved you

with all that I have"
"I don't even know

what I'm doing wrong but I'm

letting myself down"
"I want last seasons

defence back We are way to

complacent this year"
"you ever get so

mad you piss in a jar and

throw it at someone"
"The family man

is a great series But cast

could have more better"
"The queues in London

City Airport are insane

What's that all about"
"alright time to take

a social media break

while i prep for this"
"Happy Birthday Tom

You will always be my most

favourite bad boy"
"Thank you for giving

that pen for Pepe I hope

he can kick on now"
"If anyone called

me mamas I think I would

definitely melt"
"I need Dominick

over here to clean this room

ion feel like it"
"My sleeping schedule

is messed up now it feels like

im malfunctioning"
daniel smith
"is incompetent

and unfit to be in the

position he holds"
"How did McDonald's

give me two large fries instead

of a drink and fries"
"I told my mummy

not to bring house girl See now

she is vomiting"
"no i won't fire

again you won't be able

to stand to get me"
"I be looking at

pictures of myself like bitch

I'm really pretty"
"toxic parenting

can really effect children

when they get older"
paul rudd stop aging pls
"i just wanna waste

money and not be broke is

that too much to ask"
"She saw your heartbreak

and she's on defense mode now

She's protecting you"
"playing a risky

game eating my curry in

this white t shirt me"
"So my neighbors got

two new puppies and refuse

to pick up their shit"
"Fools who don't respect

the past are doomed to repeat

it Nico Robin"
"Making fun of my

communication skills is

not funny AT ALL"
"I had forgotten

just how much of a camp fest

CoD is Silly me"
"i was a pretty

shit person before but like

i hope im not now"
The Simtographer.
"It's almost like he

makes movies because he wait

for it ENJOYS IT"
"I'm just so fucking

close to buying myself a

pack of cigarettes"
"Be very aware

all u terrorist u r

end is coming soon"
W i n t e r || J e w e l
"I've never been to

Lake Hefner and I live right

down the road from it"
draenea istar
"it's literally

so great being ignored like

there's nothing better"
"If a woman loves

you really she will love your

kids from your first wife"
Faye Fletcher
"trying to make her

work but also knowing no

one really likes her"
Mehul A. Mehta
"Also ADD To solve

the Flooding on Railway Tracks

on Low Lying Roads"
"usually i

lean on my own shoulder when

i'm going through it"
"I smile because I

have no idea what the

fuck is going on"
"Chelsea getting a

taste of our medicine

Shit isn't it lads"
"Get this useless guy

gone man I never wanna

see his face again"
Ahmed Mohamed ((ASMALi))
"Liverpool are the

playing some sublime football

I feel for Chelsea"
Maimun Ismail
"im sick of people

screaming into the mic and

calling it singing"
"Y'all calling Shannon

Sharpe a coon will never not

be funny to me"
Connie Mennie
"Diner breakfast Eggs

Benedict had fried eggs Who

does that Sacrilege"
"i'm hiding in a

grocery store i fucking

hate this go away"
"Stop being afraid

of what could go wrong and think

of what could go right"
"I need a very

long vacation and go far

away from my life"
"Lol people hate to

get called on their bullshit It

hurts them to the core"
"i'm just gonna say

it i miss the og salute

"If Arsenal lose

or draw against Villa then

there is something wrong"
"I've been meeting some

incredible people in

this phase of my life"
Collect Trade
"Someone please take this

dudes phone computer iPad

whatever away"
"NFL AB You're

Fired AB You can't fire

me because I quit"
"sleep schedule ruined

self esteem low body hurts

life a mess yee haw"
"i wanna cry so

bad he is hurting and i

cant do anything"
"Proctor became my

favorite character on

the show over time"
Official Sir Clement
"Ed Woodward must sack

himself first before thinking

about sacking Ole"
"I literally

just mentioned sugar daddy

mommy earlier"
"Do I care about

what you think of me N O

O o o o o"
"Been drinking tea and

honey for a week straight I

refuse to get sick"
"this person is not

in a good mood so back off

and do not disturb"
"do i gotta fly

to Singapore just to watch

Lia flex on me"
Kea Motlokwa
"I want my mother's

food and that's exactly what

I'm going to eat"
"it would be highly

appreciated if y'all

stop spoiling power"
Ke'Shawn Ledet
"LOL it is funny

how Big Ben is not trending

but Kraft and Sharpe are"
"My WiFi isn't

working so I can't update

on Twitter a lot"
"yea my favorite

day of the week when you are

on media buzz"
"He should've just moved

fuck I hate white people I

would've did the same"
CASEY K - Female Sports Photographer/Sports Media
"best thing Apple has

ever done for me is make

the dark mode option"
"I think United

might be worse now than they were

under David Moyes"
Neighborhood Chri$
"This guy has latex

gloves on at the gym Practice

safe exercises"
"I shouldn't be so

attached because we live in

two different worlds"
Mandu Dooley
"i hate my goddamn

sisters they fucking suck and

are so fucking rude"
"gemini vodka

is my spirit animal

i really felt that"
"Exactly what I

said in that academy

thread in the summer"
Olawumi Oluwatomi Abayomi
"I pray u injure

for the rest of the season

U are a bastard"
"Anybody in

the queue for fly right now cause

fuck waiting in this"
"I feel so alone

honestly someone get me

out of my own mind"
self.care.mwa on ig
"i'm going to stand

outside so if anyone

asks i'm outstanding"
Oliver Rounding
"Years behind city

and Liverpool the kids are

fucking rubbish ole"
"Ole tactics to go

out and play a relaxing

game with no pressure"
"Absolute fucking

disgrace of a club From top

to bottom Shambles"
Momma Valerie
"Did you hear about

the circus fire It was

in tents ha ha ha"
"Can Chelsea fans can

we banter united yet

Asking for a friend"
"Always making sure

he looks at his best What a

dutiful partner"
"This isn't even

the worst it's going to get

this season shambles"
"if you run double

center and bully the guard

just delete the game"
Yaw Adjei-Mintah
"Lingard trying to

play in Daniel James on goal

got me tearing up"
"once i see lana

del rey live in concert it's

over for u hoes"
"Does anyone else

ever get so mad from a

dream they just wake up"
"Even Juan mata

fucking useless now little

tapas eating cunt"
"Agreed but player

power exists everywhere

in modern football"
"You're not gonna have

me out here looking stupid

I promise you that"
Jamila Jackson
"This Air Fryer is

Godly Pork chops from this to

THIS Nathan Proctor"
"Found some really cute

cases for my new iPhone

on Ali Express"
Seyi Dinma Samuel
"This one na either

dodo or the two of them

are disturbed adults"
finn skywalker rise bitch
"Snickers If you miss

it just eat some nuts with your

Milky Way next time"
"I'm sorry but if

you like Sushi then you are

a complete weirdo"
"My boyfriend said he

never goin to right spot wit

me ever again"
"All I just really

want is to get to the top

This just it just it"
Naresh Chowdary
"If heaven and hell

do really exist then we

all are immortal"
"the bus is Empty

but where do the two boys sit

Right Behind Me thank"
"presenting a case

on alice cullen being

bi to my boyfriend"
"Summoning circles

are for summoning demons

and dark entities"
"nah curious cat

is annoying damn stick this

up ur ass i'm done"
"The officials who

did should ask their daughters and

wives their opinions"
"is thriving in New

York and I'm happy for her

That's it that's the tweet"
Everythang Memphis
"I haven't even

made it to work yet people

wanna piss me off"
truth @ I WANNA PLAY D&D!!
"Do u imagine

a love live series but with

boys think about it"
"man motivation

evacuation llama

smile is general"
"someone spend the day

me go on a walk and to

the movies then food"
Emma Leigh Wright
"sausage bean and cheese

melts from greggs are honestly

so superior"
"If we can never

meet again I wish you'd at

least made me hate you"
billie eyelash
"Want someone to be

as obsessed with me as Pep

is with Liverpool"
Ivan Mckenzie
"I've got your picture

in my wallet and your phone

number to call it"
"If I seen something

like this in person I'd have

a panic attack"
im oriarty.
"So angry Is that

the honeymoon not being

so satisfying"
The Ridings Centre
"Happy to support

this and looking forward to

the coffee morning"
"A day w

out a conversation with

you is so damn hard"
"Stop lying about

climate change Talk to a real

"Why can't I whistle

My head is literally

shaped like a whistle"
tessa thompson
"of love songs tired

of love songs tired of love

songs tired of love"
"Not going to church

today I just can't find a

good church that I like"
"always makes you feel

personally attacked But

in a good way lol"
"im craving for hot

and spicy food anyone

please recommend me"
Mary Ann Arlotta
"Lying about what

Who cares And at least he won't

sell out this country"
"to everyone who's

discouraged you can do this

i'm rooting for you"
"yes I probably

eat too much do I care yes

but will I stop no"
"So he's better than

you And stacks more paper and

gets more hoes than you"
"Frank Sinatra and

notorious Big fusion

are heavenly mahn"
"You ever wonder

about the things we don't know

about in this world"
"some girls believe in

fairy tales but don't believe

in themselves how sad"
"Arsenal better

win this game for you to have

all the bragging rights"
Wndl Bl-specified service tradesperson
"I got it without

endorsement but before Barr

could make sure I don't"
Martin Jourdain
"Some of the basic

skills in this rugby union

game are atrocious"
"I've been rehearsing

our duet Should we do

some vocal warm ups"
"Is there any beer

left in Madison There's a

Packer game today"
"Everyone wants to

be Understood but No one

wants to Understand"
Lex Robinson
"This is going to

be a very silly day

please come if you're free"
"I watched Atonement

last night and let me tell you

"You know that coffee

is strong when you take one sip

nearly shit yourself"
"good morning to cat

owners only rest of you

can have a bad one"
"I am Daddy Short

and stout This is my flute And

this is my spider"
"ok so did the

Chimera Ants wear clothes are

was that just their skin"
"its kinda hurt when

writing a song for the love

that just fades away"
"Sometimes I think I

really need to move out Need

a place for myself"
Crumbs Magazine
"Tickets are flying

out Book now to ensure you

can sit as a group"
"ad gonna serve her

look this sat and i just I

"I bitch ever play

with me I'm snatching that shit

off with all my mite"
"I'm running away

from my past but it's chasing

me in my nightmares"
"ok but why do

men care about their dick size

i don't understand"
CEO of Finland
"the people who say

finland is fake sweden should

be burnt on a cross"
Ernesto Zeledn
"We share coffee on

the weekends Now I see you

only in my dreams"
"would definitely

make the hour drive I love

Nola anyways"
"I'm trying sleep why

my nana come in here and

turn the tv on"
"Winter is wailing

lightly caring you will risk

the run down man leaps"
"The only reason

I'm not sleeping right now is

that it's very hot"
"Your hatred for me

is quite unhealthy not to

mention one sided"
"They was sayin' I

was cocky I don't feel like

I'm cocky enough"
"I'm proud of myself

for having a part time job

while still in college"
"No one can ever

make me feel bad about a

talent at your club"
Anthony Sharwood
"But instead he's in

legal and or sporting hell

Oh the irony"
Ebo Quansah - CEO [REGAL EMPIRE]
"I can play knowing

I am whooping some kid's ass

half a globe away"
"Reminder Watching

Top Boy has not made you clued

up about the streets"
"Happy birthday to

the player who made me fall

in love with football"
"Ladies go make him

cum I've tried for a bit and

can get him to burst"
Bangkok Bacon
"What did Zimbabwe

have before they had candles

Babatunde Sanni
"I'm a sucker for

intimacy so I can't

have that randomly"
"pepe the frog the

ultimate persona of

the meme arcana"
Shailendra Singh

all the time you get award

for great noble work"
"if you expose you

get zero texts and calls for

an entire week"
Doro(bot)hy Parker

is a wild elbow and a

disciplined body"
"the only thing that

makes me happy right now is

the Rugby World Cup"
Interweb Crier
"Juan Williams at is

phenomenal for our

amazing ranchers"
olivia benson
"that reassurance

hits difference when you don't

have to ask for it"
Vita Iskandar Muda
"You'll never know what

you missed out on unless you

put yourself out there"
"Don't feel stupid if

you don't like what everyone

else pretends to love"
"the audacity

to act like you're the victim

wow i'm out of words"
Kanga Ghost
"Aus is gonna have

to start implementing break

timers between sets"
"amazing pres schmutz

pres cruz shared the same quote by

pres nelson today"
"Maybe creating

a checklist will do me good

I'm so forgetful"
"I haven't read a

book in hard copy in such

a long time feels weird"
"I really need to

start back using this account

since it's open now"
"Lighter Complexions

And Longer Green Neither Worth

What They Used To Be"
"None of these grownups

just decided to stop and

save this child Humans"
"I've been holding back

tears while you're throwing back beers

I'm alone in bed"
Martin Evans
"And another try

but easy for Ireland

forwards looking strong"
"Could've at least gave

it good for the last time my

guy that shit was weak"
james smith
"Hello stud can I

suck your dick lick your ass and

then fuck my brains out"
"The second I step

foot in another country

I will declare war"
Peter Cronau
"Wondering what the

US administration could

want from Australia"
"update im engaged

and rely solely on

my fiance rip"
the peasants got woke
"People really went

and followed Duma on his

new account Girl I"
"The post concert was

amazing he can really

give a performance"
"First a opossum

breaks into taylor's garage

and now a raccoon"
"How is this party

surviving Which idiots

are still funding it"
Arelis Castro
"I would really love

to be asleep right now but

umm that's not working"
"abolish prisons

except for people who honk

at learner drivers"
"hiatus so you're

telling me i'm about to

go thru it again"
"Just because I feel

fat doesn't mean I shouldn't

eat my leftovers"
Humming BigBird
"You have got only

two kidneys Don't trade it with

iPhones It's not worth"
"if irene really

attends paris fashion week

i'll be losing it"
"Of course Falling for

beautiful women is what

we cavaliers do"
"the BEST compliment

EVER is that somebody

loves your energy"
"Can't complain about

the way people treat you if

you keep letting them"
"i bought another

plant this has been the peak of

my adolescence"
N-Metal Respecter
"Using string to get

into the nooks and crannies

between my mouth bones"
Adam Campos
"Born in Oakland CA

Raised in Hercules CA Now

in Hercules CA"
"The rain is starting

quickly dying we will come

the safest fish ends"
"just found someone that

stole one of my old headers

"No one cares about

Clovis huh not even on

Steven Kings birthday"
Morrison is hiding.
"Run away Drew Run

away like you always do

Run away and hide"
la douleur exquise
"no matter how much

i love katya kennedy

won the roar lip sync"
"he's completely sure

and he thinks a lot about

her like well a lot"
"alright i'm back from

hiatus what'd i miss

in the past two months"
"y'all run every

meme into the fucking ground

it's so annoying"
"I just wanna be

kissed all the time like Harvey

kisses Sabrina"
"Ladies It's Chelsea

boot season Be careful out

here Protect yourself"
"late destination

international mental

sing house element"
Evadne Spinifera
"I was trying to

come up with something to say

but I have no words"
"But not gonna lie

if he's in varsity he's

also the cute one"
The Black Jackie
"Me being direct

and telling him I want a

lil razzle dazzle"
"tapping back into

the old things i used to love

feels like a rebirth"
"I wanna go to

a concert but nobody

wants to go on tour"
Patriot Mel *Kemi 4 AFP*
"Ok I finished

twas cute but in I'll watch if

im bored kinda way"
The Messages
"Wanted to send a

follow up on if our

aches are lead High five"
Kerri Purcell
"I always wake up

SO earlier whenever

I'm away from home"
"Go figure as soon

as I lay down to try and

sleep I'm wide awake"
Erica Lubman
"Hey everyone just

found out that the New Knicks means

New York New Yorkers"
Taylor Spirito
"Can y'all believe I

get to call this beauty my

best friend Me neither"
"My broke ass sister

always getting smoked out then

leave and go to sleep"
Cody's Subtweeter
"Dodgers walking it

off of real disaster and

people's ruined lives"
"but even that small

things they didn't know how to

appreciate it"
"Grinding paradox

amplifiers will be the

fucking death of me"
"u ever regret

not being the first one to

come up with a tweet"
Funny Dad Bot
"What's the difference

between a seal and a sea

lion An ion"
"don't complain about

having too much on your plate

when you came to eat"
"Why did you censor

gay I didn't know it was

a slur or something"
"Finally I'm not

working tonight time to get

my sleep hours back"
"Why is everyone

around me talking about

hannah montana"
Chase Rossman
"everyone turns your

back on you at some point just

a matter of when"


Moe Manfred
"award for cutest

aa character goes to

me obviously"
"Closer than what I

wanted but I'm proud of the

Bulldogs tonight man"
"I'm gonna dress up

cute as shit then take myself

on a nice ass date"
"imagine putting

other people down to make

yourself feel better"
"Women admire men

Men admire men Therefore men

are superior"
"i'm big time depressed

and i big time wish i had

someone to talk to"
"when you introduce

two people and they become

better friends than you"
"I'm ready to move

into another house I

need a hiding spot"
the straw that killed the turtle
"rachel's mad that I

compared her vagina to

carbon dioxide"
"somebody buy me

another glitter band for

my Apple Watch Thanks"
Hot Cheetos
"This was the drivers

at Nocturnal I still got

in front of em tho"
"He is showing off

his Scrabble championship

"i wish people would

realize how awful i

am and avoid me"
"I'm forming a group

and I can't wait to see what

happens in one year"
"My sister sent an

audio message crying

saying she miss me"
"me graduating

was the best good luck charm for

San Jose State huh"
Joseph Pelusi
"Science is hard woof

Also is this a lab Lab

Because it should be"
"So since I'm going

to hell anyway who wants

to sit together"
"If only i had

a dollar for every

lie I've heard today"
"Sits on the readers

lap and looks up at them please

give me affection"
Morganic Fruits
"i've been wanting to

get drunk all week but i am

too broke to do so"
"Im gonna make a

home library with all the

books I've ever read"
"Saturday night thoughts

Could The Sphinx be an ancient

Egyptian cat meme"
Trilly Billy
"I'm officially

dating myself I know my

worth y'all retarded"
"I literally

can't wait for all the scary

movies to come out"
saurabh srivastava
"Which agreement is

India violating

you clueless moron"
Austin York
"Well it's official

i am a married man and

happy as ever"
Gods Spicy Child
"Been at basketball

games all day They almost gave

m a heart attack"
"Even if I had

mad money I wouldn't buy

a current year car"
"replies will be sent

out soon as soon as im done

with this warm compress"
"I really work where

bitches hate on me I pay

them no mind So weird"
"A little sprinkle

inside of me wants a child

Just a sprinkle tho"
"My server has so

many amazing people

in it w"
"My team already

won today and I think IM

gonna have a stroke"
"Is it too early

for me to start listening

to Christmas music"
"Young Me after my

crush wasn't at school to see

my fire ass fit"
Under Bres Influence
"Success tastes so much

better when you've been eating

failure for so long"
"Stop playing with me

before I pull the plug cause

they taking too long"
"YEAH Raises a fist

into the air Let's get some

fish and cook it nice"
"The frost is leaping

sadly laughing I will grin

the afraid day bumps"
Browns Cards Texans
"The comments to this

Man Hope this guy I doing

ok for real though"
"Wow I didn't Know

Milky Way had that much hate

That's my favorite"
"Trusting and living

by faith not the feelings A

blessed sunday to y'all"
Aravindh Rajan
"The best decision

I made yesterday was to

skip the Barca match"
Highland Hawks Football
"is hilarious

He's also the pancake king

Love our O line"
Gabrielaa Erives
"Saturday night where's

Dani Why do you have to

live so far away"
"Definitely bar

hopping getting drunk tonight

I killed shit today"
"i'm a senior and

still don't know how it doesn't

get better sorry"
"Never make moves out

of desperation there is

no leverage there"
"not knowing what to

publish and write the first thing

that comes to mind v"
like/rt pinned
"okay i swear this

is the last time im changing

my pinned for awhile"
Jack Nesmith M.A.
"Milky Way can take

a long walk Everything else

is top to S tier"
"honestly the best

line in movie history

I'm sorry I'm trash"
i love nayeon
"seriously my

favorite person in the

world mark lee T T"
"As Batman will tell

you the JOKer is never

truly gone for long"
"Googling how to earn

an associates degree

from Ohio State"
"I promised myself

I wouldn't but my sister

got me into grey's"
"I'm so grateful I

get to wake up everyday

and do what I love"
"Things always start to

seem bad because there's someone

there that's insecure"
"Far away look When

will my energy return

from wa passes out"
"Is there any doubt

who they are targeting I'd

double up the TE"
Ryan // car-crash heart
"okay i hated

my pinned for a bit now i

just take pride in it"
"i can't imagine

myself fingering my own

vagina bitch how"
kelly clarkson2
"My granddaughter just

asked me what a phone book was

The world is changing"
"You can not purchase

the pure adrenaline that

rays baseball provides"
"Tired of giving

my all and never getting

shit back in return"
"Because I am too

curious and become a

stalker again Lol"
"And I guess tonight

was worse but I dead ass was

going to get food"
"Looking at all these

old Dutch photos really makes

me miss working there"
"watching Bob's Burgers

and I'm too sober to deal

with this episode"
Mid Major Matt
"It's only fitting

the Nats bullpen fucks over

Strasburg one more time"
Baylor Bearmada
"this offense is so

catheter the word of the

day is catheter"
"doves deleting all

her posts so we forget she

once could move her face"
nikos mouris
"will uva storm the

field after coming back to

beat old dominion"
"foster the people

will be my favorite band

of all time legit"
We Stan Bot
"holy god I would

pay you to murder me with

a cursed cricket bat"
"George keep to yourself

and your own observations

they are worth reading"
"Be having a whole

panic attack waiting for

the boat to come back"
"having a good laugh

at the expense of one of

my very dear friends"
"I got a bottle

and a half at my place plus

you can do my Tat"
Payton Powell
"I'm so lucky to

work with people that make me

say I love Target"
Linda Lewis MAGA
"Democrats are just

like roaches it's not what they

eat it's what they spoil"
"Nothing like ending

a long day with a bubble

bath and tequila"
"Has there ever been

a worse generation than

the baby boomers"
"i never wear shirts

i need to buy some now that

i think about it"
Perdida En La Salsa
"I think it's healthy

as fuck if people can be

friends with their exes"
"Some of y'all bitches

never change going to be

hood rats y'all whole lives"
"Mann I love Charlotte

the people that come up in

my job be on one"